Poisoned love

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Chapter 7

After the hell hole of a ride, we finally arrived at the gym...or warehouse. Why did he take me to a warehouse? it’s the middle of nowhere?! There were no houses nearby, no other buildings but abandoning buildings. I looked at him confused but he didn’t seem bothered. We got out of the car headed towards the warehouse. There was this secretive door in front of us where you can only see the guy’s eyes. He asked Carter the code and Carter gave it to him. He opened the door and let us in.

Inside was a boxing ring in the middle of the gym. To the right was weight lifting equipment and to the right was treadmills.

“Wow, this is a big gym,” I said , amazed by the size of the gym.

“well thank you, it took a while to build from the ground up. anyways listen to these rules”he said staring down at me. yea that’s right he staring down...because i’m short...where my 5′5 club at?

“there’s rules here?” i asked looking curious

“Well you’re with me, the person who runs this place so yea there’s rules” he said. “first rule, don’t wander off by yourself.“he said crossing his arms

“but why-” then i felt a slap on my butt. someone just smack my ass

“what the hell Damien?! you can’t go around slapping girl asses” Carter said staring into Damien soul.

“Carter don’t worry, i got this.” I said. Then I did a high kick in Damien’s face. Damien was laying on the floor with his hand on his cheeks. i turned around to Carter who looks surprised.

“I took a martial art class to defend myself from dudes like Damien. anyways why i have to stay with you 24/7?”

“Well you just met the reason why. these dudes they aren’t allowed to go around and rape or fuck girls whenever they want to. that one rule into being in a mafia. some may disobey and that’s fine. they’re dead once i find out. so they will see you as an advantage definitely since you’re the only girl here and that you’re with me. they still don’t know that your Darrel sister.” he said

“Wow, you can change the rules whenever you want to right?” i asked

“yep there’s more rules but they’re just like house rules so later you will find out what they are” he said then started walking away. He just left me staying by myself?! I look around seeing some of the guys staring at me, some looking at me like I’m a piece of meat. I feel uncomfortable with these guys looking at me. I ran towards Damon who was walking into a boxing ring.

“umm..Carter what am i supposed to do here?” I asked.

“well, you were the one who wanted to come and it’s a gym so you tell me?“Carter asked me looking at me upside down

“there’s no need to be rude but umm...i don’t work out. I’m an artist, like painting and drawing.`` I said not looking at him in the eyes. He rolled his eyes and hopped in the boxing ring.

“you can watch me box if you want, that’s why there’s chairs in the front of the ring.“he said, taking his shirt off and wrapping his hands with white tape. wow i was right, he does have a 8 pack. that is soo...AALIYAH DREAM COLEMAN HOW DARE YOU THINK LIKE THAT?!

“okay then I’ll watch ″ I said. I walked down the boxing ring and sat in one of the chairs. I see Carter covering his hands in white powder and hyping himself up. some of his...actually most of the gang members sat down too, to watch the boxing match that’s about to happen. Nobody dared to sit next to me. I heard some of them whisper that i’m the boss ’girl that’s why they don’t sit next to me but one person did. Damien.

“hey the girl that i don’t know, sorry for touching your ass earlier. I thought you weren’t with Carter and that you were some girl who just wanted a hookup.“he said. He was holding an ice pack to his cheek. I felt a little bad because he hurt.

“it’s cool, you learned your lesson now. my name is Aaliyah Coleman.” i said with my hand out.

“Damien Reyes” he took my hand and shook it. We both turned to the front to see the match was starting. Carter was on the left side. I didn’t notice the tattoo on his collarbone. it says lost but never forgotten. I wonder why that’s there. He also has tattoos on his right wrist. His opponent was almost shaped like Carter but Carter looked better. He looked around and saw me. He gave me a flirt wink. I scrunch my face up turning back to Carter who looked concentrated and focused on what he got to do.

“Does Carter ever box here?” I asked. Curious killed the cat and it’s gonna kill me. I mean when I’m introduced into new things and start asking questions to people.

“Actually Carter rarely boxes to be honest. It’s been a while since he boxed. Hopefully he didn’t lose his strength and focus on boxing. boxing helps him control his anger but if things get personal he has no control over it” Damien said looking around. “hey where Darrel at? he said he was coming?“Damien question me

“My brother coming? I thought he was doing work?” I asked. jaxson looked at me crazy then realized something. “Oh so y’all are brothers and sisters? I see the similar looks he got and see in you. please don’t tell him I smacked your ass. it was just an accident.” Damien said.

“why is everyone finding out they got a sister?! which is me? and don’t worry. you apologize for it” i asked looking at the boxing ring. “well there-″ then he got cut off as the bell rings telling everyone the match started. Damien got up and started cheering for Carter . I looked around to see everyone cheering too. I turned to the front and saw Carter and a blonde dude walking around the ring slowly. The blonde guy went for a quick punch for Carter stomach Carter quickly blocked his punch but got kicked in the leg and went down. Blondie tries to stomp Damon down but Carter quickly gets back up and twists the blonde leg. Carter went for a punch in the stomach. successfully punching him in the stomach, Carter went for a blow to the face. Blondie went down. the guy is the ring that i’m guessing is the ref, stop Damon from trying to beat the dude up. The ref counted down from 10 and Blondie wouldn’t get up. Once he reaches 1, the ref declares Carter as the winner. The crowd went crazy while i’m in a loss for words. this match was very unexpected.

Carter came down and went to the back room. the other guy was still knocked out of the ring floor. people were checking to make sure he was okay. He had blood pouring out of his mouth. makes me feel the metallic blood in my mouth. they put him on their shoulders and carry him out the ring. Damien got up and sighed, shaking his head. He walked to the back room, leaving me alone....in a room full of men...how uncomfortable this is. I looked around for something to do trying not to show how uncomfortable I am. I saw an open door with the name studio on it. I walked towards it quickly and closed the door.

The inside was amazing. It was an art studio. There were paints, drawing pencils, and canvas. SO MUCH AND ALL I COULD ASK FOR. I picked up a paint bucket off the floor and started walking towards a blank wall. I smirk at the wall and said

“let the art show begin”

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