Poisoned love

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Chapter 12

“So let me get this straight....you come into my office in the fucking morning to tell me that YOU CAN’T FIND MY MISSING CARGO!!” I yelled at my employee. He sat there in shame that he couldn’t do his job for once.

“I’m sorry sir, there was so much going on with the shipment. I must have missed it” the whole time he was talking, he wasn’t looking at me. you fucking fake was all i could think of.

“look at me when you’re talking to me. you joined this mafia under loyalty and oath. if you can’t fucking look in my eyes for a minute, you’re lying. let me ask you something, does the name Nelly Newman have a ring to you? from the Vipers.” I got up and grabbed my special little knife. I walked towards him.

“sir, I don’t know who that is” still not looking at me. That shows me he fucking lying. If he wants to play that game then we can play.

“of course you gonna fucking deny it. let me ask you one more fucking time. does the name Nelly Newman sound familiar to you?!” I stood right in front of the pathetic weakling in front of me. If he wants his life, he would confess and tell me.

“I don’t know who tha-” I cut him off by stabbing him in the leg. He started screaming in agony. I smiled down at him. I don’t play about my money nor liars. I reached for my cell and called Shane to get in here. while waiting for Shane to arrive, the pathetic piece of shit was still crying about his fucking leg. how pathetic to join the mafia and you’re crying about getting stabbed in the leg. 3 minutes later Shane finally arrived.

“take him to the basement and get the maid to clean up the blood from the carpet.” I said to him. He nodded and picked up the shit hole. before he left he told me I should clean myself up because I have blood on me then he closed the door. I turned back around towards my desk and grabbed a rag to clean my specialty knife off. Once I was finished, I exited my office heading to my room. my phone started buzzing with text messages from Zane about Ryan. I forgot about that fucking asshole. as I read the messages I grew mad. I was fucking angry. how did Ryan get fucking released!! I punched the wall next to me, making a hole in it. I was breathing heavily.

“FIRST MY FUCKING CARGO AND NOW RYAN!” I yelled in the hallway. right when I was about to enter my room, I heard a door open. Aaliyah peek her head out the door with her sleepy eyes. she noticed me and was looking at me up and down. then she gasped at the sight of me. I had blood on my shirt and hands but it can’t be that bad.

“good morning Carter, um I heard you yelling in the hallway. is everything alright?” she asked. she finally stepped from behind the door, showing her full body. She was wearing a silk nightgown with a slit on both sides. it was showing her curves off and her beauty. she had her curly hair in a cute little bun, If I said it didn’t turn me on, I would be lying.

“everything is fine, I got shit to deal with today. That’s it” I said. I folded my arms and leaned back on my door. I was taking this time to calm myself down before I entered my room.

“have you taken your meds today?” she asked looking up at me. I gave in a little chuckled and looked at her. “shouldn’t I be asking that you been through too much in one day, La mia rosa”

“well you got me there but I was just checking up on you.” she said. she tried to look in my eyes many times but I held a strong gaze at her.

“I’m fine, I’m going to take a shower and change.” I looked at my watch and saw the time was 9:45. “The maids should be done with breakfast in 20 minutes, so if you’re hungry I suggest going downstairs to eat” I added.

“ok well thanks for letting me know. i’m gonna take a shower and head down.” she walked back into her room and closed the door. I stand there for a good minute and sighed. what the hell am I gonna do? I open my door and closed it behind me. I strolled towards the edge of my bed and sat down. I slowly took off my shirt and threw it on the floor. I sat there thinking what’s the next move and who do I target first. I looked up to the mirror in front of me and saw the scars on my body. The more I stare at myself, the more I get mad. I stood up, still looking at myself as my breathing was not in control. I grabbed the nearest thing near me and threw it at the mirror. it made a loud shattering noise as it fell to the ground. there was still a piece hanging on the wall. I grabbed that piece, not minding that it’s cutting my hand and looking at myself.

“you will never be happy. what you do for a living will haunt you. I will never know what it’s like to be loved.” I told myself that. I dropped the piece on the ground and made my way towards the bathroom. I stripped down and started a cold shower. I got in the shower and when the cold water hit my skin, my body automatically relaxed. I suddenly thought back at Aaliyah In that silk nightgown. showing off her Carmel legs and her body. I tensed up and looked down to see that I was hardened. I groaned in annoyance because now I have to take care of this.

After finishing taking a shower, I wrapped my hands up for the cut wound earlier. I was wearing a black shirt with regular jeans on and my sneakers on. I checked the time on my phone and saw it was 10 already. I make my way out of my room and downstairs. I was heading towards the dining room where I could hear people talking. I enter the room to find it. My sister, Ivy, Darrel, Aaliyah, and Damien. All sitting at the table. I walked to my seat and sat down. it was quiet once again. Darrel, Damien, and Ivy got up and bowed to me. Aaliyah looked at them confused wondering if she should do the same. I laughed a little and looked at them.

“y’all don’t have to bow down to me. please we’re like family here”I said.

Damien looked at them and burst out into laughter. we looked at him confused but then we looked at each other knowing Damien is fucking around. they sat down while Damien still got his laughter going on. Aaliyah just kept eating her sweet little food.

“and Aaliyah you’re not in the mafia so you don’t have to do the bowing shit that they are doing” I said looking at her. she nodded her head at me and started eating again. I pulled out my hand and put it on the table. just trying to stretch my hands and I heard a gasp...again.

“yes Aaliyah?“I asked. were all looking at her wondering what she so shook for.

“your hand. are you okay?“she asked. She looks so concerned. I looked at Darrel, giving him a warning look about his sister.

She is caring too much about me. I don’t want none of my men’s thinking that me and Aaliyah got something going on, and for thinking she is my weakness.

“Aaliyah, Just leave Carter alone. He had a tough morning.” As Darrel also gives her a warning look. As she tried to process what he was trying to say, she couldn’t understand why.

“But I was just mak-“then she was interrupted.

“AALIYAH ENOUGH!!” Darrel yelled at her. By her reaction i can tell she didn’t like the way he yelled at her. She was shocked by it too.

“We have been under a lot of pressure and we don’t need your concern. Whatever you want to know about, don’t. You’re new to this life. You acting like shit is normal when you’re living with killers. We do this shit as a lifestyle. You wouldn’t understand because you’re not in the mafia. So just butt out of anything and worry about yourself.” Darrel said. it was quiet as a mouse. nothing but silence. looking at Aaliyah was In shocked.

“Carter, I think it’s time for our meeting at the Garcia house now” Zane entered the room and announced. I looked down at my watch and already saw it passed 10 and the meeting started at 30. I sighed and got up from my seat and looked at Ivy.

“You and Aaliyah will be going out soon. Get to know each other. You need somebody Ivy” I said turning my back towards her. “Zane, let’s go, Darrel you already know what to do after breakfast,” I said. Finally walking out of the dining room, Zane gave me a smirk.

“The hell are you looking at me like that for?” We stopped in the middle of an empty hall.

“Come on Carter, Aaliyah is such a fucking waste of time. She shouldn’t be here. Darrel should have never bought her here.”Zane said. I thought about what he said. Aaliyah, a little sexy woman who entered my life somehow shit turned when she came.

“Listen, Don’t worry about it. I’m going to talk to Darrel about it. Now tell me what this meeting is about?”

We started walking towards the front door as the maids stood to the side letting us out the front door. We went down the steps towards my G-wagon. I hopped in the driver seat while Zane got in the passenger side. I pulled out of the driveway into the dirt path heading towards town.

“This meeting about another shipment coming. I know what’s coming through since that wack ass shit couldn’t do their job.”

“How the hell do yo-”I was interrupted by Zane answering my question already

“Jaycee told me something happened to the shipment that night and I figured whoever was in charge that night was dead already,” Zane said. He rolled down the window to light up a cigarette.

“What’s the shipment?” I asked

“Over 150 pound of weed, 50 pounds of LSD, 90 pounds of Methamphetamines, and our new introduced drug ‘bath salts’”

“They named the drug bath salt?” I was confused. “What can it do?” I asked, being curious.

“The effects are similar to cocaine. It’s hard to detect the drug in your system. It’s highly addictive and they come in crystalline power. The way they could use it like swallow, inhale, or inject.” Zane said. Taking another hit from his cigarette.

“Well damn, I hope it sells well. Maybe you should be in charge then”

“I rather not. Them fucking idiots got to learn somehow. Plus I like what I do rather than being with them” Zane said. All I did was nod at what he said. We soon arrived at the meeting. I parked in front of the building and got out of the car. Soon Zane followed me behind me. We’re both wearing business attire for this meeting. Other than being a Mob boss, I own an actual legal business. Just in case the whole Mafia shit goes to shit.

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