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An incomplete love story💔

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Some people are meant to fall in love with each other. But not meant to be together. Romeo and Juliet love story is praised by the whole world but sadly their love story remained incomplete. The same way Alice and Hayden's love story is. Alice,Janny and Hayden were best friends. But how did Alice and Hayden become lovers? What happened to Janny? Are they still friends? What made Alice and Hayden's love story incomplete??? To know the answers of these questions,read the story below!

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An incomplete love story💔

Alice, a 16 year old girl just completed her high school. She took admission in a reputed college of her town. She was really a friendly girl and was hoping to make new friends in her college life. Alice was really excited to go to college and finally the day came when her classes started.

It was her first day of her college. Alice was nervous as well as excited. She entered into her classroom and sat in the first bench. She was hoping for someone to sit with her so that she could be friends with that person. She started remembering her old school and her old friends. They were really nice. Alice wanted friends like them in her college. Suddenly she heard someone calling her.

"Excuse me,can I sit with you?"- said a girl who was standing in front of Alice looking at her face and waiting for her answer.
Alice smiled and said, "Ofcouse! You can." That girl sat with Alice.
"Hey! Myself Janny, can we be friends?" - said that girl.
Alice became happy after hearing this as she got a friend at the very first day of her college. She smiled and replied, "Sure, we can :)".
Days passed by and both of them became very good friends.

It was the mid of the year. A new student came to the college. Alice and Janny both were sitting together.
"Hey! I'm Hayden,can I sit with you girls?" Both of them looked at him.
Janny said," Ah,alright!"
Hayden sat beside Janny.
Janny asked," So what brought you to this college in the mid of the year?"
"My dad works in military...so he often needs to shift from place to place and so as I need to change schools twice or thrice a year."
"Ah okay,got it"- said Janny.
"Yesh so can we three be friends "- asked Hayden.
Alice quickly answered- " Ofcourse we can, I always wanted to make friends and yeah I would love to be your friend!"
"Isn't it weird to be a girl and a boy to be friends? Ah never mind I dont really care."- said Janny in a rude way and went away.
"It was rude"- said Hayden.
"It's fine she needs time to be friends with"- said Alice.
Alice and Hayden became really good friends but Janny didnt show any interest to be friends with Hayden and she kept asking Alice not to be too close with him.

But one day...it was a college function. Janny was going to perform a dance program...but the dress she was going to wear got tear off somehow...she became sad because she thought now she wont be able to dance..she started crying..at that moment Hayden came and he told," Dont cry,its okay."
"Are you kidding me?How can it be okay?Bruh, I really wanted to perform a dance in this function but I can't because of my dress and you are telling it's okay?Seriously?"- said Janny in a very rude way.
Without arguing Hayden left that place.
It is just few minutes left for the function to start. Alice is with Janny consoling her not to be sad. At that moment Hayden arrived with a dress for Janny. It looks same like the dress Janny was going to wear.
"Take this dear. Wear it and you will look like a princess. And dont be sad anymore. Nothing is over", saying so Hayden handed the dress to Janny.
Janny became really happy after this and she was impressed by Hayden's helpful nature. Janny hugged Hayden and said-"Friends?"
Hayden replied- " We can be good friends. "

And this is how all of the three became good friends and then best friends.

Read the next chapter to see what happened next.

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