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Short completed story. ❤ Eva moved from her hometown to attend college, thats where she meets the sexy Warren Micheals. At first she hates him but just like all the rest falls for his irresistible charm. One day things get complicated for the couple and Eva leaves. Little does she know she takes a big secret with her. When her secret is out Warren goes in search.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Authors note:

Hey guys I say this is going to be a short story but who knows. I'm just having some fun with it for now, I was sat reading with a glass of wine one night.. (Bottle) and I got a little fed up with weak female roles who bowed down to the male leads so I decided to try writing a story of my own. This book has had no planning, all off the top of my head.
It's not perfect but you gotta start somewhere. ❤

I haven't put any characeters in, I thought you'd like to picture you're own. Me personally think of Stephen James as Warren.

Have fun!! 😘😘😘

Eva pov.

"I can't do this anymore Warren" my voice is barely a whisper.

His face drops and my heart breaks. I don't want to walk away from us but i have no choice, this isn't the life I want for myself.

"What are you talking about Eva? We're so good together and you're just going to walk out because things have gotten a little complicated. For me, may i add" he runs his hands through his hair and let's out a frustrated grunt.

Tears start running down my face. I want to jump in his warms and say I'm sorry for ever thinking of leaving but I dont. " Its more than complicated Warren you're involved in a god damn gang, I love you but i won't stand back and watch you chuck your life away". I grab my car keys.

" So thats it?! Two years and you're just fucking leaving me?
Fine go! But once you leave don't come back, if you walk out on me now i don't want to see you again" his voice is rough but i can hear the crackle in his throat.

Bringing my hands up and around my neck, I unclip the necklace that he had gotten me for our one year anniversary and put it on the counter.

" I'm so sorry Warren" is all i can manage.

" Just leave" he picks up the necklace throws it in the bin and walks away.

Without another word I leave his house and climb into my car, tears flood my face and a screeching scream leaves my mouth as i bang my hands on the steering wheel.


Eeek " Oh my god you're finally here" Emily flings her arms around my neck.

Emily was my best friend growing up and still is now, I moved town to study law three years ago and after breaking it off with Warren decided to come back, it was to hard being in the same town as him.

After Emily lets go I give her a warm smile and pull my suitcase in behind me " Thanks for putting me up babe".

" I wouldn't have it any other way Coop, Wine?"

My last name is Cooper, so Emily calls me Coop for short.

" Ems it's not even lunchtime yet" I shake my head and giggle.

"Umm.. so? Its 5'olock somewhere right?" She cocks an eyebrow.

She hands me a large glass and i gulp it within a few swigs. Then another and so on.

" Whats going on Coop? Do you want to talk about it?" She sits beside me and fills my glass.

My eye's water and i take a deep breathe.

" I feel so lost Em, like I've just given up on the best thing in my life but i couldn't stay, Warren's in some deep trouble and i don't want any part of it" Gulping down the rest of my wine i run my hands down my face.

She wraps her arms around me and i sob into her shoulder for what seems like hours.

Memories of how me and Warren first met crowd my mind, it's actually quite funny because when we first met we hated each other, he thought I was a stuck up snob and I thought he was a right arrogant arse.

We met through friends and one night all decided to go out for drinks but it got very messy, some guy couldn't take no for a answer and Warren hit him and then I hit Warren for butting in. Long story short we both got kicked out and ended up sat on a park wall like a pair of teens passing a bottle of Jack Daniels back and forth.

The first time i saw his body i thought my jaw had dislocated it hung that low.

6ft4, arms bigger than my thighs and the tattoos, oh my god the tattoos were just amazing. I've never seen such art work.

The two years we spent together was perfect but everything went tits up, his uncle passed and left everything to Warren including his gang. I'm not a prude I listened to everything Warren had to say before I made my decision but when the words guns and drugs rolled off his tongue I panicked and then walking in on some guy tied up all battered in the basement just tipped me over the edge.

I know that he didn't have a choice, I know that its been in his family for generations and I appreciate that but doesn't mean I want any part in it so I left, I'll never tell anyone what he does but I had to leave.

" Coop you okay sweet? You've been zoned out for a good 10 minutes" Emily's got her head cocked to the side with a worried look on her face.

" Sorry hun, I think I'm just tired from the four hour drive and the 3 bottles of wine we've gone through may have something to do with it". My mouth opens wide followed by a very unattractive yawn.

Emily shows me the spare bedroom it's small but really cosy, magnolia walls and light wooden furniture with a cream carpet and some tall standing lamps.

After a little more chatting I decide to have a shower change into my pjs and get into bed, after days of crying my eye's are heavy and swollen I sink into a deep sleep.

I've been staying with Emily for just over a month now and it's really nice having her around me, she's so bubbly and happy. It's refreshing.

I got a Job in a bakery and I love it, its really retro and they do the best cheese twists I've ever had, pretty sure I've put on a few pounds since working there.

Emily started dating a guy called Greg a few months back and seems really happy. I'm over the moon for her she's not around as much as before but when she is, we still drink tons of wine and giggle like we did ten years ago.

Its my birthday today so I don't have work, Emily wants to do something tonight and says I'll only be twenty three once which is true but I'm still being dull on the idea of a night club.

After a few hours of getting ready we both look hot as fuck!

Emily wears a black jumpsuit that compliments her body perfectly with some wedges to match, her blonde hair hangs straight down her back.

Me on the other hand, I'm wearing a short black dress that hugs all of my curves and shows off a little cleavage with matching heels, my hair hangs down in loose ringlets.


The club is heaving with sweaty bodies and the music thuds against my ear drums. Emily makes a hand gesture for a drink, I nod and follow her to the bar.

" Heyyyy bartender 6 shots of sambuca" Emily sings at the man.

Holy fuck she's trying to kill me.

Instead of fighting a loosing battle I knock back the shots one by one, followed by cocktails.

We've been here a few hours and my heads a little light but I'm actually having a great time.

My head spins as a tall man walks up to me and bites his lip.

Hes handsome but I've seen and had better.

" Having a good night gorgeous?" He shouts above the music.

" Yeah thanks and you?" I shout back.

He nods "Can i buy you a drink?"

I'm about to answer when he holds his ear and looks distracted, the colour quite literally drains from his face.

" Sorry love, I've gotta go" and with that he leaves.

I find it odd but brush it off and carry on with my night.

Its almost four in the morning. my feet are killing and my beds calling me. Emily and I call a taxi and go home as soon as we're back I stumble to my room and collapse on the soft bedding, within seconds I'm sound asleep.

" Honey are you okay?" Emily's voice vibrates off the bathroom door whilst I'm hugging the toilet.

" Yeah I'm fine, I'll be out soon" after I've thrown up the contents of last night.

I sulk into the kitchen where Emily is sat with a coffee and toast, she looks up and laughs, " Feeling rough babe?"

I mimic her laugh and point in her direction " you did this to me" I feel like death warmed up.

She stands up and shoves a plate under my nose " I made you eggs"

The smell wafts up my nostrils and that does it my hand covers my mouth and I leg it back into the bathroom. Erghhh please make it stop.


" Babe it's been 3 days and you haven't stopped throwing up, was it my cooking?" Emily strokes my back as I let everything out.

I havent eaten all that much and even though I drank alot on my birthday I'm pretty sure my hangover would be over by now.

"I've got the doctors at half two" I inform Emily whilst pouring a coffee.

After coffee and half a slice of toast, I shower and make myself look as human as I possibly can. I grab my bag and keys and get ready to leave with Emily by my side.. of course she's coming with.

"Miss Cooper " the doctor calls out in the waiting room, myself and Emily get up and follow.

After a long chat with the doctor and some tests he finally comes back into the room.

" Congratulations Miss Cooper, you're pregnant".


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