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Chapter 15

Eva pov

Having my memory back is such a blessing. You don't realise how precious some memories can be until you loose them.

The memory of holding your child for the first time.
The memory of falling in love.
Even the memory of your first heart break, because without even realising it memories are what help shape you into the person you become.

Even after everything thats happened in the last few months I'm still happy.

After the last attack we packed up and left our home behind.

I thought I'd be a little sad leaving it all behind but I'm not, I'm more excited. This new home is will be ours from the start.

A smile spreads across my face as I find my myself gazing out of the car window. It's such a beautiful day.
The wind whips my hair around my face, Riley sings quietly in the back and Warren has his hand rested on my thigh whilst driving us to our new home.

We've been driving for over half an hour and there's just tree's and huge open fields.

My jaw drops as we reach a long lane and right at the top are huge black gates.

Warren takes a remote out of his pocket and presses a green button causing the gates to slowly part.

It's crazily beautiful but I can't help but wonder if it's a little much.

And the second thought is how the hell am I going to clean all of these rooms?! I'm not a machine.

Once we pull up, I get out of the car and continue my gawking.

Warren wraps his arm around my waist. " Do you like it darlin?".

' I- I love it, but isn't it a little much just for the three of us? How many rooms does it have?" I don't take my eye's off the mansion.

He lets out a low deep chuckle.

" 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a swimming pool and 2 gyms". He replies.

I suck in a breath. " I'm not cleaning all of that!" I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

" haha, of course not baby". He chuckles.

Warren pov.

Once I finally got Eva inside her jaw hung even lower than before.

Not like I can blame her though, the place is pretty nice and I honesly can't wait to start a fresh with my perfect family.

Riley runs in and his face lights up. "Wow" he shouts.

The wow echos all around and seems to last a while which makes me laugh.

It won't echo as much when there's more stuff in here.

Turning to Eva I clear my throat to catch her attention.

" Have dinner with me tonight?"

She smiles and nods " Id love to".


Getting ready for dinner with Eva, I decide on a black suit jacket with a checkered shirt and black suit pants.

I think I look pretty decent?

After I've styled my hair and sprayed some Armani I slip on my shoes and head to meet Eva in the kitchen.

I'm so fucking nervous.

When I get to the kitchen Eva's pacing back and forth muttering something to herself. She's adorable thats for sure. I lean against the door frame just watching the beauty infront of me.

She looks incredible, she's wearing a knee lengh navy blue dress and some silver strapped heels. Her hair is clipped back with two loose ringlets that hang out the front, make up is minimum. Her long sexy legs shine under the light and my imagination runs wild.

Those legs would look great wrapped around my neck. Jesus Eva.

I could stand and watch her all night.

I send her a wolf whistle and her head snaps in my direction.

Her face flushes the brightest shade of red.

" How long have you been standing there?" She asks hiding her face.

Bitting my bottom lip I walk into the kitchen and lift her hand to my lips planting a soft kiss.

" Long enough" I smirk. "You look stunning sweetheart".

She smiles " You don't look so bad yourself ".

" Haha is that so?. Come with me".

Leading her out onto the balcony, I hear her gasp a little.

" Warren this is amazing, did you do all of this?".

I nod at her question. " with a little help" I admit.

There's candles, white fairy lights with flowers and a bucket with white wine and ice inside.

Pulling out a chair she takes a seat and I take mine across from her.

The light from the candles dance over her face, just when I thought I couldn't love her more she proves me otherwise.

" Warren this is just - just wow".

I smile. " I'm glad you like it".

The butler I hired for the evening walks out onto the balcony, takes the wine from the bucket and pours two glasses.

He hands us both a menu before bowing and taking his leave.

" You've really gone all out" Eva says taking a sip of her wine.

" Your worth it and more" I reply.

The wine is absolutely delicious and I know Eva feels the same when she lets of a moan of enjoyment.

We order our food and bask in eachothers company.

" The food was gorgeous, thank you"
Eva says wiping her mouth.

After we've eaten, I wrap a blanket around her shoulders and we stay talking on the balcony for hours. Conversation comes so easy with her.

" I'm sorry I was such a pain" she gives me an apologetic smile.

So fucking cute. So pure.

I laught out loud.

" Don't be sorry, to be honest I found it funny most of the time. Especially the look on your face dangling outside my office window". I laugh again.

Her hands cover her face in embarrassment as she muffles " Oh god dont, I acted like such a child".

But quickly after starts laughing with me.

I stand from my seat and walk around to Eva offering her my hand. " Dance with me?"

She looks around and then back to me. " There's no music".

I smirk and the sound of mixed instruments feel the yard beneath us.

Taking my hand I pull her into my arms and sway to the mellow music.

" I can't believe you've done all this just for me, you really didn't need too". Eva's eye's find mine.

My lips brush hers. " This isn't anything baby, I have one more surprise".

Leading Eva to the edge of the balcony I stand directly begind her. " Close your eye's".

I wrap my arms around her waist and whisper into her ear. " I love you, open your eye's".

As she opens her eye's fireworks shoot off into the black midnight sky.
" Oh my god" she croaks.

Taking two steps back I get down on one knee. Eva must realise I'm not behind her and turns around.

"Warren this is -" her eye's start to glase over " What are you doing?"

Taking a black box out of my suit pocket I take a deep breath.

" Eva. I love you, I've always loved you and there won't be a day when I don't. You're the most amazing woman I've ever met and I'd be a fool to ever let you go again. The time we spent apart killed me, you're beautiful face haunted me everyday. And just when I thought you couldn't be any more perfect, you gave me our boy".

I flip the box open and she covers her mouth.

" Eva Cooper, will you marry me?".

" YES, YES A MILLION TIMES YES." she cries out.

The ring slides down her finger perfectly.

She jumps into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist.

Her lips smash onto mine.

" I love you so much" she says inbetween kisses.

Eva Micheals. Sounds so fucking good.

My love.
My life.
My soon to be wife.

A/N Wooo pop the bubbly!!
I enjoyed writing this chapter but also got really depressed with my single self 🤣🤣🤣. I want a Warren!

One day. One day.

thanks for reading. Love to you all 😘😘😘

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