Taming the boss lady

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Salvia ivory is a mafia boss who's the most feared mafia women in France and in the whole world . Salvatore Murray is a professional crime investigator who's goal is to make every criminal suffer . Would love win or hate . Salvia who hates men because of her dirty past would she let any one tame her keep reading to Find out

Romance / Fantasy
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Mister Murray

Salvatore POV
A life of an investigator can be exhausting at times but I love my job with All my heart and I've worked very hard to get to where I am
*Door opens *
"Man there is your chick out side asking about you . what should I do?" Austin says
"Just send her in here " I say while reading my book
He then leaves the room with a mad expression .You may ask who's Austin . He is my co-worker and my really close friend .The reason he was mad was about my wife of five years . Austin always hated her he thought that she's in this for the money but I try to tell my self that's not true because sometimes it does feel like that ,that she only wants my money and it hurts to think that way . We both were also in an arranged marriage by my father and sadly he passed away after a few months of my marriage with my wife Tanna
*Door opens*
"Pumpkin pie I missed you .I was wondering that can we go shopping"Tana says which made my blood boil but I tried to remain calm and said " B-babe I'm busy and I have work to do there is this huge case of a gangster I told you about it. I don't have time. maybe another day "
After I say this to her she frowns and says "fine!! I'll go ask Derrick for money then "
I then stand up from my seat and angrily say"WHO THE FUCK!!!! IS THIS DERRICK "
Tanna shippeshly says " oh do you think if you are not gonna full fill my needs I'm not gonna go and find another man I hope you have a good life and it's over between us I'll have my lawyer contact you and I am asking for the custody of our son " I stand up from my seat and say " we'll see about that "
After a few weeks we got a divorce and it was heart wrenching for me since I tried to put my heart and soul in this marriage but it was doomed from the start since we weren't in love and I also got full custody of my son Mason . He was the only reason I still kept working because if he weren't there I would've stopped working and he's the reason I'm still trying to responsible
Author's note
I know I know this is short but they will get long and please have some mercy this is my first story and English is not my first language and I'm only 13 but other then that I am gonna try my best to make a weakly update and that for today bye my love's 💖
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