Poisoned love

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Chapter 10

I heard the car drive off meaning he is gone now. I met his maids. The oldest maid here took care of him when he was young. The newest one seems like a hoe. She keeps looking at me, giving me dirty looks and she refuses to help me. They showed me my room which was across from Carter’s room. The room wasn’t bad looking. This large, L-shaped bedroom has coordinating wooden, metal, and glass furniture. The floor is tiled and the walls are painted and decorated with a wallpaper border. Light is provided by wall lamps. The room is done in colors that remind you of a temperate forest and overall has a fairy tale-like look to it.

“At least he gave you a good room” someone said behind me. I turned around and saw that it was the maid that refused to help me.

“What do you want?” I asked, folding my arm.

“i want you to stay away from Carter.” She said coming close to me.

“I don’t want him, he’s all yours. At the end of the day I’m here for a different reason, ``I said, turning back around going to the closest.

“So you don’t want Carter?” She asked, confused. “I thought you were some whore he just got off the street” she added. I turned around to be offended by her words. Everyone in this gang thinks I’m a whore or something.

" I’m tired of everyone calling me a hoe or whatever. I’m here because of my brother Darrel, which is none of your business so don’t ask. At this time I’m going to ask you to leave me alone and get out of my room ``I said, getting mad.

“Well just remember to stay away from him and my name Eliza but I won’t be serving you as your maid. only Carter so goodbye and hope to never see you again” she said smiling, finally leaving my room.

I let out a sigh of relief and finally got some peace and quiet. I lay down in the big bed and look up at the ceiling. Wondering how my life became shit ever since my mother passed away. I miss her still now. As I was laying down I remember he has a beautiful rose garden outside in the back.

I got out of bed and we went out the door. I came out to a long hallway which had two ways to go. I don’t remember which way went down. I went left and saw the stairs leading down. I went downstairs and saw the maids cleaning up and making dinner. I walked to the back door and opened it. I was hit by nature and the breeze. It was a beautiful day to spend outside. I started walking around the garden looking at how gorgeous the flowers had bloomed.

“You must love the garden too dear” someone said behind me. I turned to see it’s the maid that took care of Carter when he was a young boy.

“I do love the garden mam. It calms me down and makes me feel relaxed ``I said walking towards her.

“Dear you can call me Maria”

“Okay Maria. I got a question for you. Why does Carter have this beautiful garden?” I asked being curious

“Well dear, it’s a long story but i’ll just make it short. Carter ’s mother loves flowers and tends to the garden a lot. His father had made this big garden for her just to satisfy her wants. She absolutely loved it. She would come out every day and watch her flowers grow into a life. When Carter was born, she wanted to make sure she was remembered by him in a significant way. The garden. She would take him outside to the garden and tell what each flower meant to her. Sadly the tragedy came.” Maria had finished explaining.

“What’s tragic?” I had asked

“Follow me dear. Nobody knows but only me and Carter and well now you do” she said. She led me deeper into the garden till we reached a small building. She looked at me unsure if I was ready to go in.

“Dear you have to promise you will not tell anybody about this place” she said.

“I promise” holding my pinky finger out to make that promise. She wrapped her pinky around mine to make the promise. She got out the key and unlocked it. Slowly opening the door there was a gravesite in the middle of the building. Surrounded by flowers.

“Nancy Drew

March 15, 1976-December 5, 2014.

To dear loving mother, a loving wife, and to a special person in need.” I read out loud

“Oh dear Nancy it’s been awhile since i been to your grave site” Maria said. She had tears build up in her eyes ready to spill any second now.

“This is the most beautiful grave site I’ve ever seen,” I said looking around.

“Carter must have really cared about his mother.” I added

“He did to the point he had her grave moved to the back of his house. I remember when Carter gets upset or mad he comes out here and just talks to his mother” Maria said. I looked closely and saw a picture of a woman holding a child. The child has the same feature as Carter so that’s telling me it is Carter and the woman must be his mother.

“Maria what happened to Nancy?” I asked out of Curiosity. knowing Toby killed her but i want to know the full story. every detail of what had happened.

“Carter’s father is what had happened. He was so cruel and evil but Nancy thought she could see the love in him. He gave her things just to satisfy her but didn’t want to love her back. In his book, loving someone while being in the Mafia makes you weak and love doesn’t exist till you’re out of the Mafia. The only way out is death. When Carter was 16, the Mafia was passed down to him already but then Toby came in. Carter’s father thought his plan would go through but it didn’t. Toby was on drugs when the time had happened so the plan was to have Carter killed or injured to the point where he couldn’t handle the Mafia business anymore but Toby was enraged by the fact they had already given Carter the power. So Toby took out what was most precious to Carter″

“His mother,” I said in shock. This story is so cruel how can you just take out someone that didn’t do anything to you.

“Yes dear, his mother. Even his father was upset with her death too because at the end he held a secret that he actually had love for her but the Mafia couldn’t let it get in his head. After this Damon has changed. his father had taught him such cruel things since Nancy passed. Nancy would never allow it. she was against the whole Carter taking over the Mafia. I still remember the night where they got into an argument about it. Carter’s father had already planned his child’s future and Nancy was upset because she didn’t want Carter to live his life as a Mafia leader. they Made a deal after.” Maria finished still staring at Nancy grace.

“what was it?” I asked

“The deal was that Carter could help with the Mafia but he could also live a normal life without worrying about if someone wants to kill him.”

“then how was the power passed down to him? it makes no sense” I asked confused

“it’s none of your business” a violent deep voice said behind us. I can tell it’s not Carter’s voice, it’s someone else and he sounds dangerous. we turned around to see who it was.

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