Poisoned love

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Chapter 4

“ayyy what’s up bitches″ someone came through the meeting drunk as hell. It was the guy that was at my dad’s house about the arranged marriage. He was with Ryan who choked me. What the hell is he doing here? This is confusing.

“What the hell Zane? didn’t i tell you to stop drinking” said Carter walking towards Zane.

“sorry man. I was dealing with Ryan crazy ass. did you know he was trying to get married to Myles hunter daughter. that girl is crazy! she spit on Ryan and ran away from home” Zane said walking towards the couch. He sat down with his legs wide open.

“wait what’s the girl name Zane?“my brother ask turning looking at Zane

“What’s the bitch name? hmm...oh it’s Aaliyah something Cole something” Zane said then he was looking around and spotted me. his eyes were huge and he was shocked.


“yea and that’s why he is not gonna know we have her and did just call my sister a bitch?” Darrel ask walking towards him slowly

“man i didn’t know she was your sister. if i didn’t i would have called her a bitch man.”

“i don’t care, you just call my sister a bitch. should i just shoot at you like i did last time.”

“dude chill the fuck out, that shit hurts like a bitch” holding his arm. i’m guessing that were darrel shot him last time.

“EVERYBODY SHUT THE HELL UP”Carter yelled. everyone was quiet as a mouse was. everybody was listening to him. damn he really got them under his control.

“Now Ryan will not find out that we have her. Zane you’re undercover in his gang so don’t tell him we got his girl”


“Yea whatever anyways, we don’t want him to know that she is here because we all know how Ryan is remembered last time?”

“yes boss” everyone obey .

“So what am i supposed to do? sit here all day? can i do something?” i say looking at everyone crazy

“nah lil girl. Ryan is actually coming over right now so you got to hide” Zane said sipping on his drink.

“What do you mean Ryan coming over? i didn’t give him permission to come on to my land” Carter said walking towards Zane

“yea forgot to tell you...umm he said he want to meet up with you to talk about a business plan but i don’t know what it’s about”

“When the fuck did you find out about this? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Boss calm down. It’s not deep he’s scared of you anyways...hopefully. I mean who is willing to go against you?“he said, giving Carter the corner eye look.

“So when he comes over then i need to hide this girl because i don’t want to make a mess in my house” Carter asked while going in the kitchen.

“he supposed to be over right now”

once Zane said that the doorbell rings. I look over at Carter with wide eyes. I’m scared as hell. i don’t know this house. Well i mean i do but i don’t memorize which room is what, so i don’t know where to hide. Carter looks like he is debating about something. so since he was thinking I ran under the couch to hide. He seemed to have noticed that I was hidden already.

“Okay let Ryan in. i want to know what he wants so bad and why” Carter said sitting on the couch. I was underneath the couch across from him. I heard the door open and close. then there are some shoes clicking against the floor.

“Ah Carter, my favorite friend of mine. how are you doing, buddy? been a while since our last shootout. that was fun, want to do round 30?” Ryan said looking at Damon smiling crazy. What the hell is wrong with this man?!

“Ryan what the fuck are you here for? what do you actually want?” Carter said staying up. He rolled up his sleeves, looking pissed off as hell.

“ooh Darrel you know that sister you know about but don’t know you? I want her. NOW.” Ryan said. crossing his arm with a serious look now.

“What the hell do you want my sister for?” Darrel said. I can tell he is getting angry. his nose started to flare up and he was breathing rapidly

“why you getting so mad ain’t like the bitch knows who you are. did you even see her body?! I can’t wait for her to hold my kids or something better” he had this devil smirk on face. I can tell what he was doing, trying to get a rise out of them. pissing them off is what he is trying to achieve but why?

“guess what? she won’t be holding or carrying your child ever” Carter said looking mad as hell now. he stood up with his hand on the belt. I looked closely and saw a gun strap. oh my! I hope a shootout doesn’t happen. He walked closer to Ryan.

“get the fuck out my house before you end up 6ft under” Carter was in Ryan face breathing hard as fuck.

“Carter comes on, all I want is that little bitch” Ryan said. He walked towards the couch I was under and stood there for a good minute. I think he knows I’m here. I might have been peeking out for a little and blown my cover. I’m freaking out so bad right now. I see a large hand coming under me then he roughly grabs my hair and pulls me from underneath the couch. I screamed loud because the pain is so unreal right now.

“ah you were listening to the conversation the whole time huh? Did you enjoy it at least? did you hear the part about you carrying kids soon little bitch?!” Ryan yelled it in my face. I’m trying to fight back but he’s too strong. He put me in a choke hold making me lose my breath.

“PUT MY FUCKING SISTER DOWN NOW RYAN” Darrel yelled. Soon Zane ran out the kitchen rushing towards us with a gun in his hand. Darrel , Zane, and Carter are pointing their guns at Ryan while Ryan watches me bout to black out. My vision is getting blurry, my eyes are slowly closing on me, I can’t get air, and my eyes are watery. Is this the end of my life? did it come to a stop now? i just met my brother, and the gang leader now i have to go out this world like this? I can’t see anymore. My eyes are closing as I try to gasp for my last breath.

please god save me.

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