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Chapter 12

Eva pov

It's been weeks since I woke up in hospital. I still have no memory of what happened or who everyone around me is, the man called Warren basically dragged me kicking and screaming to his place.

Although one thing that is really bothering me is the little boy Riley, my son. He calls me mum and it breaks my heart that I don't remember him, I'm trying my best to play the mum role and he's a good kid so makes it alot easier to bond with him.

If I'm not with Riley I'm locked in my room or out with the girls, I told Warren if he didn't let me leave then I would make living with me hell.

I've been the biggest pain in the ass ever, I'm even annoying myself.
Loud music, singing from the top of my lungs and not in tune may I add, I go out with the girls alot or just over for wine nights and come back at stupid times in the morning.

Ive had Warren scream at me, put me up by my throat and lock me in the room. That didn't stop me though, I thought it would be clever to act like a reckless teen and knot together sheets and hang it from my bedroom window, halfway down the side of the house I'm stared at by a whole office full of men. My cheeks are flushing as I'm hanging outside of Warren's office window.. I thought his office was the next window across and obviously the people staring at me wide eyed causes Warren to turn around. Ooo the look he gave me! Jheez.

I looked away for a second he's gone, i ended up dropping from the sheet and hurting my ankle. Warren comes out fuming and picks me up bridal style, he grits his teeth and takes me back to the room.

" Put me down you hooligan!!" I demand.

He takes some handcuffs out and I started backing away, " Don't you dare perv" I shout.

He smirks and handcuffs me to the radiator.

Ive been here ever since!!

" Wareeeeennnnn, Ohhhh warren" I sing.


" I need a wee" I whine.


" Right! I'm going to pee on your floor!" I shout.

" WAR..." I start

The door opens and Warren's stood in a white towel wrapped around his waist, his hair is tossled over one side and water runs down his hard toned muscled body.

Oh lord have mercy.

What am I thinking?! Must be dehidrated. Yeah thats it, I'm not thinking staright.

" Done staring?" He smirks.

" Oh please don't flatter yourself, you're not my type". I huff.

He laughs " Sure".

" I need a pee and you've kept me here for ages with no food or water!" I bite.

He walks over and crouches down infront of my face, the towel opens slightly and I can clearly see his manhood. I turn my head to the side and swallow.

Warren moves his mouth to my ear.

" You've been here six hours darling, now if I uncuff you are you going to be a good girl?" His minty breath tickles my neck.

My chest is rising and falling like I've just ran a marathon.

" Mmhmm". Thats all I can manage.

My tongue has gone on strike.

He leans foward unlocking the cuffs and his memeber is almost pressed up against my cheek, I can feel him smirking. How dare he?!. Oh my god I'm sweating.. please make it stop.

He pulls away and swings the cuffs infront of my face, I rub my wrists and start to stand. Warren places his hands on my hips " Next time It won't be the radiator I'll cuff you too, don't push me to far sweetheart". His fingers press into my hips and I bite down on my lip.

" Mkay, yeah whatever now get off of me you brute". I reply.

Warren stands and I rush past him into my bathroom and lock the door, what on earth was that?! My legs are like jelly. God pull yourself together Eva!!

Now satisfied with my empty bladder I turn on the shower and begin stripping out of my escape clothes, something in the mirror catches my eye so I take a closer look.. there's a spot of dry blood on my bottom lip.

Running my thumb across the sore spot images of Warren in his towel run through my mind, I shake them off and get into the shower.

Once out the shower I change into some leggings, a grey loose jumper and head downstairs.

" Morning mummy" Riley comes beaming over.

" Morning buddy, wanna make cakes?" I smile brightly at the charming young boy.

His eye's light up and he takes my hand in his little one leading me to the kitchen. Riley climbs onto one of the stools and I turn the radio on quietly whilst getting all the baking bits ready.

Riley whisks the gooey mixture and when his tiny arms get tired I take over, I'm not sure how but we both have a little flour on our faces.

I don't mean to brag but I raised one great little chap just wish I could remember it.

After the cake mix is in the cup cases I pop it in the oven and turn the timer on.

" Riley do you wanna lick the bowl?" I ask turning around to him.

A roar of laughter erupts from me as Rileys whole head is in the bowl and he is licking it clean, when he's finished his face is covered in mixture.

I smile and shake my head, get a wipe out and clean his face.

" You are super cute kiddo" I say

My eye's don't leave him for ages and I'm just praying the more I look maybe I'll remember something.. anything.

" That he is" Warren comes into the kitchen and places a kiss on Rileys head before brushing past me.

He smells devine.
What? I can appreciate a man that smells nice. It means nothing!!

Warren clears this throat and my eye's dart to my feet, " Riley mate, Sophia is waiting in the study for you".

" Ok daddy" he climbs down form the stool and runs out of the room.

I haven't even bothered looking, instead I'm just going to walk slowly to the oven and take the cakes out and avoid eye contact at all cost. Must not look.

After the cakes are out I turn off the oven and my phone rings which I'm so greatful for because Warren was defitently moving closer to me.

"Hello" I answer.

" Hey girl you still up for tonight?" Gwen asks.

" of course" I giggle " what time did you want me over?" Warren's scowling at me so I turn my back to him.

" Come around 8ish babe and we'll have a few drinks before we head out, and wear something sexxxxxyyy". She drags the last part out and laughs.

Now the thing I'm about to do next is so stupid and I'm not sure why I'm going to do it, instead of saying.. ok ill see you soon.. this leaves my mouth.

" sounds great bab, I'll see you at 8 and yeah yeah I'll wear something sexy". I say goodbye and hang up.

" Eva, your taking the piss ain't you?!" Warren spits.

He grabs my arm and spins me around to face him. Hes wearing black suit trousers with a white shirt thats not fully buttoned up and his sleeves are rolled.

" You ain't going love!" He says through gritted teeth.

The cheek of him, who is he to tell me what I can and cannot do?!

I point my finger " Now listen to me Warren and listen good, you don't own me. We may have had something and I may have felt something towards you but all that's gone, I don't feel anything for you at all. The sooner you realise that the better it will be for all of us". My voice softens as my rant goes on but the weird feeling is I'm not sure if I believe the words that have just left my mouth.

Warren doesn't say anthing, he shoulders past me and leaves the kitchen.

A few hours later I put Riley to bed and start getting ready, Smokey eyes look, deep plum lip stick and hair in loose ringlets. I'm wearing a long balck dress that hangs in a low V for the cleavage and two long splits up the side finished out with a pair of black heals.

Grabbing my clutch I walk down the stairs, my heals echoing around the hall.

Warren comes through the front door and chucks his keys down before he spots me. His mouth drops and he eye's me up and down, then his lips turn into a thin line.

" What the fuck is that?! A pussy flap?". He points at the front of my dress.

My confidence drains from me.

" Go fuck yourself yeah" I budge past him and slam the door.

Ill show him!

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