Poisoned love

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Chapter 6

I woke up, confused about what happened. then it all of a sudden came back to me. I looked around in the room I was in,analyzing it. It’s an expansive room, but quite adequately lit. The walls are painted in a soft amber, broken up by sheer, springtime green curtains on the windows. It’s a simple room, with walls painted in hospitalish green-beige and a floor that’s an intricate design of ceramic tiles. It is badly lit, though rather expansive. The window curtains, drape like and springtime green, blow in the abrupt wind. The floor is covered in marble, the walls are an ornate pattern of bricks. There are drapes like curtains decorating the open windows in this colossal room. A burnt odor that hits you like a wall is stirred by the chilly wind from the windows. This closet-like room is adequately lit. The walls are springtime green. Soft perfume wafts through the air.

The door opens revealing Carter walking in but it’s like he doesn’t see me. He walked into his closet taking off his shirt. He wasn’t facing me but his back was. i saw his back muscle and i can probably guess he got a strong 8 pack in the front. He threw on a black shirt and changed his pants into some gray joggers. Then he slid on his black Nike shoes. He turned towards me, his eyes widened but soon his smirk grew.

“I hope you enjoy the show,” he said walking towards me with his hands in his pockets.

“what show? I almost threw up when I saw your back” then I made a gagging face.

“whatever Aaliyah. I’m going to the gym, you need something called the maids. your brother went out to handle some work.” he said walking towards the door. wait so he leaves me with some maids i don’t even know. That’s so not fair. I don’t want to lay up in this bed all day.

“wait can i go to the gym with you? i don’t want to sit up here all day doing nothing”i said crossing my arms

“did you just forget that you were almost choke to death and you blacked out for an hour? you forgot you slept the whole day yesterday. so it’s a new day. you still need rest”he said, folding his arm.

“come on now this ain’t the first time this has happened to me. when I pissed my father off he always threatened to kill me by choking me. this is not new to me.“i said looking straight into his eyes. “But you ju-″he said but I cut him off. “anyways where your athletic wear? you got any tights or crop top in here?″i got up from the bed and walked into his closet. “um...you do know i’m a male right? I don’t wear crop tops or tights’ ’he said leaning against the wall. wow how rude is that. He just assumes men can’t wear crop tops or tights. very very rude.

“Okay, then how about you go ask one of your maids or do you have a girl in your mafia?“I turn around asking him. “I can ask one of my specialists. She is a girl and my sister.” he said. He pulled out his phone and no later than 60 seconds a girl in black hair came in. This tan skinned woman has a disciplined feel about her. Standing tall, she has broad shoulders and short arms, a thin torso and modest breasts, a slanted waist, curvy hips, and long legs. Her black hair is short and curly, and features a messy fringe. She has a lean face with a pointed chin, and her almond-shaped, soulless eyes are hazel. Her nose is small and she has angled lips. I can tell She usually wears stylish clothes. Her particularly noticeable features are her nice cologne, her nice smile and her accent which people usually describe as beautiful.

“Hey Carter, why the hell do you need my clothes?“she asked standing at the doorway. Then she looked at me with disgust. “what are you looking at? aren’t you one of his sluts? shouldn’t you be kicked out?“she asked looking at me folding her arms.

“WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP THINKING I’M ONE OF YOUR WHORES?! I’M DARREL SISTER BITCH”i yelled at her. her eyes widened so did mine. I just called her a bitch. “what did you just call me?″she asked. stalking close to me. “you fucking heard me. I don’t care if you’re Carter’s sister. don’t disrespect people you don’t know” then i walk towards her. we were eye to eye looking deep into her hazel eyes. then she started laughing out of nowhere. I look at her confused. Is this girl crazy?!

“oh girl i was just playing with you. I’m a little childish as you can say” she said laughing. “and I can tell you’re different being one his hoes. I can tell your innocent and pure unlike his other whores” she said.

“y’all done getting to know each other? anyways sis I need your gym clothes for Aaliyah. since she wants to work out with me I guess” Carter said. checking his phone. “Okay, then follow me to my room Aaliyah so I can find something for you to wear,” she said. We both walked out of Carter’s room to the hallways. we walked till we were at the end of the hallway. There’s a door cover in an Ombre purple color. She opens the door and her room amazes me.

“welcome to my room i guess” she shrugged and we went towards her closet i’m guessing. She pulls out a lot of athletic clothing. one caught my eyes. They were Nike shorts and a Nike sport bra.

“So you’re Darrel sister? I never knew he had a sister” she said while I was looking through her closet.

“Yea i guess he hid it as a secret. My name Aaliyah by the way” as I held my hand out for a shake

“Well hello Aaliyah, my name is lvy” she took my hand and gave me a handshake.

“hey, can i wear this if you don’t mind?″ I asked, hoping she would say yes.

“let me guess? Nike is your favorite brand? Wow, you’re just like my brother. yes you can wear it, i don’t care” she said. then walked out the room. I changed into the clothes she let me borrow and walked out of her room. Carter was walking towards the stairs so I ran towards him to catch up. i slipped and fell on my back....in front of him...how fucking embarrassing. I sit up only to see Carter laughing at me. He doesn’t even help me?! what a fucking asshole. he look at me and i gave him a glare. not just a glare, a mean one.

“It’s okay shorty, get up so we can go to the gym” he said, passing me going downstairs. like i said i get no help getting up. I got up and rushed downstairs. Once I reached downstairs he was waiting for me by the door. “Are you ready now, lazy?“he said. He gave me a bored look. “If you had helped me get up then you wouldn’t be waiting” I gave him a pissed look. “whatever let’s go”. We walked out the door to his jeep. The interior is leather and soft. The color inside is red. I guess it’s the color of his mafia and he has the logo inside the car.

“Buckle up princess, you’re gonna hate me for this” he said backing out of the parking space. “What do you mean buckle up and what are you calling me princess for?!” I yelled at him. Next thing you know he zoomed out of the street. He was going 90 mph!! We are not even on the highway. I was fearing for my whole life. “YOU BETTER HOPE GOD HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE FOR YOU IN HEAVEN BECAUSE IMMA KILL YOU AFTER THIS” i yelled at him. all he did was laugh at me still going fast. oh god please help my poor soul.

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