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chapter 7

Eva pov

I need to stop soon but I can't, my knuckles are getting sore and the sweat running down my back is soaking my tank.

It's been five months since Riley had a bounty put on his head and I've trained three hours a day ever since, it's not just Warrens son there messing with and I won't sit back and be the damsel in distress.. I made a promise to always protect him and I'll be ready if that time comes.

Nothing's happened since, all leads have been dead ends. Paranoia has set in with myself and Warren, he's been working so hard to find out who's behind this.

I've quit my Job and Riley doesn't go to nursery anymore but there is a silver lining, Sophia before she started working for Warren was a school teacher and spends a few hours with Riley a day, he's now fluent in the alphabet and can count to twenty.

Warren and I have been alot more friendly with eachother later and i think thats just because with everything thats going on we can't afford to fall apart as well.

My muscles are starting to ache but it's not time to stop yet there's still ten minutes left so is start punching harder, Im so fixated on the task at hand that I almost have a heart attack when a pair of fingers tap on my shoulder.

" Jesus Christ Warren don't sneak up on me".

Turning around I carry on attacking the swaying bag, Warren stops the bag and stands infront of it.

Confused I ask " What are doing? Move".

" Eva you need to stop before you pass out, go have a shower and relax".
Its more of a friendly suggestion than order.

" I'm fine Warren, just a little longer".

His face scowls.

" Now Eva, don't make me carry you out". He cocks an eyebrow.

" You wouldn't" I test.

His lips twist into a wicked smile and he stalks torwards me.

" Love when do I ever bluff?"

He picks me up bridal style and carries me out of the training room, down the hall and into my ensuite bathroom.

Warren places me on the counter and turns on the shower, his fingers stay under the water for a while before turning his attention back to me.

" Now strip off and get in, or do I have to do that for you aswell?" His eye's grow dark and he wears a playful smirk.

I shake my head no and he turns to leave.

" Warren wait"...

Warren pov.

"Warren wait" Eva's voice comes out almost a whisper.

I turn around and she slowly starts lifting her top over her head, her bare breasts sit perfectly on her body and I can't help but bite my bottom lip.

She's so fucking sexy, she grabs the waistband of her leggings and bends her self over slightly to pull them down and off.

Her peachy ass Is wrapped in a pair of black French panties, my mouths dry as she talks torwads me.

Having her infront of me like this is sending my body into over drive, the way she's looking at me through her long lashes has me paralyzed. She makes me weak, always has done and always will.

Eva gets on her tip toes closing the gap between us, her lips crash onto mine and just like that I'm addicted all over again.

A few minutes later she pulls away and i already ache for her, I don't want this to end so like the weak man I am for her I drop to my knee's.

The sight infront of me is mouth watering, I run my hands up the length of her smooth tanned legs and her body reacts to my touch instantly.

So fucking hot.

My fingers runs up and down the thin fabric of her panties and she's already soaking, slowly sliding them down her legs she steps out of them and I'm now drooling.

Her pink glistening pussy looks so edible, my mouth makes her head fly back and i start devouring her with my tongue, gently nibbling and sucking her clit between my teeth, her hips start bucking and her legs shake, my hands cup her ass so I can hold her into place.

" Mm fuck Warren" my name comes out in a hiss.

I thrust a finger inside of her and she screams slightly, she's so tight, so responsive to my touch.

The sound of her wetness is fucking amazing, her sweet juices run down my hand and I'm surprised my cock hasn't ripped threw my trousers.

She grinds her pussy down making my fingers go deeper, her moans echo all around us and i feel her walls clenching.

" Cum for me Eva, let me taste you".

Her hands pull at my hair and my ears ring with the most beautiful sound, her orgasm fills the room.

A smile teases on my lips, i plant feather kisses between her legs before standing to my feet. " You're mine" is all i say.

She doesn't say anything, she doesnt have to, Eva rips open my shirt and tugs it off of my shoulders. " And you're mine" her lips smash onto mine as she fumbles with my belt it doesn't take her long before she's pulling down both my trousers and boxers.

I step out of them and she grips my cock, her hand slides back and forth down my length "Mm Eva", she licks her fingers and starts massaging the tip. My balls tighten and I can't control myself.

Picking her up she wraps her thick thighs around my waist and I carry her into the shower, our kisses are hard and demanding.

I place her on her feet and spin her around so her perky nipples are pressed against the cold wet tiles, my knee spreads her legs and I thrust every single inch of me in her pretty tight pussy.

Wrapping her hair around my knuckles and pulling slightly her head falls back giving me access to her neck, my teeth sink into her flesh as i pound her harder with every thrust.

" fuck Eva, so tight!

The sound of our wet bodies slapping together gets faster and louder along with the screams leaving her lush moist mouth.

"Warren I'm gonna cum" Eva's ass sticks out giving me a better angle so i take full advantage.

I pull out and thrust back in, I do this again and again until i feel her explode around me, her warm juices makes my cock tingle before I release every drop over her back and plump ass.

We stand holding each other breathless for what seems like hours, I feel so content. So happy.. this just feels natural and I want to spend the rest of my life feeling just like this.

Titlting her head until her eyes meet mine I tell her the same thing I've been telling myself for the past five years.

" Eva I love you".


It's almost eleven at night and after the shower Eva and I decided that we worked up an appetite.

We've both decided on sandwiches with everything in the fridge in them.

We haven't stopped smirking at each other, I feel stupid but I love it.

My phone vibrates against my thigh breaking away my attention, although not fully I cant take my eye's away.

" Jimmy, it's late".

"Sorry boss but I wouldn't be calling if it wasn't important"

He has a point.

" Ok, what is it?" I reply pulling out a fag.

" There's someone willing to come forward with information about the bounty, we don't know who but they've arranged a meet tomorrow night".

" Perfect, we'll talk about details tomorrow" I push.

" Wait boss, thats not just it.. they will only meet if both of Rileys parents are there".

Jimmy must be talking louder than i thought beacuse Eva's voice interrupts the conversation.

" We'll be there" she gives me a challenging look.

I don't fucking think so.
This screams trap.

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