Just As You Are

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I’ve always been bound to people. Some bonds are curses, like the one I have with that person. But there’s this girl—a rare one of her kind—that I want to bond with because she’s the life.

She’s my blue heart lily.


“Wait, I don’t like this one!”

“Who asked for your opinion?” he says, sticking his tongue out at me. He slips it into the frame. And there it is, another photo of us going on the stair wall.


“Do I have to wait for you? You know the road, right?”

“Wait! I’m done, I’m just tying my shoes—Whoa!”

“Come on! We’re already five minutes late! I’m leaving!”


And then we run.


My phone pings. I flip it open; it’s Mama.

*Don’t forget, your curfew is at 5:00 p.m.♥*

Yes, yes, I know! Maybe I should try extending it. Plus, a virtual heart will not make it any better.

Maybe a real one will.

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