Poisoned love

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Chapter 3

I must have fallen asleep because Darrel KEEP SCREAMING IN MY EARS. God, thanks for a brother but oh my godddd I’m dying slowly because of him.

“I know I have a brother but god why a annoying brother” i said

“hey my feeling hurts now i thought we was good”

“still love ya big bro” i said hugging him

“ok let’s go into the house” we broke apart and started walking up the stairs to the house. The house was beautiful. From the outside this house looks lavish. It has been built with bricks covered in render and has white stone decorations. Tall, half rounded windows allow enough light to enter the home and have been added to the house in a very asymmetric way. Once we entered the house I couldn’t help but to explore the house. The house is equipped with an average kitchen and three bathrooms, it also has a huge living room, four bedrooms, a large dining room, a multimedia room and a spacious basement. The building is shaped like a T. The two extensions are linked by wooden overhanging panels circling around half the house. The second floor is the same size as the first, which has been built exactly on top of the floor below it. This floor has roughly the same style as the floor below. The roof is low and pyramid shaped and is covered with brown ceramic tiles. Two large chimneys sit at the side of the house. A few round, small windows let in enough light to the rooms below the roof. The house itself is surrounded by a modest garden, with mostly grass and a few small trees. my favorite part of the house is the rose garden. when my mother was alive we used to go to the rose garden. she would always tell me that “one rose is being yourself with hope, promises, and love more than one rose shows significant others your hope and love”.

“I see that you love the rose garden so much” someone with a deep husky voice said.

I turned around and saw the most handsome man I have ever seen before. This tan skinned man has an impressive feel about him.Standing 6′ 4" tall, he has wide shoulders and long arms, a narrow torso, and long legs. His black hair is short and permed, and is pulled into a man bun. He has a wide face with a softly shaped jaw with no facial hair, and his sunken, dark eyes are hazel. His nose is narrow and he has full lips. He’s wearing a white simple shirt and left it unbuttoned at the top for a more casual look. On top of the shirt he’s wearing a chic vest with 6 buttons, it has a fairly deep v-line, which causes the vest to line up perfectly with the jacket’s v-line when it’s buttoned up. The jacket is a perfectly tailored fit for him. It has an elegant windowpane pattern which radiates confidence. The 3 buttons of his double breasted jacket are all buttoned up with the exception of one, it gives the suit a bit of both worlds, casual and stylish. The jacket is the same length all around, it has no vent, there’s a pocket on either side and there’s a breast pocket which holds his sunglasses. He’s wearing pants which have a different style than the jacket, but they complement each other perfectly and they’re a perfect match for his shoes. He’s wearing a handsome pair of brogue oxfords.

“Well you want to take a picture of me while checking me out or you want to tell me what you’re doing on my territory?”

“i-i’m with m-my brother, D-Darrel” i said stuttering. oh my god why am i stuttering now? he is very intimidating and have this sharp tone in his voice.

“Darrel has a sister? I never knew that″ he came close to my face studying my features. so close to me i’m nervous, shaking in fear, holding my breath, staring in his grey eyes. I couldn’t tell if he believed me or not.

“so what is he babysitting you?” he smirks with amusement.

“babysitting?! Do I look 5 to you?”

“you do to me shorty"

“OK big-foot look here, i don’t need a babysitter, i am 20 in working to be an artist, and i’m here to meet this so call ‘big bad’ mob boss because my brother said he have room here so if you’ll excuse me now i need to meet him” i walked away only to be stop in my tracks by what he said.

“too bad you already met him and i’m not a very happy man right now by your attitude trying to become a guest in my house”

I turned around so quickly I almost fell. what the fuck he means he the fucking gang leader. no way in hell he could be the gang leader with that attitude of his. my dumb ass should had guess he was the gang leader by the way he look.

“you got to be fucking kidding me right?”

“i wish i could be kiddo”


“still look like a kid” then he walked away going back inside. I followed him inside just to yell at him. right when I was about to, we walked in the middle of a meeting. so many people were staring at us two but mostly me because I’m the only girl here. some of the men here were staring at me up and down, looking at me and then Mr. gang leader. I’m so shy in front of people. I moved behind Mr. Boss to hide myself from these nasty pervert eyes and others. He was tall enough to cover me up anyways. one of the guys stood up then another then they all stood up looking at their boss and bow down then sat back down in their chair. what the hell going on why are they bowing down i understand that’s your boss but damn he got y’all like that.

“Carter the meeting is better now that you’re here. we were arguing over the rivals of ours”

so that the hot boss name fits him very well. it’s so hot and sexy. okay whoa what am i thinking now that’s just weird for me to someone i just met.

“what’s the problem here?”

“a rival sent a threat to us.” someone said then threw down pictures of a burning warehouse on the table. In the photo the words written on it are asking for 100 grand or start war among their alliances.

“whoa they not fucking playing. are they desperate for 100 grand?” I asked looking down at the photos.

“yea shorty but guess what? they are not getting it. they burn down a fake warehouse. dumb asses didn’t even check the place and just burnt it down to the ground.” Damon said laughing at the photo.

“yo Damon who is this chick?” a random guy said.

“just one of his whores” this scary dude said. He had a long scar over his right eye. built like a bodybuilder. I never saw broad shoulders.

“HEY DON’T FUCKING SAY THAT TO MY FUCKING SISTER UNLESS YOU ASKING FOR A DEATH WISH ASSHOLE” my brother yelled from across the room. he got up and tried to charge at the man that called me a whore.

“I DIDN’T KNOW THAT. SHE YOUR SISTER DARREL?!” the scary dude said getting up. all you hear is yelling and screaming from the two. Everyone else was trying to calm the problem down. I came from behind Damon and looked at him. He was just smirking at the scene in front of us. I looked at him crazy like the hell you smirking for.

“so you’re not gonna stop them from fighting?!”

“sweetheart you must be new to your brother. just wait for it” then he grabs me by the waist and pulls me in front of him. is he tripping or is it just me. The next thing I’m watching is Darrel pulling out a pistol from his strap and shooting at the ceiling. my eyes widen is he fucking crazy?! He aims his gun at the scary dude and smirks at him. everyone else backed away from those two and came to where me and Damon is. they must know what is gonna happen now. I closed my eyes and waited to hear a gunshot but instead I heard a.....

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