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I shake my head and let my hair fall across my face like a curtain to try to hide how my face has turned a deep red, my body has started sweating and im feeling nervous, i can't explain why but the only word that comes to my mind is "PREY" which makes me sweat, even more, just then i take a peek up to see if he's still watching me and i swear he takes a big sniff of the air in my direction, i could have sworn he was smelling me from across the room "haaahaa" i chuckle to myself " is there a problem Miss Jenkins?" Mr Fisher asks looking directly at me "errr no... sorry" i say realizing i had laughed out loud, then i look back over to Luke who now has his head down and is writing making me smile at the idea of a person sniffing another person across a room, it's only when Luke looks up and his piercing blue eyes meet mine across the room that i realize i have been staring at him, he smirks at me which makes me angry but at the same time im mesmerised and can't seem to take my eyes off him, just then the bell goes making me jump and still he hasn't taken his eyes off me and i haven't taken my eyes off him, just then Shannon goes up to him "hey honey are you coming?" she says while holding her hand out to him. All of a sudden my heart feels heavy and i want to burst into tears, but most of all i want to smash that bitch Shannons face right in, instead, i slam my book shut and throw it into my bag and storm out of the classroom slamming the door behind me, Im so confused about everything i do the only thing i can think of and run, i run to my car and i cry, i cry so hard but it just doesn't feel enough so i start the car and drive. I drive for miles without a destination in mind, i just know i need to getaway . My phone starts ringing so i pull over and answer it " hey mom" "where are you? "im sorry mom, i needed to get away" "what! your not driving whilst on your phone are you? i swear to god Beth if you are i will....." "what no mom im not i pulled into a layby before i answered ...i promise" "oh ok.......Gem said she saw you driving out the school gates at lunch time........... is everything ok?" "what are you not going to bitch me out about skipping school?" "no but if you use language like that to me again i may wash your mouth out with soap" "ok mom.... im sorry its just been a rough day" "wanna talk about it?" "not really" "ok so when are you coming home?" "well erm mom i thought about going to stay at grandpops for a few days .... if its ok with you?" "and what about school?" "what about it? im ahead anyway" "well i guess.....ok ill ring the school and you go spend some time with grandpops" "thanks mom, i love you" "i love you too baby" i can feel her smiling down the phone to me "oh don't forget to text me to let me know you've got there safe" "will do, bye" "bye". "ok it looks like now i have a plan to help me get my head on straight, "pops here i come".

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