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Chapter 3

Warren pov

I've been in shitty stressful meetings all day and I'm thirsty for some whiskey and a smoke, I'm joined by Jimmy as he racks up two lines of cocaine.

I roll up a note and snort the white powder, after a few minutes my body relaxes slightly.

There's only one more thing to do and thats going down to club Siren to sign a contract that hands it over to me.
Ive brought all clubs on the south side of London.


Why not.

I sign and the previous owner leaves, my new office is in need of some serious sorting out, it's all about presenting yourself and I can't do that in a office that looks like a fucking girl scouts den.

I get a bottle of whiskey brought up and I'm joined by some of my close men.

The window in my office is all glass that looks out onto the dance floor, lighting up a cigarette I watch people underneath me.

One women's hips move like magic, Shes got her back turned so I cant see her face but I don't mind, she's got a plump peachy ass that I wouldn't mind leaving a hand print or two on.

She slowly turns around and I choke on my cigarette smoke.

It can't be.


I watch as she gets touched and grabbed by every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Fuck this, I can't watch that shit anymore.

"Jimmy rack another" I bark

He's more than happy to oblige.

Five whiskeys and three lines later I can't get seeing her again out of my head and it's pissing me off she's so close to me.

Fuck it.

I swing open my office door and run down the stairs two steps at a time, push my way through the heaving crowd until I'm standing directly begind her.

Now I know I should be reasonable and pull her to the side and calmly tslk to her but here's the thing I aint reasonable so that wont be happening.

I spin her around and throw her over my shoulder so fast she doesnt see who's carrying her off, Claire goes to stop me but backs off when my eye's give her a stern warning.

Eva's punching my back and trying to wriggle out of my grip.

I take her in the storage room, lock the door behind me before placing her back on her feet.

Her hand flys up to hit her abuctor but then covers her mouth.

"Warren" her voice trembles as she takes a step back.

" Eva, how nice of you to come back and see me after all these years" My tone is flat.

"What are you doing here Warren?" Ah now there's the Eva i know.

"Sweetheart I own this place" I realise I sound like a arrogant prick.

"Still an arrogant asshole i see" She reads my mind.

" Well this has been nice... but I should go" she walks past me and places her hand on the lock.

No way

Not again!

I smash my hands on the door either side of her head and she jumps, her shoulders rise and fall in the same rtyhem as my heartbeat.

She slowly turns around to face me.

"Warren please just let me leave"

My head hangs low but my eye's dont leave hers.

"You fucking broke me" I spit.

"How is you're life going? Is it everything you wanted Eva? Tell me!"
I shout the last bit.

I tuck a strand of hair behind her ear, her eye's close as my thumb slightly brushes again her soft skin.

The electricity pulsates through my fingers and sends shivers all over.

"Warren i....".

The way she's looking at me has me crazy.

I cut her off by pushing her against the door and smashing my lips onto hers, Mm she tastes so fucking good.

She kisses me back with the same amount of passion and lust.

My hands fist into her hair and she moans into my mouth as i massage her sweet tongue with mine.

She places her hands on my chest and I'm expecting her to rip my shirt open but she doesn't, instead she pushes me off.

I look up with a confused expression, her eye's are glased over and a single tear rolls down her cheek.

" I can't I'm sorry"

With that she's gone, my heart thuds in my ears and I stumble back landing on a wooden crate, I put my head in my hands and for the second time in my life I cry.

When i get into the main club she's gone and so are her fiends.

Back in my office I sink to the floor and drink myself to the point where i feel nothing, my vision is blurred and my eye's slowly start closing before darkness takes over and i welcome it with open arms.


Eva's been gone two months now and I'm happy she wasn't back to stay for good, I can't deal with her fucking with my head more than she already has.

But today is a pretty bad day and why? I'll tell you why.. we have a rat amongst us and it fucking saddens me that I've got to kill one of my own but I wont be betrayed and I wont put mine and my men's safty at risk.

Opening the club Basement door, I dont recognise the rat tied to the chair. Jimmy and Carter have already done quite a number one him.

I remove my suit jacket and roll up my sleeves, taking out a pocket knife I thrust it into the rats left leg and twist the blade.

"AHH" the rat raises his head and his scream bounces off the four walls, I get a better look.

" Not you mike, I actually liked you"
I tut my tongue against my teeth.

I remove the blade and bring it staright back down into his right leg.

Pulling up a chair I take a seat across from him.

" So mike, who are you dying for? And for each time I repeat myself you loose a finger Mkay".

" Fuck you Micheals" the rat spits.

Nodding to Jimmy he walks over and grabs the rats hand holding it firmly in place.

The blade cuts straight threw the flesh like butter, adding a little more pressure the bone crunches and his little finger falls to the floor.

Painful screams leave his throat and it's like music to my fucking ears.

He's a stubborn shit I'll give him that he's only got two fingers left and still wont talk.

" Fine if you ain't gonna talk then there's not much point in having a tongue is there?" I say standing from my seat.

Carter holds Mikes head and Jimmy gets the clamp ready.

Mike starts laughing, showing off his blood stained teeth.

" Kill me, I ain't telling you shit, and you won't figure it out either.. you don't even know about you're son, you're heir".

He laughs and I'm done listening to his bullshit.

Jimmy applies the clamp and the knife slices through his tongue.

The rat starts rocking back and forth yelling out in pain, panic takes over him as he starts thrashing and foaming at the mouth.

I enjoy the show for a few minutes before taking a gun from my waistband and shooting off a bullet between his eyes, his head swings back and then drops.

I grab my jacket and head for the door .

"Jimmy, find Eva".

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