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Chapter 11

Warren pov

My eye's shoot open and I'm covered in sweat, taking in my surroundings I realise I'm still in the hospital. Jimmy's looking at me with worry across his face.

"Eva" I say, my voice breaks.

"Still haven't heard anything boss" he replies.

She's not dead, my hearts still aching from the far to real dream but if anything that nightmare put alot of things into perspective. The thought of living without her kills me.

She's a fantastic mother and there's not a doubt in my mind she's going to make a fantastic wife, which as soon as she's awake and well I plan on doing just that. If she'll have me of course.

I'm rubbing where my wedding band would be when I'm broken from thought.

" Mr Micheals" his voice has me on my feet in seconds.

" I'm Dr Fox" he says shaking my hand.

" How is she?" I ask

" She's out of surgery, we removed the bullet. There we're a few complications along the way, we lost her twice but she's quite the little fighter" he smiles.

I smile back " That she is, she's got to much to leave behind is she awake?".

"I'm afraid she's still In a coma, the next part of this all depends on Eva, she could wake up anytime. We're not out of the danger zone just yet Mr Micheals but the hardest part is over and she made it through that". He shakes my hand again and leaves the room.

After a few hours of waiting I'm told I'm finally allowed to see her.

The rooms dimley lit, I walk closer to the bed and a lump gathers in the back of my throat. She's hooked up to life support, tubes in her nose and mouth. She looks so vulnerable but still so beautiful.

I place both of my hands around her little one, her skins so warm and soft.

" Eva baby, I'm here with you, I'm not going anywhere".

My lips plant a soft kiss on her forehaed before sitting at her side.

" Please wake up soon. I need you, Riley needs you, I should have told you everyday but I love you Eva".


Five week's have passed at a slow agonising pace, Eva's still not awake but they took her off life support a week ago and she's breathing on her own, we're no longer In the danger zone which is great. It's just a waiting game now.

Riley misses his mum more and more everyday, he doesn't understand anything that's happened really and for that I'm thankful.

He'll take over from me one day but for now his childhood is more important.

Me and my men have been working around the clock trying to figure out what happened the night I almost lost both my son and Eva, we've had leads but they just turned to dust.

I've been at the hospital all morning with Eva, she's looking better day by day. I check in with the nurse for any updates before leaving for the club.

The piles of paper work on my desk has been flopping down in my chair, Jesus it's going to take all night to catch up on this.

Four hour's later I'm signing off the last shipment, my door knocks.

" Come in" I shout putting the folders in my desk draw and locking it up.

Marie struts in swaying her hips, she bends over so her ass is inches infront of my face, I can basically smell the desperation.

" Till one and fours takings" she purrs.

I run my fingers over the cash and nod.

" Leave" I order.

She doesn't listen, instead she walks around the back of my chair and places her long skinny fingers on my shoulders and begins massaging.

" You're so tense boss, let me help you". She applies pressure.

My eye's roll slightly as it feels good, and because it feels good I let her carry on.

Her lips find my neck and I jump from my seat.

" What the fuck do you think you're doing Marie?!" I spit.

" I just th- I thought" she stutters.

"You thought wrong, know you'r place love. This is my last warning, get out before you leave wrapped up in a white blooded sheet" my eyebrows furrow.

Her face pales but she soon straightens herself back out and wiggles out of my office with the same confidence she came in with.

That women's going to be more trouble than she's worth.

I light up a cigarette and pour a whisky spinning my chair around to the glass window, it's heaving down there.

It's ladies night and the dance floor is swarming with tons of sexy women all shapes and sizes, one big girl gets my attention as she shakes her ass to the music. She's gorgeous, they all are.

My uncle raised me to love all women he had a different woman in his bed every night for ten years, I was twelve and never saw so many female's in my life.

One day I was walking past his room when I bumped into his flavour of the night, she was so ugly I remember thinking.

She was tall and looked like a toothpick.

My uncle kissed her passionately and said goodbye, as he turned to face me I made a yuck face and asked if he was blinde.

He clipped me around the head and said the words that till this day I still stand by.

Boy! Every women is beautiful, every women deserves to be worshipped like the goddesses they are.
Women are what makes the world go around my boy.
You could go for the most attractive lady out there but age takes over, looks fade. Don't be so shallow Warren.
Any women will mold into you perfectly in the right position.

I still recall being confused and not ready for that talk at all, not at the age of twelve. It wasn't until I lost my virginity to my Uncle's right hands daughter at the age of fifteen that i got what he meant. Her name was Jane she was a big girl but beyond beautiful. Her body moved perfectly with mine and I got myself in all the right places.

It was worth a ass kicking from my Uncle's right hand anyway.

After Jane just like my Uncle I had a different girl in my bed every night for years until I met Eva.

We met in college and at first she couldn't stand me, thought I was a womanizing piece of shit and didn't shy of telling me exactly what she thought.

I asked her out countless of times but she shot me down every single time, she dated other guys though and that really pissed me off, I'd never craved or wanted anyone the way I wanted her. She consumed me.

I wonder how her lips taste?
I wonder how soft her skin is?
I wonder what she smells like?

These are the questions that swam around my head for months, I hadn't slept with anyone in months either. She was all I wanted and one day I had enough of waiting.

Eva was stood at her locker laughing with all her friends, running her hands through her thick silky looking hair. Her eye's found mine but she soon looked away. I let out a grunt and pushed myself through the crowd without even thinking I pick her up smash her back into her locker, claiming her lips, massaging her tongue with mine.. savoiring every moment.

Everything just fell into place after that. The rest you already know.

I've been sitting here watching for to long, the bottle of whiskey is almost empty and I didn't realise I'd been filling my glass.

My phone vibrates in my pocket.

8 missed calls from Jimmy
11 text messages from Jimmy.

1. Answer you'r phone
2. Warren she's awake

I don't read the other texts, I'm out of the door and out the club, I flag down a taxi and ask for the hospital offering him a one hundred pound tip if he steps on it.

We make it in ten minutes, I sprint through the hospital until i see Jimmy and Carter stood with huge smiles on their faces.

"Well about time" Carter chirps.

Im to happy to argue with him .

" Have you seen her? Is she ok?" I ask breathlessly.

Jimmy shakes his head. " The nurse is in there now and we thought she would want to see you first boss".

The nurse walks out of the room.

" Is she ok? Can I see her?". I beg.

" She's fine, a little confused so I suggest only one at a time". She replies.

I nod " Thank you".

My hand settles on the door handle but I can't seem to open it, my chest rises and falls and my heart is thumping through my chest. For fuck sake Warren come on!.

I open the door walk in and close it quietly behind me. Eva's turned away from me.

" Eva baby" I say sitting at her side.

" How are you feeling?" I ask.

She slowly turns to face me, her eye's widen as she scans me all over. She tugs the sheets up to her chin and my face scrunches up. What's she doing?

"Eva are you ok love?". I ask again.

She licks her lips and they start to part.

" I'm sorry but who are you?".


Well dayum!!
Eva doesn't remember Warren.
Hope you enjoyed.

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