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Chapter 2

Warren pov

"Fuck sort its out " hanging up the phone, I smash my forehead into my desk. I don't feel anything.

I'm numb.

Eva walked away from me, from us. I'm hurt but I'm also Warren Micheals and I can't afford to loose focus.

This is my life and she wanted fuck all to do with it, not like I blame her.

But I miss her, miss everything about her.

The way her nose scrunches up when she finds something gross or the way she lets out a little snort when she finds something funny and especially the way her mouth makes that perfect "O" shape when she cums. She's fucking heaven.

A knock on my office door breaks me from my day dream.

" Come in" I straighten myself.

Marie one of my bar girls walks in, unbuckles her coat and lets it fall to the floor. she's stood completely naked in nothing apart from her heels.

I unzip my trousers and tug my cock out, my head nods towards my member and within seconds Marie's on her knees putting my length to the back of her throat.

I look down at her as she gags, her eyes water and mascara starts running down her cheek bones.

My eye's close and images of Eva run through my head.

"Relax baby, it's my turn to take care of you". She's a goddess

Eva free's my cock and starts licking up my length, sucking and gently biting my tip.

I whip my head back and let out a moan at the feeling of this woman's mouth, I've had plenty of blow jobs before but nothing like this.

" Fuck Eva" my hands tug at her hair.

" Mmm you taste so fucking good" she says flicking her tongue back and forth my sweet spot.

She takes me back in her mouth and sucks hard on my swollen helmet.

" Jesus Eva I'm gonna cum"

I release into her warm mouth, she swallows every drop but I'm not done with her yet. My dick hardens again and the expression on her face tells me we're in for a very long night.


I'm snapped out of my trance and look down to see a very angry Marie wiping the sides of her mouth.

" The fucks wrong with you?" I put my cock away and light a cigarette.

" You called me Eva!" She scoffs and grabs her coat off the floor.

My blood boils as her name leaves the sluts mouth.

" Get the fuck out!!" I shout.

Marie just stares with a shocked expression.

" Now!!!" I stand and slam my hands down on my desk.

Marie's out of my office faster than i came.

I'm so frustrated and angry. My fists ball and my office door flys open.

"Boss we got him, he's in lock up" my right hand Jimmy says with a smug look on his face.

Putting out my cigarette and necking the rest of my whiskey I smile, Just what I need a distraction.

I almost feel sorry for the fucker thats awaiting my arrival.



Jesus Christ little man let me sleep.

I'm six months pregnant and obviosuly having a little boy, he's defitnley very active.

Have I thought about telling Warren?

Of course I have but I don't want my son involved in that lifestyle.

I may may be just having the one child but I look like I'm having three. I've heard that pregnant women glow.. Im not fucking glowing if anything I'm bloating out and I have the fattest ankles going!

I'm stood in a dress at a friend's wedding ceremony and I'm hot! Sweat beads form on my forehead as I smile and watch the bride walk down the isle towards a smiling emotional Groom and suddenly I'm envious.. I want that.

After the a few months together Emily practically moves in with Greg and lets me have her place, which I love and get decorating a nursery staright away.

The rooms amazing, it's baby blue with a light grey cot with the name Riley on the wall just above. All of the other furniture is light grey too.. Its just perfect.

Its been four months since Emily moved in with Greg and I'm packing my hospital bag counting down the seconds till I hold my baby in my arms which is only five days away.


Sixteen hours later I'm cradling my baby boy in my arms, his fingers wrap around my thumb and I'm in awe.

He looks the spitting image of his father which isn't a bad thing but it's crazy how the two look so much alike already.

" Mummys little boy" I kiss his head and he falls fast asleep in my warm embrace, I promise to always love and protect you until my last breath.


Four years later

" Come on Kiddo time to get up" I say for the third time.

" Mummy I don't want to get up, I was in the best dream everrr" Riley stretches out his arms and kicks the duvet off him.

Opening his curtains i hold out my hand and he takes it.

" Why dont you tell mummy over some breafkast"

He nods and runs towards the stairs, he doesn't get very far as there's a gate that even I struggle to open sometimes.

" Mummy I don't want this gate anymore its for babies and I'm a big boy, I'm almost 100". He's got his arms crossed and is giving me his serious face.

He tries so hard bless him, I let out a giggle and hold his hand down the stairs.

" Wow, you look really good for almost being a 100 years old" I give him my biggest smile.

After we've eaten breakfast I get us both ready for the day, Riley goes to nursery whilst i work but he loves going and it gives me peace of mind.

Since having Riley I took self defence classes and even visit the shooting range often after work, I thought it was important that I knew how to protect us both if I needed to.

I still work at the little bakery but instead of just working the tills and baking the goods I now run the place.

It's just before nine when I get in Ben's putting pastries in the oven, I employed Ben over two years ago and he's great at his Job it can be a little arkward sometimes as he has a huge crush on me and doesn't really try to hide it, he's asked me out several times and every time I've said no.. he's a good looking guy but im twenty seven and he's nineteen soon.

" Good morning Eva, how are we?" He sounds rather happy.

" Morning Ben, all good and you?" I reply wrapping my apron around my waist.

The morning runs pretty smoothly but the rush picks up around lunchtime, I'm clearing some tables when a finger taps my shoulder.

"Excuse me Miss" a husky voice comes from behind me.

I turn around and I like what i see.

A tall muscular man, with sandy blonde hair and ocean blue eyes.

" Can i help you?" My voice breaks and I'm so embarrassed.

He lets out a low throaty giggle and I feel my knees buckle.

" I'm hoping so yeah, I couldn't help but notice you and was wondering if you'd like to get some coffee with me sometime?"

I've forgotten how to speak.

" Um I have a break now if you're free? God could I sound anymore nervous.

" Sounds great Eva" My name rolls off of his tongue.

My face most screams confusion at how he knows my name.

He just just laughs and points to my name tag.

Ahh right. Stupid woman!!

It's been three weeks since I went for coffee with the guy from the bakery his name is Sean and we've been on a few dates. I'm not sure if there's anything there so i haven't introduced him to Riley.

I thought he would run finding out I was a single mum but he didnt which I must admit made me respect him a great deal.

Its one of my closest friends birthdays this Saturday and of course its back in London where Warren is but I'm only there for one night so it's highly doubtful I'll see him.. I hope not anyway.

Riley is staying with Emily and Greg so I dont feel bad about leaving for the night although I'm going to miss the kid.


Turning on the radio, Jealous from Nick Jonas plays.

I drum my nails against the wheel and speed down the motor way towards London, it's a four hour drive from Devon which is where I've decided is my forever home.

Pulling up the birthday girls drive, I get out and im greeted by a bunch of screaming girls running at me 50mph.

" Happy birthday claire" I give her a hug.

Followed my Hannah and Gwen.

" God Eva we've missed you so much, how's our gorgeous little man doing?"

" He's great, growing up alot quicker than I'd like" I grab my bag and we head inside.

After hours of catching up and drinking Gwens dodgy homemade cocktails we order pizza and the four of us eat like we've been starved our whole lives.

" So what's the agenda for tonight? I ask taking another bite.

The girls just smile at me and I'm dreading the answer.

" We're going..... clubbing" Claire replies excitedly giving me Jazz hands.

My head screams no but it's her night so I'll make an exception.

" Wait, no objecting?" Hannah's voice is laced with a sarcastic shocked tone.

" Nope" I pop the p and smile.

I haven't been clubbing in almost five years so maybe a night out will do me good.

Everyone looks amazing.

I decided to wear a pencil skirt with a slit going up the side, it shows alot of thigh. And a halter neck crop top with a pair of black heels, my eye's are Smokey and my hair falls straight down my back.

This is so much different to my mum look.

When we get to the club we're all already half cut thanks to Hannah's poison and I'm ready to dance.

After several shots I follow the girls to the dancefloor and my body reacts to the music instantly.

I turn to you by Mel C plays, my hips sway to the beat and my hands find my hair.. my head shakes slowly from side to side.

I can't help but giggle when Claire starts grinding her back against mine.

I havent dirty danced with a friend since I was twenty one but I'm guessing we still look good considering the nods of approval from a group of lads stood a few feet away.

Fuck it Eva just go with it.

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