Poisoned love

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Chapter 14

We were in the mall for 2 hours now. We were carrying bags after store after store. To be honest I wish those guards had come, they would be carrying the bags, not us.

“Hey Aaliyah, are you hungry?” Ivy stopped to ask me.

“Yea, we probably went to most of the stores by now. Let’s eat and go home. I’m tired carrying these bags. Aren’t you exhausted too?” I asked to put the bags down.

“Yea, my arms are getting tired. Let head for the food court. What do you want to eat? Chick-fil-a, Chinese, pizza, tacos?” she asked.

“Let’s get chick-fil-a. I’m in the mood for it.” I said. She nodded and started heading towards the food court. I followed behind dodging people along the way. We soon arrived at the food court. We searched around the area for an empty table and we finally found one. We settled down debating what to get at chick-fil-a. Once we decided Ivy went to get the food while I stayed with our stuff. I took my Iphone X out remembering that it was off. I wonder if it would be alright to cut it back on. I held the power button down till the apple logo came up. Once my phone was back on home screen I unlocked it, waiting for my notification to come in. I was getting email from school, text messages, and other notifications. I heard footsteps coming my way so I put my phone away. Ivy came back with a bag and two drinks in her hand.

“Food has been served,” Ivy said, putting the food down.

“Why, thank you kind lady” I said back in return. I open the bag getting my food out and grabbing my drink. We sat in comfortable silence while eating.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” someone said. I looked up from my food and saw a woman. She has a long face with a softly shaped jaw, a hooked nose, large ears, rosy cheeks and thin lips. Her dark brown eyes are slanted, and she has a nose ring. She had an undercut hairstyle, with designs on the left side of her hair. By her height she is probably 5’8, by the judge of her arms I can tell she works out. She has on a black hoodie with washed jeans. The shoes she is wearing is black ankle boots. She has a limestone skin tone and an accent to her tone.

“Oh my fuck, how the heck did you know it was me?” Ivy asked.

“Well darling, I can spot papi ass from a far” she said winking at Ivy. I looked at Ivy confused on why she did that but Ivy couldn’t look at me in the face. She turned away from us. Looks like she is trying to hide her blushing.

“And this must be the famous Aaliyah. Your name is spreading like a wildfire. Who knew Darrel had a sister. That cold hearted bastard now has a soft spot in his heart other than his girlfriend.” she said, looking at me. I gave her a slight nod, not knowing what to say to her.

“Oh, where are my manners. My name is Lennox Green. I am Ivy girlfrien-” but she was cut off by Ivy.

“Correction, ex-girlfriend. We broke up two months ago, remember Lennox.” Ivy said, giving Lennox a smirk. I looked at Ivy surprised that she gay. She never gave me that vibe that shows she was into girls. Ivy sighed as she took a piece of her nuggets and started eating her food once again.

“Sorry I couldn’t remember, but I do remember you in my bed last night. Great time by the way.” she added. “You know your brother is going crazy, he can’t contact you nor track you down. Same goes for your friend. They can’t track her phone either. You know you’re in serious trouble when you get back to the house.” she finished. Ivy rolled her eyes at Lennox and pulled her phone out. She cut it back on and her phone was going off. Text messages, voice mails, and other notifications were going off. She soon put her phone on do not disturb and placed it back down on the table.

“Oh look, my phone back on. Now they can track me. Are you going to tell them that we’re here?” Ivy said sarcastically.

“Yes, sweetheart. I will tell them actually. What you guys should do is start heading home. They’re already home waiting for you guys.” Lennox said.

“Well then, I guess we should get Aaliyah. Lennox I will see you later…or never” Ivy said. She stood up from the table and pushed in the chair. She walked towards the trash can and threw away her food. I soon did the same and Picked the bags off the table.

“Well, I will see you guys later. Nice meeting you Aaliyah. as for you Ivy, I will see you tonight.” she winked at Ivy and gave me a nod. She walked away from us, letting us leave the mall. Once we exited the mall, I couldn’t help but to look at Ivy.

“Hey, wasn’t there something you were supposed to tell me?” I asked. I couldn’t remember what it was exactly. She looked confused for a minute but then soon remembered.

“Oh yea, Okay. the busy season. I’ll tell you on the way back in the car.” I didn’t say anything back after that. We walked towards the car, and got in once Ivy unlocked the door. She put the key into the ignition and backed out the parking spot. Once she did, she headed straight to the freeway.

“If I’m going to tell you this, we’re gonna be on the freeway for awhile. We’re going to take the long route to the house. So where do I begin? We use the term busy season when our drug sales go up. Let’s say like our customers start coming in more than they would during this time. The bad part is the competition will get intense though. Rivals will try to take each other out and gain more than the other. It’s a ranking in the mafia. Who at the top and who at the bottom. As of right now, we, the Spirito syndicate. We are on top of the ranking board. So we have to be aware of the threats coming our way from rival gangs.” she explained. I nodded in response understanding the concept of the mafia.

“Ivy, please explain more of the mafia stuff to me. No more terms though, I’m not in the mafia and I don’t want to know what it means when you guys use certain terms.” I said. She laughed at me for not wanting to know more terms than I did before.

“Okay then sit back because it’s a lot to take in” she said. She started telling me how positions work in the mafia. So Carter is the boss. Everyone listens and bow down to his feet. My brother Darrel, is the consigliere. He likes an adviser to Carter and sometimes can be his right-handed man. Cartee has two underbosses. Zane and Jaycee. They are basically second in command. If Carter is not there, they are. He has 3 Caporegimes. Out of 3 of them, I only know two. Lennox and Damien. They’re basically leaders or control the soldiers in the mafia. Like running missions, there’s a captain of the group. Then we have soldiers and associates. The difference between the two positions is that associates are not members of the gang till they’re under otah. They put associates to the test to run their stuff to see if they’re trust worthy or not. If not they will be punished and Ivy told me some come out alive and some doesn’t come out alive.

“Wow, I didn’t know there was a ranking system in the mafia. So what are you in the mafia?” I questioned. She never told me what her position was.

“Well, right now I don’t have a position. Carter feels as if he is protecting me by not giving me a position. So I’m just whatever I want to be.” she said.

“So how do you get into the mafia?” I asked. She took a quick peek at me as if she was checking to see what she was going to say will affect me.

“Ivy, stop giving me side glances and just tell me. I am a nurse… in training but I can handle it.” I said, giving her a smile.

“Alright if you say so. To get into the mafia, you will have to committee some crimes.” she said. It doesn’t seem that bad already.

“Oh, crimes such as robbery, or selling dope.” I said.

“Yes but it will have to be something we requested. You will not be able to get in till you finish your mission and give up proof of whatever mission they do. Most of the time we have to kill to get in.” she said. You have to kill to get into the mafia. That’s scary to commit a murder to someone who might have a family.

“Why would you have to kill someone to get in?” I asked. She sighed and shook her head.

“Aaliyah, this is the mafia. Killing, Drug-trafficking, prostitution, and other more illegal things is what we do. We’re not always gonna be good. We do things to make money and protect ourselves. It’s not easy to get out either.”

“What do you mean it’s not easy? What the only option is death?” I said laughing but I was the only one laughing. Ivy kept a straight face the whole time.

“Oh my...Don’t tell me it’s true?”I said. I can feel my eyes getting teary. So no one in the mafia can leave, even my brother.

“What about their family?” I asked. How will the family be in the mafia?

“Well it just depends on your position. Family is important but in the mafia, it’s different. As you know Carter is the boss so his family, The Petrov are very important. I’m his sister and knowing the extreme measure he would go for me and others is no joke. Now let’s say what if Carter dies. Well if he has a sibling, like me, I will take the throne next. It’s not common for females to be the boss but it’s very badass. Anywho, if he didn’t have siblings, it would go to the consigliere, your brother. As for the position underneath boss and consigliere, their families are in good hands. It’s not bad but everyone’s family must not know unless they know they will have to be under oath, just to be sure they won’t go snitching on us.” Ivy explained. After that we pulled into the driveway at the house. Ivy soon parked the car and unbuckled her seatbelt.

“Listen before we go in and hear our brothers mouth, do not speak about what I have told you. You’re not under oath nor a member so if they find out that you know things that you shouldn’t, serious consequences come to you and I. This stays between me and you. You got it?” She asked. I gave her a small nod taking it all in. We both hopped out the car and went up stairs to the doorway. Ivy slapped her hand on her forehead knowing we are getting into some trouble.

“Alright, let’s get this shit over with” Ivy said. She opened the front door and standing in the front was Carter.

“So Ladies, How was y’all day?” he asked with a smirk on his face. Oh lord, I feel like he got something up his sleeves.

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