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Beth is a loner,she doesn't have many friends nor does she want them, she never wanted to be the poplar girl and preferred to stay out of the lime light ,but when the kids from the school with the worst reputation comes to her school then shes going to get lots of attention and all from luke the boy with the worst reputation.

Romance / Fantasy
Colleen Haynes
4.8 9 reviews
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Come to me, you're mine, i need you"
"Beep beep beep beep"
My alarm clock wakes me from my vivid dream again,it always seems to be the same,A man from the shadows calling me to go to him,telling me that i was his and he needed me,i mean yeah right id run and jump straight into his arms if some hot bloke started claiming i was his and he needed me,
"Beth,come on"
"Im up,im up" i hop out of bed and run for the shower before Jemma has a chance to get there,to which today seems to be my lucky day "hey" she yells as i slam the bathroom door on her giggling.
Once i have finished with my shower and am dressed and all sorted i head to the kitchen where Jemma raises her eyebrows at me and laughs "what are you wearing?"
"Err black jeans and a black top,what i always wear,why?"
"You do no that Parkshore academy are moving into our school today?"
"Erm yes and i figured seen as they seem so good at starting fires id save my best clothes " i say before sitting down and helping myself to cornflakes, ok so it wasn't there fault about the fire,who knew the electrics were that old,
"Hey do you want a ride to school?" I ask Jemma "err yeah please but can i have a shower first?"
"Only if you hurry",
Gem gets up and runs for the stairs
"I wish you would stop winding her up" mum says,i just laugh "why?, its fun and and think of the water you save by her hurrying",
"Fair point,but its going to be so funny when she finds something to get you back with?".

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