Poisoned love

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Chapter 13

Love is endless.

Why did I ever agree to this? I need to come back to reality. I’m living with killers, criminals, and I’m related to a criminal. Maybe I need to get out of here or something. Everyone had left the dining table but Ivy and I got up from her seat and started collecting the dirty dishes that were left on the table. When she came to my speat, she looked at me.

“Aaliyah, I’m sorry he flipped on you. You’re very new to this lifestyle so please just watch your steps coming into it. We have a rule in the mafia. Shit is just not sweet right now. We are going into that time of year. It’s about to be a busy season,”Ivy said. ‘Busy season’? What does that mean?

“Sorry, what do you mean busy season?” I was confused. Her eyes widened as if I wasn’t supposed to know. She looked around the room making sure it’s just us and no one else. She came close to my ears and whisper saying

“When we go out I will tell you, they just turned the camera on. I want you to go over to the left corner of the room behind you and cut it off”. I Nodded my head and got up from my seat and walked towards the decorative area but as I looked closer into it, I could see a camera lens. I open the glass cabinet and cover the camera lens by leaning the cabinet, pretending as if i was looking for something. I looked over the camera and saw the button was on top of the camera. I pushed down on the button till I saw the red dot disappear. I backed up from the Cabinet and turned back around to Ivy. We both were just standing there looking at each other.

“When we go out to the mall, I will tell you some things about being in the mafia and hanging around us. They don’t trust us, that’s why they turned that camera on. Watch what you say around people and in this house. Everyone can’t be trusted. I, myself, don’t trust some of these motherfuckers” Ivy said with anger. I can tell she was getting more and more irritated by the incident that just happened.

“Listen, Ivy let’s just go shopping and talk about it but calmly. Like you said they have cameras now so let’s go.” I walked towards Ivy and grabbed her hand. Lending her out of the dining room into the hallway. We kept walking till we got into the living room. I let go of Ivy’s hand and walked to the front door. I looked through the peephole and saw two people outside.

“I think they’re waiting for us, Ivy. do we really need them?” I asked.

“Why the hell are they waiting for us?! We don’t need them. Does my brother not trust me. You know what? Fuck this, let’s take the car. He thinks I’m going to betray him. Fuck him” Ivy soon then looked around the room and saw car keys sitting on the coffee table. She walked towards it and grabbed the keys off the table.

“What are you doing?” I was unsure about the situation. She gave a smirk that tells me she is not up to any good. “You mean us, and we are going shopping without them” as she skipped towards another door. She opened the door and walked into the room. I looked around making sure nobody was watching and followed behind her. Once I entered the room, I slowly closed the door making no sound. I looked around and we were in a garage room. with about 8 cars in here.

“Are you done, slow poke?” She stood next to a black BMW 7 Series. My eyes widened on the expensive car. “Are we taking that?” I asked.

“We sure fucking are. You like her? My brother won’t give her to me but that’s okay because we are gonna be taking her on a little spin”

“Umm..I don’t know about this, don’t you think they’ll be mad or something? Think about your brother.” I asked.

“Yea, okay, let me think. Oh look, look like i give zero fucks. Get in the car birdie.” as she unlocks the door to the car and hopped in. I rushed to the passenger side and got in the car. Soon she hit a button to open the garage door. She put the car in drive and drove out the driveway.

“Just letting you know, I don’t have my license but trust me I can drive” Ivy smiled at me.

“Ivy, I think I should move somewhere else. I really shouldn’t be knowing y’all business, I don’t belong here. I’m worried about my own safety, how can I trust anyone in the mafia?” looking at Ivy she shook her head and sigh.

“Look Aaliyah you kinda know a little more than you should have because you’re Darrel’s sister so we don’t feel like you would go to authority or a rival gang. It’s not a good idea, you are already in the mafia life. My brother and darrel will be mad as hell. They will easily track you down.” Ivy finished

I didn’t say nothing back but to only think about how life is about to be. I was in school dreaming to become a nurse but now I’m stuck in this situation. Will I be able to continue my dream? I’m not even gonna be able to have a normal life now. I am happy about meeting my brother but it’s getting scary now. I almost died, I have someone after me, I was threatened by my own brother, and I feel like I have nobody. We soon arrived at the mall. She parked the car and looked at me.

“Turn your phone off” she demanded. I looked at her confused but listened to what she said and turned my phone off.

“ you need to keep in mind, you’re hanging out with a mafia member. That means there could be people who recognize me because we are out in the public. Always keep your guard up, if people ask your name and stuff give them a fake name. The reason I had you turn off your phone is so those assholes we call brother can’t track us” She finished. She gave me this gentle smile and got out of the car. I followed behind as she started heading towards the mall. Once she got to the entrance, she stopped and turned towards me. She leaned in towards me like she was about to whisper to me.

“Oh I forgot to tell you, I got a gun on me too so if something happens I got a gun” She whispered into my ears. I felt my eyes widened by the shock that she was carrying a weapon on her. Hoping nothing will happen while we are at the mall. She held the door entrance and moved to the side. Allowing me to go inside first. As soon as I walked inside the music was blasting blinding light by the weekend. Chatter circulates through the mall. Ivy came from beside me and sighed. Shaking her head in disbelief.

“Of course Carter set this up. I already see some of our members here. I just need a hat to keep my Profile low. You will also need one too. Let’s go into lids first and get us a hat.” she said. She then pulled her jacket up to the left side of her face, covering half of her face. She started walking off towards the store expecting me to follow behind. I follow behind doing the same as her. She got on the escalator ahead of me, creating some distance between us two. As we went up the escalator, I took the time to look around and see if I could notice anything but as my eyes wandered around I couldn’t spot anyone I really can recognize but I did see the lid store down on the left side of the second floor on the right side. Once Ivy got off the escalator she took off towards the store. The escalator soon rose to the top and let me get off. I took off towards the lids store and met Ivy there.

“Finally, let’s get our hats and start shopping,” Ivy said excited. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the store.

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