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Pulling up at school,Gem is practically out of the car before i have even found a spot to park in "whoa there cowgirl, whats the hurry?" She just rolls her eyes at me "theres Bianca and stevie" i look over and sure enough there are her best friends "ok,fine ill see you later,loser!"
"Yeah right, im the loser,see you, oh i dont need a ride home so ill see you at dinner,,"
"Ok catch you later" i say as she slams my door and heads off to Bianca and stevie then i take a deep breath before i find somewhere to park.
Once parked i grab my stuff im gonna need today and head into school towards my locker "oh look its the loser of loserville" says Shannon the most poplar girl at school, everyone either wants to go out with her or be her, "oh jee look its Shannon everybody, lets give her a loud cheer too really start her day off" i say as i stomp past her to my locker where i put most of my books then grab the first one and shut my locker and head to class,leaving Shannon standing there trying to work out my insult.

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