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"If you love someone, they could make you sad. They could even make you feel lonely sometimes. But, that someone can also make you happier than you'll ever be."... Zel is a seventeen year old who recently emerged to the outside world with shaky steps, not understanding anything, and taking the concept of love all wrong. Mika and Ian, the redheaded twins, had been living a peaceful highschool life until a certain someone bombards their lives and flips it upside down. And from a shadowy corner of life, there is Kiki, a timid and friendless girl for her last 18 years, who had finally decided to change. Delving into their pasts and dark secrets, and meeting one another halfway, through broken and mended hearts, how will it turn out for each of them? And what kind of love will they taste?

Romance / Other
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This is a work of fiction. The characters and places mentioned are not real.

Be gentle with your hearts -Nana

"I’ve never believed that beauty could exist in self destruction. Then I saw you. And your eyes told stories with dangerous beginnings and lost endings, where every page was breathing with color.

Yes, you were beautiful to me."

-Nicole Torres.

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