Poisoned love

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Chapter 8

“one last line...and done!″ I said. backing away from the masterpiece i made. I painted a feeling...a feeling that I have been feeling for a while. it was a girl in a room trapped alone. her head on her knees, sitting on the floor. She was painted in black and white but the colors overshadowed her. Each color represents the feelings.

“Damn that’s a good ass painting” someone said. I turned behind me and saw a shadow in the dark. His voice is very deep. He sounds like he is in his late 30′s.

“who are you??” I asked , looking around. there’s only one dark corner in the room. so i’m guessing that’s where he is.

“Look darling, you are asking questions that are gonna kill you. ever heard of it? it kills the cat” he said getting close to me. Still dark, one step by step I can see more of him. right now i see him Standing 6′ 4" tall, and lightly built with tan skin, this man has a very passive-aggressive feel about him. He has deep-set brown eyes and his long, curly, black hair.

“well good thing cats have 9 lives, am i right?” I said backing up. I’m trying to find a weapon to use against this guy. just in case he attacks me.

“calm down i’m not here to hurt you, you can stop moving around. I just want to talk to you about Carter. He is not what you think he is. don’t fall for his charm. He is not a good guy.” he told me. His eyes tell me he is on a mission but I still don’t know who this guy was. how are you gonna tell me to listen to you and I don’t even know who you are?

“sorry but i still don’t know who you are” i started walking towards the door and found Carter.

“fine. i’m Toby Shaw. Carter cousin.“he said coming out now closer to me.

“how the hell am i supposed to believe you? you could just be a stranger lying to me” i crossed my arms.

“Fine then let’s go ask Carter” he walked out the room and I followed behind slowly to the locker room. Once we got towards the door he seemed nervous for whatever reason. Is he scared of his own cousin? is there family issues? he open the door and we see Damon talking to a bald dude about cartels and guns

“well Carter my favorite gun to use is AR-15, and now your banning it for what?“bald head dude said leaning against the lockers

“Vincent, I already told you why, those guns are too loud. we go on missions and use that gun cops are gonna be around us in minutes”Carter said wiping sweat off his sexy face. chill Aaliyah , where is this coming from?

“yo what the fuck Toby here?!” said Vincent looking at me and Toby. Carter looked our way and saw Toby. I can see the anger building up in his eyes. He stood up quickly and had his Hands balled up. “Aaliyah get over here, Toby is dangerous’ ′ Carter said. “if he was dangerous then why haven’t he attacked me yet. I was in a room painting and he appeared out of nowhere. By the way you fucking left me” i said crossing my arms. I’m staying right here, I’m not moving till I get answers.

“Carter, would you tell her we are cousins, there’s no need to keep this family feud going on?“Toby said, walking towards Carter.

“you want answers Aaliyah? Toby is my cousin who killed my parents for power” Carter said. burning a glare in Toby.

“is that true Toby?” I look at him and I see regret and guilt in his eyes. i can tell he didn’t mean it but something was telling him too. I walked over to Carter and sat on the bench. this gang drama is all too much. are we in fucking middle school again?

“Carter, I already told you why. you still don’t believe me? After all these years, I told you I didn’t mean it. i was young and dumb, i didn’t feel anything”

“What do you mean you didn’t feel anything?” I asked

“he was on drugs Aaliyah, Too many Drugs. I offered to help him get on his feet but he refused. then my parents passed the power down to me, he got mad and felt like it was his turn to have power. How pathetic are you Toby? you think after these years i’ll forgive you?” Carter started stalking Toby but I held his arm so he wouldn’t get closer to him.

“Vincent got this shit off my territory, I told you it was banned. This is strike 1. strike 2 you’ll get shot and strike 3...well you know what it is already” Carter said walking away. I followed him from behind but stopped moving when Toby yelled “REMEMBER WHAT I SAID AALIYAH, HE DANGEROUS”. Carter grabbed me and pulled me forward to the gym. we walked through people to the studio room i was in before. He opened the door and pushed me in. closing the door behind him. I can tell he was mad and his breathing was not in control. it’s like he wanted to kill someone or something.

“What the hell did he tell you?“Carter said looking at me deadly.

“umm...well h-he told me to st-stay away from you” i said. i’m so nervous i have never felt this before i was actually scared. “Aaliyah doesn’t listen to shit he says to you, he is a liar, he manipulates people, and is dangerous. you should stay away from him he is not safe.”

" is my life gonna be like this everyday for me? having random strangers come up to me? you can’t control me Carter” i yelled at him. I pushed him back but him being more buff and crap he barely moved a muscle.

“listen to me Aaliyah, this my territory, my gang, my fucking rules so you better fucking listen to me. I run all of this shit okay? you get it now? i don’t need a little fucking girl coming into my work place embarrassing me in front of my men like you run this shit. you get it now? STAY IN YOUR PLACE!” Carter yelled in my face. He looked in my eyes for a quick sec telling me he was serious. He turned his back on me and left the room leaving me in shock. I never felt so disrespected in my life. STAY IN FUCKING PLACE??! Who does he think he is to tell me what the hell to do?

“Ay Aaliyah what the fuck happen here? i just saw Toby crazy ass get kicked out, and Carter looking tense as fuck” said Damien walking in. “whoa Aaliyah why you tense too?“Damien asked. I didn’t answer his question and walked past him and out the door. Damon not getting away with this shit.

“ay Aaliyah it’s time to go now. Since you had some much fun now but it’s time to go home.“Carter said, coming out with a new suit on. He looked at his watch and sighed. “fuck i’m late for the meeting” he said.

“Let’s go, just drop me off at my brother’s house” I said walking towards the front door.

“No, you’re staying at my house. why the hell i would drop you off at his if you’re staying with me” he questioned

“whatever. as long it gets me far from you” all of a sudden he grab my forearm and pull me towards him. he bent down to my ear and said

“Once you’re in my territory I claim you as mine. don’t get it twisted i’m only being nice because you’re my best friend/right man sister. you haven’t seen my bad side yet honey so don’t test me”

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