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Chapter 10

Wooooo double didgets!! If you've made it this far thank you!!!.

This chapter may be emotional. So quick warning.

Warren pov

Gun shots fire and my eye's dart to Eva, I thought she would look frightened but she doesn't. She looks like a women on a mission.

When we all get inside I scrunch my nose up in disgust, the smell makes my fucking stomach churn.

There's old food covering the floor, the living room smells like piss. I don't know how anyone can live like this.

Me, Eva and the three men search all of the down stairs area fucking nothing!. My fists start balling and in a matter of seconds they turn white.

I just want my son back.
This cant be another dead end.

The others come from up stairs and shake there heads.


I run my hands through my hair and look over to Eva she looks just as gutted as I feel.

" This can't be it" Eva says her voice is barely a whisper

Just as im about to reply when she races towards the shit stained coffee table.

" This glass has Ice in it". She says pointing to a glass of whiskey.

Got my very own Jessica Fletcher here!.

But with her saying that all guns are drawn, knowing that someone is here. We just don't know where.

Eva walks towards me, she looks exhausted.

" I just don't get it Warren, we surrounded the house, someone was here.. how did they get away? We've checked everywhere".

I pull her into me and I wish I had an answer for her but for the first time I'm fucking clueless.

" Baby we'll figure it out" I reply trying to convince us both.

" Will we?!" Eva snaps and walks into the hall.

She walks over a old rusty rug and then rewinds her steps not once but four times.

Great she's lost the fucking plot.

She starts jumping up and down in the same spot like a loon.

I'm looking at her like she's nuts, she rolls her eyes and mutters something under her breath.

Just then she pulls back the filthy dusty rug and there's a small handle attached to the wooden flooring.

Fucking Jessica Fletcher.

She lifts up the door and pulls her gun out. She gives me and all my men a sligh smile and suddenly I feel like a ant. I'll be having words with Mrs murder she wrote later.

Eva goes down first which I chase after her immediately.

I thought it smelt bad upstairs.
Fuck me.

We check every room except one and there all clear.
The other room is right at the end of the narrow hall.

I'm happy this is going well.. but it's going to well and I don't like it.

Before I've even finished with my thoughts someone jumps out infront of Eva, she has her gun but doesn't use it, instead she ducks down grabbing the blade from her boot and thrusts it into the mans neck, before he drops she catches him and lays him down quietly.

What the fuck.

Thats my fucking girl.

I hear the safty of many guns being turned off and snap my head around.

There's atleast 9 people stood with guns pointed at us all.

There's sixteen of us but that doesn't mean shit, all depends on aim and who pulls the trigger faster.

I hold my gun out and then look to Eva

" Go!!" I shout.

She nods and heads for the last door.

I take out five men in row, I've got three of my guys dead at my feet.

Something happens thats never happened before, I start to panic.

More people fall and more shots are fired. Jimmys hit but he doesn't stop. Everything goes in slow motion as the last bullet is let off.

It hits someone staright between the eye's and i couldnt care less. Not my men.

I look at towards the door that Eva went into and she's stood there with Riley in her arms, his eye's are shut and I run over in pure panic.

" He's asleep" she quickly reassures me and I let the tears slide down my cheeks.

He's alive, He's ok, he's asleep.

" Take him" Eva says smiling holding our son to me.

As I take him my ears ring with another bullet.

I look around and carter places his blade in a stangers neck.

He looks over to us and his face drops.

What is he..
Oh god! Please no!

My eyes find Eva's and she's holding her chest, blood seeps through her fingers and her face turns pale.

Carter runs over and takes Riley from me just in time for me to catch Eva in my arms.

" Baby you'll be ok, stay with me sweetheart. Im going to get you help".

I go to stand but she starts talking.

" Please take care of our son, and thank you for the dance". With that her eye's close and I hold her tight.

The sound that leaves my mouth is like nothing I've ever heard before.

But I wont give up, I scoop her lifeless body in my arms and start carrying her towards the cars.

" Jimmy! Hospital!" I bark holding Eva close to my chest.

He looks at Eva's lifeless body but doesn't argue.

When we get to the hospital I'm stunned at the news she's still alive, barely but still alive.

I sit down and place my head in my hands. Rileys safe and that means everything to me but the love of my life is in surgery and all I've been told is it doesn't look good.

Hours go by and im pacing the halls, my hearts pounding, my heads thumping.

All I see is her led in my arms, lifeless.
I shake my head trying to remove the image but I cant.

It's fucking deep. Eva has no family of her own, so it's me, Jimmy and Carter sat waiting for any news anything at all but nothing comes.

It's been three hours since she went into surgery an I can't take this shit anymore.

I walk angrily to the reception desk and slam my hands down on the counter.

" Eva Cooper". I say

The lady behind the reception takes her time.

" excuse me" she replys.

" Eva Cooper" I shout. " how is she?".

The women goes bright red and straightens herself out.

" She's finished surgery, they will be out to talk to you shortly".

I scoff at the rude bitch and walk back to my seat.

Jimmy looks at me with puppy eyes.

" She's out" I say sitting down.

He lets out a huge sigh and I head.

She said fucking shortly it's been over forty minutes.

Just as I'm about to get back up and demand some answers the surgeon comes out.

He stands there and I feel somethings wrong.

" What is it? Is she awake?" My voice is desperate.

He takes in my words, Jimmy and Carter stand behind me awaiting his answer.

The surgeon brings his hands around to his stomach and knots his fingers together.

" Mr Micheals" he almost whispers.

" Im so very sorry but there's nothing we could have done for Eva, she lost to much blood and we couldn't save her, I'm so sorry for you're loss". He walks back out of the waiting room and my mouths wide open.

I fall back and my men catch me, she's gone, she can't be gone.

No no, defitently not.

I love her, she needs to know I love her.
I have to tell her I love her.

" EVA" I scream.

What am I going to tell Riley?!

" Eva!!" I scream again.

" Please don't do this, don't leave us".


Oh my god. Im evil!!

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