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My big mouth

As i enter my English class some students are standing at the front with Mrs Merdock, as i don't recognise them im assuming they are students from Parkshore academy, but to be honest, i really don't care so i go and sit in my usual seat at the back of the class and doodle on my book while Mrs Merdock sorts them out. Im just colouring my rose in a lovely black when there's a cough in front of me so i slowly raise my eyes starting with the black tight fitted t-shirt looking all the way up to the muscled arms then the thick neck and up to the divine god standing in front of me with his dark hair and the bluest eyes on this planet, and full lips, there is no way on this earth that he is legal "err the teacher sent me to sit next to you, is that ok?" he frowns at me like im mentle so i shake my head to clear my thoughts "hum yeah sure" i say then carry on colouring my rose before i say something stupid, "oh hey im Shannon " comes a girly voice "you don't want to sit there, that dorks beth and nobody would be seen dead with her", now im not sure why i did it , i usually keep to myself but Shannon is just getting too much so when everything is silent and the whole class is looking at me,instead of keeping my mouth shut i don't "oh look im Shannon,oh i sooo want everyone to look at me because im so soo beautiful,half the boys want to ride me while the other half already have," there's a sharp intake of breath from the whole class except the new boy sitting next to me who is laughing , "ok settle down now everyone, i want you to continue reading your Romeo and Juliet books, if you have a new student next to you please share your copy until they have new books" the teacher said loudly enough for everyone to hear, Shannon scowles at me before turning around in her seatwhile the new boy just chuckles "hey im luke,your funny" i just roll my eyes and open my book curseing my big mouth for the beating i was probably going to get for it, "sooo is it ok if i share your book, i don't have one yet" Luke whispers to me with a smirk on his face making me huff and slam my book between usto which Luke just chuckles. L spend the rest of the lesson fuming with myself for opening my mouth to Shannon and fuming because of the way Luke seems to make me want to be closer to him, finally, the bell goes and before Luke has the chance to say anything i have grabbed my books and am out of the classroom getting some much-needed air.

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