Poisoned love

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Chapter 9

Who the hell does she think she is?! trying to embarrass me in front of my men. If she wasn’t Darrel’s sister I would have put her in her place. My Mother taught me not to lay a hand on a woman.. I didn’t want to become like him. an evil person that i can’t call a father. Turning into him is my worst nightmare. I’m already late for this meeting and now I have to drop this brat at my home. as i was driving Aaliyah and I to my house, she was quiet the whole time just staring outside.

“so when you get to my house my maids will be waiting for you” i said

“what they gonna do, trap me in a room and never let me out till you get home” she said looking at me. She has a very smart mouth.

“listen to me, i don’t know what the hell Toby fucking told you but lose the attitude. You think I’m all bad but I’m not and if I go back to the gym, the studio room is off limits. you weren’t supposed to be there in the first place. it was storage and extra shit in there” i said gripping the steering wheel. She assumes I’m a bad guy just because I’m a mob boss.

“Well you seem like it Mr. boss. Tell me how you grew up. in a beautiful household, good grades, got everything you want right? you know people never got what you want. you get everything handed down to you but once i don’t listen to your rules you freak out. you think everyone is gonna back down and kiss your ass? well you’re wrong.” she said

I stepped on the brakes hard and parked the car in the middle of the street. Aaliyah yelped as she wasn’t expecting that. all the cars were honking at me but i didn’t care. “YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MY FUCKING LIFE SO DON’T START ASSUMING SHIT LIKE YOU KNOW BECAUSE YOU DON’T. I NEVER GOT SHIT HANDED TO ME BEFORE SO STOP ACTING LIKE A BITCH THINKING YOU KNOW EVERYTHING JUST BECAUSE I’M A FUCKING MOB BOSS.“i yelled at her.

She didn’t say anything after that so I put the car back in drive and drove home. Once we got there I parked in my driveway waiting for her to get out but she just stayed there. i got annoyed so i got out the car went to her side of the car and opened the door. i guess she came to realization where she was and got out of the car. I walked her up to the front door and unlocked it. I step to the side so she can go in. I was already late for a meeting so I wasn’t planning on going in. I saw my maids come rushing to the door.

“take good care of her till i come back. i’m going to a meeting so i’ll be back shortly” i said to my maids. they all nodded their head and took her away. one maid didn’t leave and that was Eliza. She obsesses with me. We usually sleep together but I stopped once she tried poking a hold in the condoms. The only reason why she is here is because her father can’t pay his debts so he sold her to me. I thought she was gonna be all sad and shit about it but she was even upset.

“What do you want, Eliza?” I asked heading back to my car now.

“I can tell you’re stressed honey. how about when you get home i can release that stress off of you” she then licked her lips and was touching my chest.

“I’m good plus I have a guest in the house” I said , taking her hands off me. she looked pissed when I had removed her hands off of me.

“Who is that girl?! who is she? is she another whore you picked off the streets?” she asked

I turned around and gave her a serious look. she slowly started backing up as i was getting closer to her.

“if i were you i would get back to work and not worry about who she is. if Darrel had heard what you just said you wouldn’t even be breathing right now so how about you do me and you a favor and get your ass back to work”i said standing over her.

“yes. I am sorry for that” then she ran back into the house. I got in my car and took off to my building where the meeting was being held. Already 20 minutes late I rushed to get there.

10 minutes later, I get there rushing. I greeted my security there and they checked me and opened the door. I was greeted by my receptionist. she bowed to me and handed me the paperwork. I started walking upstairs to the meeting room. i heard chatter from a distance meaning the meeting started already. I rush towards the door and open it. Everyone turned to me and was shaking. they all got up and bowed to me.i saw Jaycee(left hand man) in the corner. I nodded my head, giving him permission to leave the room. i’m Low key getting tired of this bowing shit. I rolled my eyes and walked to the end of the table where my seat was. I set my stuff down and sat down in my seat. Once I did that everyone else sat down. they were all quiet waiting for me to say something. This was no original meeting where they presented their products. This is a meeting to fight for their life. Some owe me debts they haven’t paid.

“So who wants to present their case first?“I asked annoyed. Nobody spoke up so I got up and walked around the table deciding who wanted to go first. They were shaking in fear. biting their nails, shaking their legs, and not looking at me. one of them raised their hand. I looked at him unsure because he was the only one who wasn’t scared.

“Okay since you raised your hand go up to the front and make your case” I said to him and went back to my seat. “State your name,” I said , putting my legs on the table. i can’t wait for this meeting to be over. All they are gonna do is beg for their life and all I’m gonna say is no. He seems very familiar.

“my name is Nelly Newman and i was in the vipers gang”

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