Poisoned love

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Chapter 11

“Zane what are you doing here?!” Maria yelled. I looked over to her and saw her fuming with anger. I don’t know their past but I can tell by the look of Maria’s face it’s not good. Zane smells like strong alcohol like he’s been drinking non-stop.

“what the hell you mean what i’m doing here?! what the fuck is you doing?! trying to show the new girl this shit knowing it was only supposed to be kept between you and Carter. I knew you were a backstabber. watch how she is going to tell our rival about this place and they’re gonna destroy it. Carter is gonna be so pissed when he finds out about this” Zane ramble on about. I can tell by the way he talks about me he doesn’t like me that much.

“You know what Zane, I never wanted you to go down this path. My Hijo(son), why did you go through this path. Why are you so against me? your own mother! Why are you throwing your life away so easily? I wanted you to have a normal life.” Maria said getting close to Zane. I stayed back because I have a bad feeling about what’s going to happen. Zane stood still as Maria started to cup his left cheek.

“Oh my poor baby,” Maria said, rubbing his cheek. she let her tears pour out after seeing the condition Zane in. I don’t know what they have been through and have this rough relationship but I can tell it hurt both of them.

Zane took a deep breath and pushed Maria off of him and shoved her to the ground. I stood in shock that someone did that to their own mother.

“Zane?!” I yelled at him. “how could you do that to your own mother?!” I got close to Zane’s face and smacked him. it left a huge sound echoing in the room. Zane was looking to the right because I smacked his left cheek. He looked straight at me and looked straight in the eyes. He gave me this very dangerous look. next time I feel I am being thrown down to the ground. I felt a sharp object going in my right side of my waist. as my vision became all blurry for a minute. The pain was hurting like hell. I tried to get up but the pain just wouldn’t let me. I’m on the ground holding my right side of my waist and I felt something wet. I took my hand off and looked to see blood coming out. I started to panic after seeing the blood gushing out of my waist.

“oh no Aaliyah!” Maria yelled. she got up and started rushing to me. she started looking at my waist trying to figure out how to stop the bleeding from coming out my waist. She then took her apron off and folded it into a square. She held it against my wound as she tried to get me up.

Zane stood there looking pissed off but then i guess he realized what he did and rushed to me. I got scared and started to scream and kicked him away from me. He started to back away from me apologizing over and over again. He walked out with his head in his hands. Maria helped me up and we started to walk out of Damon mother’s grave site. As we got closer to the house, I heard a car pulling up in the driveway and yelling going on inside. Maria opened the door and let me in first then she came to the side of me to help me. We walked towards the kitchen to get help from whoever was in the kitchen. When we had walked in it was Zane going back and forth with Carter about whatever.

“STOP ARGUING AND HELP ME WITH AALIYAH” Maria yelled at them to grab their attention. Carter’s eyes widened and came to my side. “What the hell happened?“Carter asked Maria. Maria didn’t answer his question and just looked at Zane in shame. Carter was confused at first but then connected the dots that Zane had caused this.

“Zane met me in my office. we will discuss things privately.” Carter said so dark. He soon took me from Maria and carried me upstairs in bridal style.

“You know I pictured myself in this position when I got married. not getting carried upstairs by a stranger wounded.” I said looking at Carter. He didn’t look at me but he did this cute ass smile and just chuckled shaking his head. as we got upstairs he went to his room and sat me on his bed. I was still holding on to my waist with Maria apron. Carter looked down at my waist for a minute then picked me up again going into his bathroom. He sat me on the tub and went under his sink for something. He pulled out a First-aid kit and came back over to me. He got down on his knees and opened the first aid kit. He looked at me for the Okay to lift up my shirt. I nod my head for him to do it. He lifted up my shirt and started to examine the wound. He applied some rubbing alcohol on my wound. I flinched in the pain it’s causing to my body.

“calm down, I’m almost done. how the hell did this happen?” Carter asked me. He looked at me, demanding an answer. I looked away in guilt knowing what I’m about to tell him is going to pissed off. I looked away thinking if telling him is gonna make him want to kill me.

“umm...Maria took me to your mother’s grave. I didn’t mean to invade your privacy I was just tr-” but he then interrupted me.

“Aaliyah calm down, you’re shaking.” Carter said to me while checking my wound out. “It’s okay, I’m not gonna hurt you for it but let it be the first and last time you will be there” then he looked up to me with his beautiful Hazel eyes. All I did was nod my head to agree with his words. He slowly looked back to see if there were anymore wipes for my wound.

“Now can you slowly tell me what had happened?” Carter asked, coming back with another wipe.

“ok” I inhaled a deep breath to calm myself before I started talking again.

“Maria had taken me to your mother’s grave. as we were there Zane came out and caught us. He was calling Maria a betrayal and started to get aggressive. I didn’t know she was his mother till Maria approached him and cupped his face saying how sad and poor the condition of her son was. all of a sudden Zane shoved her off him into the ground. I was mad that he did that to his mother so I ran up to him and smacked him. I was scared after what I did. He had this look in his eyes like a dangerous one. Then he pushed me into the ground but something stabbed me in my right side of the waist. I was in so much pain and Maria noticed and ran to my side. Zane must have realized and tried to help me but I freaked out and tried to get him away from me. Once he realized I didn’t want his help, he went back inside. that’s when you came in ” I turned my head

I look to see if he was looking at me and he was. His eyes were holding a different emotion that I couldn’t explain. How come he was mad at me then all of a sudden he was being nice and actually taking care of me.

“why are you like this?” I was confused. He looked like a lost dog and tilted his head.

“What do you mean, why am I like this?” He asked.

“you were calling me a bitch the earlier, and now you taking care of me like a baby” I said

He slowly sighs and looks away like he was deciding on something. He looked back at me with hard cold eyes, mixed feelings playing in his eyes, and couldn’t tell how he was feeling.

“I don’t know if your brother told you but I have a mental disorder. you know that disorder, where people have mood swings? yea I have it sadly. I rather not say its name because it’s like a haunting word that broke me. just sensitive, you know?” he said to me.

I looked down at him with tears coming down my eyes. realizing how much he was through and for me to come at him like that earlier. not thinking about how he would feel, what he was through, how I was acting. He looked at me in such a way as he wasn’t expecting me to cry.

“don’t cry, I don’t want it to be a burden on anybody. especially to my Members. I have been through too much to let this disorder get to me. I been trying these new meds my doctor prescribed to me, but it just seem like nothing ever fucking helps.” he said. I looked down at his hands to see he was curling his hands into a ball like he was ready to punch something.

“I’m sorry,” I said. I had my hands on my head covering my eyes in shame.

“after learning your story and how you were raised and all, I was wrong to judge you so quickly. thinking you come from a strong family, and saying you’re spoiled. I never assumed that you had an issue, well he did tell me you had that disorder but I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have. I should have never judged you in the first place.” I said. I felt his hands on my hands. He slowly removed my hands from face and wiped the tears off my face.

“It’s fine, I think we will open up to each other for Today. let’s just relax for the rest of the day” he said. He took a second to check his phone and I guess Bc he got a text or something because he turned the other way so his back towards me. While he was doing whatever, I forgot my right side of my waist was injured so I tried to get up but when I did the pain shot up on my side making me hiss in pain. I lean on the wall for support. Damon turned back around and saw me struggling to hold myself up. He got up and put his phone back in his pocket. all of a sudden he picks me up in Bridal style.

“Whoa, Carter you didn’t have to pick me up” I said trying to get down. He looked at me and just smirked.

“I know you’re trying to get down but you’re hurt and don’t want to do more damage to yourself. it’s already 8:30pm, I’m gonna take you to your room. you need some rest, too much happens today”He said walking out his room. heading to my room I noticed the photos on the wall looks like a family all happy for once. We stopped at my door, and Carter let me down from his arm. He opened the door and I slowly walked in, taking my time because of my waist. I sat on my bed looking at Carter who was now in my doorway.

“Thanks for taking care of my wound and opening up to me a little bit,” I said. I look everywhere but his eyes because looking into his eyes makes me feel weird. I heard footsteps coming towards me and he held my chin to make me look into his eyes and said these words that I will never forget.

“Babygirl you don’t know what you just walked into” He smirked at me and then walked out my room, closing my door.

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