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Chapter 14

Eva pov

After Warren left me like a bag of nerves I had a shower, changed my bedding and had the best nights sleep I've ever had.

The next morning I spent most of it with Riley, the house was pin drop quiet. I had a chat with Sophia before her and Riley went off to study.

I was stupid bored so decided to change into some tight fitted leggins and a training bra and work out in Warren's personal gym.

Before opening the door to the gym I can hear what sounds like rock music and some heavy thudding. Taking a step inside I see Warren throwing punch after punch at a huge sand filled punching bag, its swaying so hard I'm suprised it's not unhooked itself off the celine.

Hes got a tight black tank on and some black knee length shorts, sweat runs off of him and he looks good.

He stops and catches me starring, I quickly look away and put my towel and water bottle on the bench, he takes his water and sits on the edge of the boxing ring. His eyes still following my every move.

" Want to join me?." He asks screwing the lid back onto his water.

My eye's dart to him and then the ring and I swollow hard, he must be mad.

" I'm not getting in there with you" I shake my head.

"I dare you" he smiles and stands into the ring.

Turning around to face him I place my hand on my hip and try to pull off the most confident pose ever.

" What did you say?" I ask.

Warren leans back against the ropes and folds his arms over his chisled chest.

" I said I dare you, in fact I double dare you." He points his finger and bends it slightly telling me to come to him.

Oh god I'm going to regret this.
I'm going to die.

I nervously step to the ring, the smug look on his face almost has me laughing.

" I'm not going to go easy on you Eva so think fast." He starts bouncing on the spot raising his fists.


" But I can't fight". I plead.

He doesn't respond just swings for me and gets me right the jaw.

I fall to the floor and shoot daggers at him which only makes him laugh.

" That hurt you asshole". I hiss whilst standing to my feet.

He swings for me again but this time I dodge it and grab his elbow twisting it behind his back, I hear him grunt before I push him into the rope.

For a second I'm in shock. Where did that come from?. .

He comes again but I block with my left and punch with my right, I catch him in the eye.

It goes on like this for another fourty minutes, he takes me down and then I take him down. We're both tired and a little bruised.

He finishes me off by swinging me over his shoulder and smashing me down onto the ring floor, I hiss and scrunch up my face. He lays on top of me, our breathing is crazy.

The way he's looking at me has me melting, the look is soft and shows ao much emotion that I've never seen in him for before, well not that I can remember anyway.

My hand reaches and cups his sharp jaw, I lift my head and my lips almost touch his when there's a loud bang followed by Jimmy busting through the door.

" Warren, we're under attack". Jimmy shouts over the commotion.

Before Warren can move, Im pushing him off of me and jumping out of the ring. " Riley" I scream and run past Jimmy before he has the chance to stop me.

" Eva no!" Warren screams.

I have no idea what's going on but I do know the sound of gunshots when I hear them.

I race towards the study jumping over numerous body's, some I recongnise and some I don't. Normally I would be freaked out by all of this but the only thing on my mind is getting to that little boy and Sophia. I push the door and it's locked. " Sophia its me" I say as quietly as I can not trying to draw attention to myself. The door opens and Sophia screams I feel someone wrap there hands around my throat from behind, without even thinking I elbow the person in the ribs and turn around I grab either side of there head and twist, I feel their neck snap before they drop to the floor.

I notice a gun in their waistband and grab it before running into the room and slamming it behind me, Riley runs over to me and I drop to my knees embracing him in my arms.

" Listen baby, you've got to say with Sophia and mummy will be right back" I whisper holding his little face

He looks at me with sad eyes

" I promise" I ressure him.

He nods and stands beside Sophia.

" Sophia, lock the door behind me and then lock yourselves in the bathroom, don't open the door to anyone" I give her a warm hug.

Peaking out into the hallway I shut the door behind me. When I hear it lock I cock my gun hold it out infront of me and make my way down the stairs.

I spot Carter and he gives me a nod. I nod back and head in the other direction. My ears are ringing with the sound of shots being fired and my heads starts pounding. Image's of Riley flash through my mind.

I crouch down and hold my head, the pain is excruciating, it lasts only a few seconds. In the kitchen Warren throws a man across the kitchen island and smashes his face repeatedly of the surface, the blood being left makes my stomach churn. Just as I'm about to speak another man comes behind Warren and raises his weapon, I whip my gun up and let off a bullet that peirces staright through his eye. Warren looks behind him and then up to where the bullet came from.

I give him a playful smile and carry on searching around the house.

" Well hello little lady" a voices comes to the side of me.

Before I raise my arm, the man grabs it and smashes my wrist into the wall causing my hand to open and the gun to drop, he then throws me across the hall.

He casually struts over and places his foot on my neck, he applies so much pressure that my eye's feel like there going to pop out of my head. My legs are kicking out and my nails are scratching at his ankles.

This is it. I feel myself loosing oxygen as my vision blures.

Just when I think I'm done I shoot up and gasp for air.

Warren grabs the man, smashes his head into the wall knocking him clean out.

He say's something to Jimmy who then drags the unconcious man out of my eye view by his feet.

Warren scoopes me up in his arms.

" You're ok baby, it's over".

I snuggle into his chest and inhale sharply.

Pain shoots through my head again but this time it's Warren that I remember.

" Never gets easier being a mob boss does it?" I ask.

His eye's dart to me and I show him a toothy smile.

" You remember?" His voice holds so much relief

I nod "I remember everything".

Short chapter, sorry guys the next ones will be a little longer.
Love you all 😘😘😘

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