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Chapter 6

Eva pov

"He's flat out, thanks for letting us stay the night Claire" I say slumping down onto the sofa.

" You're always welcome, you know that." Claire replies handing me a very much needed glass of red.

No matter how old you get you'll never not need your friends and thats exactly why Gwen and Hannah have greeted us with there presence.

" I can't believe he was shagging some bimbo and you walked in on it!" Gwen sounds disgusted.

" What a pig" Hannah joins in.

" I know, he's changed so much since we all used to hang out with each other it's kind of sad actually". Now they've got Claire at it.

But there all right He's changed so much compared to the kind, gentle giant that he was.

" Yeah well shit happens girls it's not me that I care about it's Riley, he really does deserve better than this".

All girls nod in agreement.

" Oh my god". Gwen says standing from her seat shaking her hips towards the radio and turns it up.

Hannah pulls Claire off the sofa and they both start dancing.

I laugh into my glass whilst watching the three ladies dance around the lounge. I do love them.

All girls point at me giving me the come here finger and thats all it takes, they wanted to cheer me up and they've most defitnley done exactly that.

Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, go sister
Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, go sister

He met marmalade down in old New Orleans
Struttin' her stuff on the street
She said: Hello, Hey joe, you wanna give it a go? Mmm, mmm

Itchi gitchi ya ya da da
Itchi gitchi ya ya here
Mocha-choca-lata ya ya
Creole lady marmalade

I love this moment right in the now I love my fiends and my son, even with everything that's going on I feel happy.

After the songs over we all flop back onto our butts in fits of laughter, my phone beeps and I fish it out of my bag.

Warren: Where the fuck are you?!
Warren: Eva!
Warren: I swear to god you better answer me.
Warren: Fuck it I'll find you myself.
Warren: See you shortly love.

I roll my eyes and switch my phone off.
Screw you Micheals.

Warren pov.

My messages aren't sending anymore so i know she's switched her phone off and I'm getting really impatient.

I've came home and Eva and my son are no where to be found.

I know i fucked up and its no excuse but all of this is new to me and picking a child up from nursery hasn't been in my daily routine before and I just forgot.

I don't think I've ever seen Eva look so angry before, I dont blame her I would be pissed as well I just hope that I can make it up to Riley and I'll try so much harder to be the dad he needs.

It only took me half an hour to find out where Eva is, I was going to turn up and demand they come home but i decided against it.
I know she's safe there and i don't want Riley being afraid of me.

I'm about to jump in the shower when my doorbell rings.

Jimmy's stood there and he looks paler than a ghost. " Boss it's bad".

Once in the office I pour two whiskeys and light a cigarette.

" What's going on?" I ask lifting my glass.

Jimmy says nothing and just hands me a letter.

My eye's scan over the ink, my jaw clenches and I throw my glass at the wall.

" Where the fuck did you get this?!"

" It was in the clubs post" Jimmy replies awaiting the next instruction.

But I'm fucking speechless for a moment.

" Jimmy" I snap " Pick Eva and Riley up from Claires and escort them here at the crack of dawn take Carter with you and make sure your both armed".


Its just gone seven am when Eva and Riley roll in, Eva still looks fuming and its not about to get any better.

" Hi daddy" Riley sprints torwards me and jumps into my arms, it's a feeling that I'll never tire of.

" Hey bud, I missed you.. Sophia's in the kitchen making chocolate pancakes if you want help her?".

" Yay pamscakes!!" He bolts out of the room quicker than he entered it.

Diverting my attention back to Eva she's stood with her arms crossed and her foot taps against the hard flooring.

Ahh jesus.

"Eva could i talk with you in my office?"

She's about to argue back but i cut her off.

" Please?" My voice is soft and with that her expression also softens a bit.

Shutting the office door behind me I run my hands through my hair and take a deep breath.

" Whats going on Warren? You're scaring me"

Here goes...

" There's a bounty on Riley's head for eight million, but i promise you that I will not let anything happen and i will keep you both safe".

She's just staring at me, the tears run down her face and she's struggling to breathe.

" This is all your fault!!" She screams and pushes me with everything she's got.

" We were fine, we were happy and then.. then you fucking showed up!! And now people want to kill my son because of you".

I step forward and she pushes me again, I take another step and wrap my arms around her frame tightly she bangs on my chest before crying into my neck.

" I'm so sorry Eva, I'm so so sorry".

A tear from my eye lands on her cheek and she looks up through her wet lashes, " I'll protect him until my last breath". She plants a soft kiss on my lips in reply, nods her head and leaves my office.

I'm such a selfish bastard I should have left them both alone.

They deserve better than me.

Who ever has put this bounty on our sons head is going to suffer. You've just signed your death wish fucker and I'm coming for you.. quick fast and in a hurry.


Hey guys, I've had some serious writers block.

I'm on my third glass of wine now so I apologise in advance if things get sloppy. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️. Until next time.

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