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Chapter 9

Eva pov

"Anything?" I place my hands on Warren's desk.

He looks up at me, his eye's are red raw and he has black bags that makes him look like he's been in a ring with Mike tyson.. well we all look like that.

None of us have slept in two days, even the men that I've never had the pleasure of meeting, and it sucks to be meeting like this.

Warrens clears his throat breaking me from my daze.

"The person who sent the letter licked the envelope, I would normally call him an idiot but in this case I'm so thankful he hasn't got a clue". Warren smiles weakly.

" How are you going to find out who licked it?" I ask genrealy interested.

His reply is short " I know people".

Of course he does and I should know that.

I need to wake myself up and decide to take a shower.

Once in the shower I start shampoo-ing my hair and my mind wanders.

" I wuv you mumma" the first time he ever said that i cried so much.

" look mummy I'm doing it, I'm really doing it" when he first took off his bike stabilizers.. I cried then too.

" why are you sad mummy?".

And the night he snuck out of bed and I was crying to a sad movie.

"Mummy don't cry, you're to bewtiful to cry" he wiped my tears away.

My knees buckle and I fall to the floor, pictures of him flood my mind and the tears run so fast you can't tell apart my tears to the running shower.

I tried to be strong, I tired not to loose hope but my little boy is out there somewhere scared and alone.

He needs to be with me, I need him to be with me.

I would never wish this on anyone not even my worst enemy because the feeling of loosing you'r child is something... well I just can't explain it. It's painful to think about and to anyone who has ever lost a child my heart goes out to them.

I sit craddling myself, gently rocking back and forth under the water.
I need to get up, I need to carry on.. I need to be strong but my body wont allow to me, my legs wont stand.

Bang bang

The door thuds and makes me jump.

" Eva!!" Warren shouts.

Im out of the shower so fast I almost trip, I'm about to open the door when it flies open.

Warren's out of breath and I'm struggling to make out his facial expression.

" Warren, tell me there's news". I almost beg

He nods his head and his eye's are glased over.

" We know who licked the letter and they clearly have something to do with this, we have an address for him and hopefully that leads us to our boy". He seems to have hope and that gives me hope.

I leap into his arms and sob for a few minutes.

I then shake it off and walk into the wardrobe.

Warren looks at me with a confused expression plastered over his face.

" What?" I ask pulling out some black jeans.

" What are you doing?, you aint coming love".


" The fuck I ain't" I reply turning back and grabbing a top and boots.

" No Eva this is dangerous, you're staying here!" He shouts and I jump slightly.

I ignore him completely and start dressing, I tie my hair up in a high messy bun and slide on my boots.

He grabs my shoulders and levels his eye's with mine.

" Why won't you fucking listen, you're not coming Eva, I cant loose you. I'll bring him back, but If you come it's one more thing I have to worry about. Please Eva". He kisses my head and i feel guilty but I'm going.

" We'll bring him back" is all I say as i tuck my gun into the waistband of my jeans and slide a knife into my ankle boot.

Once down stairs everyone turns and stares at me like I'm some sort of alien.

Tough crowd.

They all then look at Warren who waves his hand in surrender.

For fuck sake, me going aint that bad. Is it?

This time there's six cars and twelve people stay behind.

And this time, I drive.

Warren goes to argue with me but the look on my face stops him and he hands me the keys.

We're almost there and I'm going atleast 20mph over the speed limit.

Jimmy tells me to take a left so I do.
That leads us up a dark long stone road, when I see lights in the distant I turn my headlights off.

" Why are you doing that?" Warren asks.

I snort a little but answer him shortly after.

" If i keep them on we may as well send a text saying we're outside"

"Hm" i cock my head.

He's speechless and that never happens.

He clears his throat and holds the button down on the walky, " we're close turn you'r headlights off".

With that order it goes pitch black behind us.

I pull up quite a distant from the house, get out the car and open the trunk, I grab two duffel bags and throw them to the floor. " Pick you're poisen boys".

Warren glares at me and I give him a whaaat look.

Okok I've got to stop taking over but I'll admit It feels good.

Everyone lights a cigarette, even myselft which again shocks Warren. We go over the plan again which is pretty simple we all spread out. Some take both sides of the house, some take the roof. Me, Warren, Jimmy, Carter and a guy called Vic are taking the main entrance.

I throw my cigarette down and begin walking into the wooded area, Warren grabs my wrist and pulls me back smashing his lips on mine, this kiss is different. He's kissing me like its the last time.

I pull away and cup his face in my hands. " We will continue that later, and tomorrow and the next day.. for the rest of our lives". I hope I've put his mind at ease even if it's just a little.

He nods.

" Please be safe" his eye's hold so much emotion but the one I see the most hurts me, he's scared.

Everyone's in position, this is it.

Before we're in the front door gunshots are being fired.

Please god, let us all make it out alive.

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