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Chapter 8


Jesus the side of my head is practically on fire with the glare Warrens sending my way, I'm avoiding contact beacuse I'm going and there's nothing he can say that's going to change my mind, so not point in arguing.

They said both of Rileys parents and that includes me I carried him for nine months and raised him on my own for five years.

I finish off my food in complete silence and Warren's still staring at me, I start walking out of the kitchen hoping to have my great escape but I don't get very far.

Warren stands infront of me, arms crossed over his hard toned chest and I slowly look up at him through my lashes and give him my most innocent smile.

Nope thats not working at all.

" Eva" Warren says sternly.

" Warren" I say back trying to mock his deep serious tone.

He shakes his head but I see a slight smile appear on his perfectly delicious lips.

"Eva you're not coming, this could be a trap". His voice is soft.

" But what if its not? What if I don't come and we miss the opportunity to find out who wants our son dead, and if it is a trap then we will deal it together". I send him a begging look and i can see he's thinking it over.

" Listen Warren I know that you're trying to protect me but you really don't need to. I'm more than capable of looking after myself, just let me help you? Please?". My hand reaches and touches the stubble on his sharp jaw.

He takes my hand in his and places a soft kiss on my palm. His hands travel down my back before he cups my ass and hoists me up wrapping my legs around his waist, our eye's are locked for what seems like hours.

He feathers soft kisses over my head, cheeks and then my lips.

" Don't think, don't stop, just pull the trigger". He says between the light kisses.

I smile " Thank you".

He carries me up stairs and lays me on the bed the whole night is soft and slow, he spends hours exploring my body and making me explode over and over.

Such painful pleasure.


The next day we both spend the whole day together with Riley and my heart is beating out my chest watching the two play fight and roll around in a fit of giggles. Its absouluty adorable.

Soon after we're joined by Jimmy and Carter who Riley adores as well. He's got quite the family around him.

I decide to leave all boys together and start dinner, Sophia has the afternoon off because she's with Riley tonight for this meeting.

The roast chicken is out of the oven after a few hours cooking and it smells amazing, the potatoes look perect and crisp and the veg is almost done.

I set five dinner plates at the table and go to call the boys for dinner, entering the room I have to hold the tea towel over my mouth to stop myself bursting into laughter.

Rileys put on Run dmc (tricky) and is going crazy dancing to it, but that's not the funny part. Jonny and Carter are dancing with him whilst Warren just watches them and laughs.

Im watching two mafia gang members do the running man and its the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life.

" Daddy...". Riley whines.

" Come dance with us" he says tugging at Warren's sleeve.

I smile at this and put in my two pence.

" Yeah come on daddy, dance with your boy". I say with a tease.

Warren holds his hands up in surrender and Riley starts clapping along with the two memebers.

" Quick" Jimmy shouts to me. "Get the camera".

Warren gives me a don't you dare look and I laugh.

Warren tries his best as i watch him daddy dance.

Riley face palms watching his dad.

" No no daddy" Riley stops him and looks over at me.

" Mummy show daddy how you do it". He says clapping.

" Yeah come on mummy, dance with you're boy". Warren uses my own words against me.

I show off my moves and parade around with Riley. The look on his face is full of joy and happiness. I can't help but wear the same expression on my lips. I look around and watch this crazy bunch. I look at Jonny and Carter who are cheering Riley on, then I look at Warren who is smiling away at his son. He turns his attention to me and winks, the wink melts me. I love my crazy mafia family.


The fire alarm goes off " Shit the veg" i run out of the room and waters gone all over the hob creating alot of smoke.

"Um dinners done".


After dinner I get Riley bathed and ready for bed he then Joins sophia.on the sofa with popcorn and Bambi.

We've got two hours before the meeting so I've gone to the training room to work on my aim.

" Wanna have a little fun with this?" Warrens breath is on my neck.

" Jesus Warren don't don't do that!" I say holding my chest.. " What fun?".

He laughs.

" For every target you hit, I remove a piece of clothing.." He waits for my answer.

"Hmm.. tempting but..." My eye's grow excited and he looks worried. " Everything thing you take off, you do a little dance".

" What?! No women, did you see me in the full montey?!. I aint stripping" he shakes his head over and over.

I say nothing but pout slighty and give him my best puppy eyes.

He refuses a few more times before finally giving in.

I make the first three shots and hes down to his shirt and boxers.

When I hit the fourth target, which man I wish I didn't.

He sucks in his bottom lip and slowly undoes his shirt buttons, with every button he opens he takes a step closer and my mouth hangs low.

His tattoos are almost on full display and I just want to lick the outline of every single one.

The shirt falls to the floor, and he smashes me back into the wall. If I wasn't extremely turned on right now it may of hurt.

He brings his lips to my neck and whispers into my ear causing goosebumps all over.

" Do you know how sexy it is watching you handle a gun"

He nips my lobe and I moan.

" So fucking sexy". He repeats.

The clock on the wall gets my attention and we've got half an hour.

I lick my lips and then to his neck running my tongue slightly over his flesh.

" Later big boy, its time". With that I wink and turn my back.

Warren grunts and mumbles something under his breath before slapping my ass out of the room.


I put on some tight back jeans, a black v neck top and black flat ankle boots completed with a leather jacket and yes thats also black. Warren looks fucking edible and I swear I dribble.. but just a little.

He catches me staring and I couldn't care less, if i wanna look at my man then that's what I'll do.

Gun tucked in my waistband I take a few slow breaths.

" You can do this" I reassure myself.

There's three balck SUVs, Myself, Warren, Jimmy and Carter in one and god only knows who in the others.

The drive is quiet and I don't realise I'm fiddling with my fingers until Warren gently gives my hand a squeeze.

When we get there it's almost 11 at night and there's no sign of anyone.

We wait a little longer, Warrens getting angry and asking Jonny questions but I can't focus on anything around me.

I have a really bad feeling and my stomach starts to knot as more time goes by, its now half eleven and its like a smack to the face. Oh my god.

Warren's words ring my ears like a alarm " It could be a trap".

"Warren" my voice shudders. " we need to go back! We need to go back now!".

He grabs my shoulders " Eva, talk to me".

My eye's glase over " This is a trap but not there not trapping us".

Warren looses colour " Shit" he yells and kicks the air. He barks orders and we're back in the car racing for home.

We arrive and all pour out of the cars, I take my gun out my eye's scan around the front the house.. Im convinced everythings ok.. until I see the front door security on the floor soaking in blood, there throats have been cut open.

My heart hammers in my chest.

I run inside and scream Rileys name, its silent.. I can hear Warren calling after me but I don't stop.

I reach Riley's room and shove the door open. His bed is empty and there's no sign of him.

Although what i do see sends me to my knees Sophia is face down in a pool of her own blood.

I lift her into my lap and sob into her neck. I move quickly as I notice her pulse. She's alive but knocked out.

Warren runs in seconds later and spots me holding a unconcious Sophia, he looks hurt but then darts his eye's to Rileys bed and then back to me, I just shake my head before dropping it down in defeat.

Warrens private doctor came out and said that Sophia would be fine but she's had a little trauma to the head, unfortunately she was the only one to survive the attack.

I knew about the two poor souls at the front door but there we're five others on security that didn't make it either and my heart aches for every single one of them.

Its been two days since Riley's been gone and everyone is stressed out, worried, anxious and missing him like crazy.

I've been broken for two days but I woke up this morning and I don't feel broken.. I dont feel defeated, I don't feel worthless.. I feel angry! I feel the blood boil and flow through my veins.

Riley's my cub.
Now they have one very, very angry lioness to deal with.

I'll find my son, I made a promise.

He will live through this, he will fight this.

He will survive this, but one things for sure they wont.

Now thats a promise.

Okok slowly getting better at this writing thing.. I think 😂😂.

I love Eva!! I have a son myself and I really relate how she's feeling!!
Hope you guys enjoyed it 😘😘

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