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Chapter 4

A/N hope you're enjoying it so far, just a quick message to say these characters are made up so they will say and do things you might not beleive in but its just a story!!

Eva pov

"Mummy watch me" Riley shouts from the top of the park slide.

"Be careful kiddo" I reply.

When I got back I decided to make it official with Sean, I can't be hung up over Warren forver and Sean is good to me.

I've slept with him a few times and don't get me wrong its nice but I keep comparing him which I know I shouldn't but I can't help myself.

" Juice peas mummy" Riley comes running over, he's covered from head to toe in dirt.

" God look at you" I laugh and grab some baby wipes from my bag.

" what do you want for dinner babe?

" McDonaldssss!!" He sqeaks.

" ok, ten more minutes playing".

He nods and runs off torwards the swings. " push me peas"

After fifteen minutes of pushing him on the swing we make our way to my car, I strap Riley in and start the engine.

Riley sings his heart out to a CD of all of his favourite songs i made him, From wheels on the bus (Oh how i love that one) to Tricky by Run DMC.

We get food from the drive through and go home to stuff our faces.

The day consists of painting, playing with play doh and Riley knocking over my building blocks everytime I'm finished with my tower, he finds it hillarious.

Bathed and in bed I read Riley a bed time story and he falls asleep half way into it, closing the book I sit and watch him sleep for a while, I truly am blessed to have such a wonderful little boy and the love that I have for him is almost painful.

If anything ever happened to him I couldn't go on.


The hot water and bubbles feel amazing against my skin as I take a long soak in the tub, candles are lit and my red wine is going down nicely.

" Mind if I join you?" I look up to see Sean stood in his work attire and I love a man in uniform and he happens to be a police officer.

I don't say anything I just lean forward and nod my head in the direction of behind me.

He slowly undresses and I can't peel my eye's away.

Once he's in I lean my back into his toned chest and rest my head by his neck.

My breathing hitches as he sucks my lobe into his mouth, shower gel squirts into his hands as he massages the soapy liquid over my shoulders, across my stomach and then stops at my chest.

Sean caresses my breasts and tweeks my nipples, " Mm don't stop" I moan as heat rises from between my legs.

His hand runs down my stomach and my legs open slightly giving him a little more access, his finger finds my swollen bud and it feels so good.

I turn my head to the side and Sean claims my mouth, sucking and gently biting my lip, the kiss deepens and so does his fingers.

" Fuck sean, you're fingers feel so good" I hiss.

He adds another finger and folds them together hitting my sweet spot over and over.

Removing his hand I move up his body so I'm in a squatting position and lower myself onto his Cock, his length fills me and my eye's roll.

Water splashes all over the bathroom floor when i pick up the pace, my fingers claw into his thighs " Fucking hell Eva, ride me".

His fingers dig into my hips and my pussy cleanches around his width, Im so close.

His balls slap against me as he brings his hips up and starts drilling me fast " Im coming!!" I scream out and shut my eyes, my orgasm rips through me and I fall back into his chest.


Once out the bath I get dried and wrap a myself in a dressing gown.. pour another glass of red and relax on the sofa watching some crap on the tele.

I'm not long comfy when the door bell rings.

" Who the hell could that be?" I mumble to myself looking at the clock shocked to see its almost ten at night.

I look through the peep hole and theres a man stood there, I have no idea who he is.

" Who is it? I say sternly getting an umbrella out of the rack.

" Hi my names Eric, I moved in a few doors down and thought I'd let you know that you've left you're car lights on" the man says and he sounds genuine.

Oh not again, I put the umbrella back and grab my keys, I unlock the door and open it.

" Thanks for letting me no, I would have woken up with a dead bat..."

Air leaves my lungs and he steps aside I'm now stood face to face with Warren.

I try and slam the door but he pushes it open and almost sends me flying, he walks in followed by two other men.

" Get out of my house!!" My teeth grit.

Warren doesn't say anything he just looks around the hallway.

" Nice place you've got here" he says taking a step closer.

" Why are you here?" I whisper shout.

He picks up a photo frame with a picture of me and Riley in it and holds it up.

" I'm here for my son" His voice is dripping in anger.

I grab my trusty umbrella and hold it up to him. " Over my dead body" I mean fucking buisness.

He smirks and takes another step forward so the umbrella is digging into his neck.

" That can be arranged love" his eyes go from ocean blue to dark grey in seconds.

I'm about to push my weapon into his throat but Sean comes out into the hallway wearing nothing but some basket ball shorts.

" Whats going on eva? Are you ok?" His eye's dart to Warren and then back to me.

The guy to the left of Warren places his hand in his suit Jacket and i spot the handle of a gun.

He gives me a choose you're words wisely look and I obey, I don't want sean hurt or dead even.

" Yeah just some old family friends" I give him my most convincing smile.

" We're gonna catch up so I'll see you tomorrow?" I'm still smiling.

Sean looks gutted as I've basically asked him to leave he nods and leaves the room, he comes back minutes later with his uniform on.

He grabs his keys from the side unit and walks over to me, his finger presses under my chin to lift my head up and he plants a soft kiss on my lips, Warren grunts but Sean doesn't stop.

" Text me later yeah?" Sean says as he pulls away.

"Will do" is all i say.

Sean looks between the men before leaving.

"Pahaha, that's who you've been fucking?! Jesus Eva, shagging a cop" Warren may be laughing but he sounds far from amused.

" Its none of you're business who i sleep with, none of you're god damn buisness". My voice slighty raises and then i tone it back down.

" So you're playing happy family's with a fucking pig with my son?!" Warren shouts and I tell him to be quiet I don't want Riley to wake up.

" He's not going anywhere with you! If you want to be apart of his life then we can sort something out in a contact centre" I stand my ground.

" And be watched like I'm some fucking pervert, I don't think so. I have some of the finest lawyers and I will go for full custody so don't test me sweetheart". He's confident and that scares the living shit out of me.

" You can't just take him away from me Warren I'm his mother, he needs me" My eye's begin to water at the thought of loosing my son.

" I'm not a fucking monster Eva, you can come live with us" his voice softens.

I'm about to argue when i hear a quiet sleepy voice from behind me.

" Mummy, I'm scared".

Jesus sean you left the gate open again!!!.

I walk over and pick Riley up, " Don't be scared baby" I say as he snuggles into my neck.

Warren walks over and just stares at the two of us, Im pretty sure i see his eyes glase over as he looks at Riley.

" Mummy who are the men?"

Warren gets down eye level and introduces himself.

" Hello mate I'm you're dad".

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