Poisoned love

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Chapter 5

“RYAN PUT HER FUCKING DOWN OR I’M BLOWING YOUR BRAINS OUT NOW!” I yelled at him. This girl is in a lot of danger now since Ryan is out here for blood.

“Fine you want her, I’ll let her go” he said and dropped her but she blacked out. She was slumping on the ground, not moving or anything. Darrel threw his gun to the side and ran towards her. she had a small tear fall out her left eye. Darrel was checking for a pulse to see if she was still alive.

“well i guess i’m done here. next time when i see her she is not gonna be here for a long time” Ryan tried to walk away but Zane shot him in his leg so he can’t escape.

“FUCK”Ryan yelled as he fell to the ground.

“CARTER , I GOT A SMALL PULSE. WE NEED TO CALL THE DOC NOW” Darrel yelled at me. He was carrying his sister in bridal style and went upstairs probably to my room mostly. i called the doctor and he came in 5 minutes. he rushed upstairs to check on her.

“Zane takes Ryan down to the basement and calls the maids to clean this blood up” i said walking upstairs. Once I made it in my long hallway I walked to my room. the closer i get i hear yelling. what the hell did Darrel do this time? I open my door to see two members holding Darrel back to get to his sister.

“What the hell is going on in here?!” I yelled everyone stopped and looked at me with widened eyes. I see Darrel’s sister laying on my bed still unconscious.


“Carter, you know I’ve been a doctor for this mafia for years trust me it’s important to take blood tests” the doctor said walking towards Aaliyah.

“Darrel calm down, it’s not bad. He is running tests on her to make sure she is ok. wouldn’t you like to know your sister okay? have no disease? or illness?” i walked over to Darrel making sure he understood what i’m saying.

“yeah i guess you’re right. just hurry the fuck up i need to know she okay.“Darrel said walking out the room. Everyone else left the room but me and the doctor. I stare at Ava while the doctor takes blood samples. Ava is gorgeous. She 5′5 tall, and coltish with Caramel skin, this woman has a charismatic feel about her. She has piercing, small hazel eyes, a well-carmel nose, and a rounded jaw. Her very short, straight, long brown hair . how dare he come into this house thinking he can run shit around here?! I started pacing back and forth in the room waiting for the doctor to finish what he was doing. I just need to calm down.

“okay and that was the last blood sample i needed. I’m going back to run these tests and I will email you the results. are you okay? you seem a little mad. have you taken your medicine like i said?” the doctor asked. He came up to me and stared me in the eyes to know if I am or not. He has been doing it since I was young.

“yea i haven’t taken my med for a while to be honest doc. I feel like I need something better, stronger than what I have now. I actually need someone to calm me down.“I said. I sat down on the bed with my hands pulling my hair. I feel helpless with my disorder. ever since i was young i couldn’t control my anger around my father. He made me this way and now I have to deal with this.

“Well Carter it takes time for the new medicine to kick in. just wait it out” he said. Doc finished packing his stuff up. I look at Aaliyah. She has a breathing tube on her to help get the oxygen in her system. I should tell Darrel that doc is done with Aaliyah and he can come see her. I got my phone out and texted him to come back in here. doc already left so there shouldn’t be an issue. Darrel came running to his sister’s side. i never see him care about someone like this unless it’s his girlfriend.

“Carter, she is waking up! look!″Darrel said, holding her hand. I went towards Darrel and held his shoulder. she was waking up. next thing you know her eyes open up. she looked lost looking around for someone then her eyes landed on us. her eyes widened looking at Darrel. She took her mask off.

“Aaliyah you can’t do that, put your mask back on” Darrel said trying to put it back on her.

“darrel, i saw my mom” she said. then she burst out crying. i’m not understanding what’s going on here. Darrel got on the bed with her and pulled her into a hug. her head was laying on his shoulder and She was just crying on him. I’ll have to discuss with Darrel about Aaliyah. In the mafia you can’t show how you feel for someone, even if it’s your own blood. In the mafia world it’s ruthless anybody can die and it won’t even matter to them as long as you give them what you owe. that’s the only thing i remember from my dad. Sad thing is he made me feel no love and this is why i struggle with love.

“Carter can you just give us time? we just need time to talk.“Darrel asked. I got up and headed for the door but Aaliyah said something to stop me in my tracks.

“thank you Carter for helping me” she gave me a weak smile. I smiled back at her. “you’re welcome and you can stay here in the guest room across from my room” then I opened the door and walked out the room. gently closing the door.

“Wow dude, already giving the new chick a room” Zane said. He was leaning against the wall smoking a cigarette.

“What did I tell you about smoking in this house, Zane. you shouldn’t even be smoking anyways you know it’s bad for your condition. you can’t be doing that.” i took the cigarette out his hand, open the window next to him and threw it out.

" So what , I’m just helping a Darrel out because he’s like a brother to me. I will have to discuss later with Darrel about his sister too. I don’t want my enemies seeing her and thinking she is my weakness” i said walking. Zane followed me to the basement.

“Why don’t you just hire a bodyguard or something so she doesn’t have to live here. See there? I just solved the problem”

" it’s not that easy. The words have already gone out that Darrel has a sister. So she’s going to be a target regardless”

“whatever, it’s your Mafia. i’m gonna die anyways so i might as well smoke the rest of my life away”

“dude chill the fuck out. we can get you help, just accept the offer and go”

" can we talk about it later. I just want to torture this son of a bitch”

We kept walking till we reached the cell Ryan was held in. He had dried blood on him and his clothing. He looked weak like he had no more energy. He was dead on the inside but on the outside he was still breathing. I was gonna give this guy hell. for trying me in my own home, on my territory, and putting people in danger in my own home.

“Let the fun begin,” I said , smirking.

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