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Chapter 13

Eva pov

The night has been crazy, we pre-drank at Gwen's before getting a taxi into town, the drinks are going down nicely.. maybe too nice! I've been dancing for hour's.

My hips sway to the beat of the music, sweat trickles down my back as my hands knot in my long hair, I haven't seen the girls in over an hour now and I couldn't care less, right now in this moment I feel free.

I Jump slightly as a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist and their memeber grinds into my backside.

We dance a little and I haven't seen his face yet so I decide to turn around, he's handsome and very rugged looking, not bad, not bad at all.

"Hi" he smiles.

I move a little closer and tip toe so my mouth is almost touching his ear, " Hi yourself, want a drink?."

He nods and presses his hand on my lower back leading me torwards the bar, he fingers the bartender over and orders two drinks, I have no idea what he's ordered me but I'm intrigued to find out. The guy behind the bar serves us our drinks and goes back to pulling pints, not sure if I'm going crazy but I'm pretty sure Mr stranger here never payed but maybe he's got a tab or something.

I put the glass to my nose and sniff, I can't tell what it is but it smells strong, I look up through my lashes and the stranger is looking at me with daring eye's, the liquid seaps through my lips and burns as it travels down my throat, my taste buds dance with approval and I know what the drink is.

" Spiced Rum and Coke, nice choice" I say licking my lips.

The stranger lets out a throaty laugh.

" You don't seem like a champagne kind of woman" he replies.

I down the rest of my drink and place my glass back on the counter, " So what's you'r name stanger?."

He looks at my empty glass and then down to his full one, he takes the burning liquid and finishes his drink giving me a raised eyebrow.

" Names Soul and you?."

Soul.. I like it.

"Eva". Is all I reply

He orders another round and stares at me for a few seconds.

"Eva.. nice name." My name rolls off of his tongue and my thighs clamp together.

He smirks before handing me my drink.

" Thankyou" I say drinking my drink my eye's not leaving his.

We talk for what seems like hours.

I place my hand on his shoulder and bend slightly whilst laughing at something he had said, it turns out that Soul here is quite the comedian.

Just beind him I see someone I recongnise, he's looking over and then moves slightly out of my sight, that was Warren's friend Jimmy. Why is his security guard here? Was he watching me?.

Anger boils through me, I can't beleive he's had someone watching me all night, even though I can't see him I know he's still watching.. I can feel it. But then he may just be here on his night off, yeah maybe.

There's only one way to find out, I turn my attention back to Soul who is already looking at me intensively.

"Everything alright Eva?." He asks.

Ohh my name has never sounded so good.

I don't say anthing, I wrap my hand around the back of his neck and start bringing his face down to meet mine, he doesn't hesitate and then his lips are on mine, both of us taste like Rum, he sucks my bottom lip into his mouth and his hands find my ass, he gives both cheeks a hard squeeze and my core starts fluttering.

A moan escapes me and Soul smirks against my lips. We pull away and I'm really breathless.

" You've got such a pretty mouth Amor". He says into his glass.

It's four in the morning, the girls all found me a few hours back and said they we're heading off, I told them I was going to stay longer which they all winked and did sexual moves behind Souls back. Bloody fools.

Soul insisted on walking me to a Taxi rank, I'm not very drunk anymore just tired. Once we get to the rank Soul pulls me in for another kiss which I happily welcome.

" Can I have your number?" He asks pulling away.

I smile and bite my lip " Sure".

Numbers exchanched and one last kiss I slip into a taxi which Soul watches until it turns the corner.

He was nice and extremely hot. Not Warren hot but hot. He wasn't an asshole like that asshole.

I pay the taxi and dig for my keys, once inside I close and lock the door as quietly as I can.

I make it to my room and lock the door behind me, it's dark so I try and find the lamp while removing one of my heels. I turn on the lamp and the light radiates off my walls. I almost choke on my scream when Warren appears from the corner of the room. He walks with so much speed towards me that my feet haven't got a chance to move.

He puts me up my throat and lifts me a few inches off the ground.

" Good night was it?!" He spits.

He puts me back down and brings a warm soapy cloth up to my mouth and starts scrubbing my lips.

He scrubs so hard that I can feel them getting sore, I wriggle under his touch but I can't get him off.

" Stop it!" I shout and spit bubbles.

Warren throws the lip stick stained cloth to the floor and lifts me over his shoulder. " You're fucking infuriating". He slams me down onto the bed.

I turn to my side to get off the bed, he holds me down and pulls the handcuffs from his back pocket, and cuffs my wrists to the metal bars on the bed.

" I told you not to push me!" He shouts and runs his hands through his hair.

Tears start running down my face. I've pushed my luck the past few weeks but I haven't seen him this angry before.

He storms into the bathroom and comes back seconds later with mouth wash and a small cup.

" Open your mouth Eva" Warren barks.

My lips fold together and I move my head to the side.

" Open you're fucking mouth!!" He screams.

I open my mouth and he pours a shot of the minty mouthwash.

" Rince and spit" he places the cup under my chin.

This time I do as I'm told. You'd have to be crazy not to listen to this man when he's acting like this.

I've never liked it here but I've never felt unsafe or scared until now.

Warren comes over to me and balls his fist, I clench my eye's shut but they fly open again with hearing a huge thud.

Warrens punching the wall over and over. The more he punches the more blood smears across the white paint.

" Stop it you physcho!" I almost beg

His jaw cleanches, he hovers over me and grips my face I can feel the blood from his knickles dropping on my skin.

He smashes his lips onto mine, and starts to grunt something under his breath.

My cheek is wet with tears but there not mine. He's got a few loose tears and I start to feel guilty but not enough to bow down.

" I'm sorry". I whisper.

He looks at me but says nothing so I carry on.

" I'm sorry you had someone follow me, I'm sorry you found out I kissed someone else and I'm sorry I can't rerurn you're feelings".

"FUCK!" He slams his hands down either side of my head.

He stands and walks to the end of the bed and takes off my other heel, he holds my foot high in the air that I can actually feel a muscle by my groin stretching, he kisses my ankle and then peppers kisses all up my leg until he reaches my thighs. It feels so good I want to tell him to stop but I can't.

He lifts my dress and dips his fingers into the elastic of my panties, he pulls them down my legs and off my feet before dropping them to the floor, my heart is thudding so fast I can hear it in my ears.

His hands glide up and down front and back of my thighs, occasionally massaging my ass. His fingers run over my soaking wet folds and my body stiffens.

" You may not feel anything for me but your pussy does". His tongue attacks my clit and I'm a goner.

My hands clutch the sheets my hips start risisng off the bed, he brings his arms around my thighs and pins my bottom half to the bed. I prop myself on my elbows and watch as he devours me, tasting all of my sweet juices.

" Oh fuck" my head swings back and my legs start to shake.

My orgasm builds and I'm about to cum when he stops, I scowl at him and he laughs.

" I'm not letting you cum yet". He says thrusting two fingers inside me.

He takes my clit back into his mouth, gently nibbling and sucking. His fingers quicken as he gets rougher.

My body stiffens and my walls clench around his fingers, I feel so fragile and sensitive it's agony. I try and stop myself from cuming but I can't. My legs shake again I'm so close to my release but he stops again.

"Asshole" I cry out.

He does this over and over, the frustration inside of me is like nothing I've ever felt before, he just keeps building me up and then leaving me hanging. Its pure torture.

The wetness coming from between my legs is almost shocking. His fingers find my swollen bud, he moves them so fast almost like a Dj on there decks and I build again but this time my scream echos around the room and my body flies into some sort of erotic frenzy.

" Holy Fuck". I scream. The feeling won't stop. Its like I'm having fifty orgasms all at once.

Warren takes the hand cuffs off me and I'm still shaking from whatever the fuck that was, he kisses me and then whispers into my ear.

" I'll ruin you for any other man Eva, until next time".

With that he leaves the room, I fall back onto the bed and steady my breathing.

" What the fuck?!" I mutter.


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