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Chapter 5

Eva pov

We left my forever home that night, I left my job, my fiends and my house behind, but I didn't really have a choice now did i? What would you have done?

We've been here just over a week and I don't feel like I can do anything without asking.. even simple things like having a shower or getting a drink.

I miss my home.

Riley was in the same room with me up until yesterday, Warren had his room decorated in Transformers and even brought him a car bed, it's safe to say Riley loves it!.

I can decorate my room aswell but don't see the point as i don't plan on staying here for long.

Warrens hardly ever home so why he had to drag us out of our home is beyond me.

I mean he's great with Riley when he's actually here, and as for me and Warren we hardly talk.

I've gotten a new Job and put Riley into a new nursery, he really loved nursery and i want to try and make things as normal as possible for him.

Warren has a maid called Sophia she's absolutely wonderful and has been a godsend these last couple of days, I've given her the morning off today as I haven't made breakfast for my son once since arriving and I miss it, will Warren like that I've done that? Probably not but I really don't give a shit.

Rileys strapped in his high chair and laughs at me as I'm dancing around the kitchen flipping pancakes.

" Mummy you are very crazy lady" he says clapping his hands.

I chop bananas and add them to his pancakes before trying to salsa dance over to him.

I place them on his tray and he looks excited about the food infront of him.

Yep like mother like son!.


He claps again and I giggle and take a bow.

" Nice moves Sweetheart" Warren's smiling.

"Where's Sophia?" Ohh here we go, I think to myself.

" I told her not to worry about breakfast, I like cooking for my son".

He nods, " That's fine and it's our son".

Im shocked he didn't mind me shouting orders and it kind of felt nice when he said our son.

" Morning mate" he ruffles Riley's hair and walks torwards the coffee.

" Hello" Riley replies shovelling pancakes into his gob.

" Just like your mother" Warren giggles and sits besides him.

I go to open my mouth but then shut it, he's right i do love food!!!.

Like I would choose food over sex anyday.

I place a plate of pancakes covered in lemon and syrup infront of Warren, i still remeber what he likes.

"Thank you bab... Eva" he says.

I smile and start loading the dishwasher.

" So I was um thinking that I'd like to pick Riley up from nursery today. What time does he finish? " Warren says adding his plate to the machine.

Im not keen on the idea but I don't object to it, I have to get used to the idea of Riley not just being mine anymore, he's now ours.

" He finishes at three thirty, are you sure? I really don't mind getting him".

" Of course of I'm sure, I've got meetings now so I'll see you later" he walks over and kisses Riley on the head before leaving.


I get Riley to nursery for half eight and myself to work for nine, it's only my second shift but I already know the ins and outs of working in a bakery so I don't find it difficult.

The manager here is a real bitch, she's awful to the staff and doesn't give them any credit, the only time she talks is when she's moaning, Im surprised I've not bopped her on the nose but I don't wanna get fired just yet.

I Get along really well with the pasrty chef, her name is Sarah and we hit it off straight away, there's also a guy called bryan that works here.. He's very... um shy i guess and he doesn't talk to us girls alot at all, he blushes when we say good morning and I don't know why but i get the feeling that he would cum in his pants even if you touched his arm.

Me and Sarah have been talking mostly all morning and serving customers as well.

" So does Miss snooty own this buisness or just run it?" I ask whilst mixing some dough.

I don't know the managers name and I don't care too so Miss snooty will do just fine.

Sarah laughs " No she just runs it, a guy called Warren Micheals took it over a few days ago actually, we've never met the owner before new or old.

If this was a cartoon steam would be coming out of my ears like a fucking steam train.

No wonder I got this Job so easily.

What a wanker!!!.


The day flys by and its just gone half two, considering I don't have to get Riley from nursery I'm going to Claire's for a cuppa.


" I can't believe your back for good, does Warren have something to do with this?" Claire grins from ear to ear.

" Well finding out about Riley he was not taking no for an answer, but nothing's going on between us".

Emily opens her mouth but I butt in.

" Ohh oh and the only reason I got that Job so easy is beacuse Warren owns the place" I sip more tea and sigh.

" Aww babe, what about Sean? Aren't you together? What does he think about this?" Claire asks me whilst offering me a cigarette.

I haven't smoked since I found out I was pregnant but I take the cigarette.

" I told Sean that I was getting back togther with Warren and moving away with him, then I had to block his number".

" Oh babe I'm here for you, you know that right?" Claire puts her hand on top of mine.

" I know hun, thank you"

Half an hour later the conersations a little less depressing and i haven't laughed like this in ages.

My phone rings and without looking I answer..

" Hello".

" Hello may I please speak to Miss Cooper?" A polite lady speaks.

" speaking" I reply.

" Oh hi Miss Cooper it's Sandy from Lakeside nursery, earlier on today you informed me that Rileys father would be coming to get him but he hasn't turned up".

My mouth drops and my eye's dart to my watch it's three fourty five.

" I'm so sorry I'm on my way" I hang up the phone.

" That bastard!!!" I shout as i stand and get my keys from my bag.

" Everything ok?" Claire looks confused.

" Warren didn't get Riley from nursery, can i bring him back here? I need to see what was more important than picking up his son".

She nods " Of course".


Once I've dropped Riley at Claire's I speed towards club Siren and I'm fucking fuming!!

I push open the doors and there's a few piss heads sat at the bar, it's still early so obviosuly the place is pretty empty.

I make my way to the stairs and run up them like a mad women.

" Woah" Jimmy says almost knocking into me.

" You dont want to go in there Eva trust me" He holds my shoulders.

" Jimmy so help me god I will hurt you, now move it". I budge past him and see a door with the words Warren on it.

The doors slightly open so I take a peak inside.

Your fucking kidding me?!
I can't believe what im seeing.

Warren's sat on his 'thrown' whilst a women is bouncing on his cock, she's screaming his name and he's slapping her ass.

I can hear how wet the tramp is from where I stand.

My blood boils and I push the door open, the women screams and attempts to cover her saggy ass tits.

What a twat!

Warren's pushed her off of him and Is tucking himself away.

" Nursery called me and said that Riley hadn't been picked up, I wanted to know what was so important that you forget to pick up my son, and now know." I turn to leave.

" Our son" as he walks over and shouts in my face.

My hand makes contact with his face and the stinging sensation hurts my palms.

" when you start acting like a father I'll give you that title but until then your just my fucking sperm donor".

" Prick". I slam the door and drive back to Claires.

He fucked up big time.

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