Still the one.

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How do you feel when your first love abandons you? Leaves you without a solid reason why? I'm about building the strongest relationship with Abel when Quincy shows up out of nowhere. The same Quincy who left me. As much as I try to kill my feelings for him, they won't go. And I'm not ready to dissapoint my father by leaving Abel even though I know I'll be deeply unhappy if I stay with Abel.

Romance / Humor
Frances Pride
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Chapter 1

I let out a heavy sigh and look at outside the window.I should have followed them inside,he takes too much time.I get out of the car and lean on the side.There they are,Travis talking happily while he swings the leather bags gently and Abel,a smile on his lips.
"You took too long" I say and frown
"Sorry,I got you ice cream though" he says with a wide smile
"Are you tryna bribe me?" I ask him while I open the door
"Maybe" he says before putting the stuffs on the back seat with Travis
We both get into the front seats at the same time
"Is your seatbelt on?" I ask Travis as I turn round to face him
"Already done" he answers
"Smart-ass kid" I say then we fist bump
"Dang it" Abel curses
"What's up?"I ask him
" The keys,I can't find them...I left them on the counter while paying for our stuffs"he says and opens the door ready to go out
"We'll be waiting" I say
"As though you have another choice" he says then chuckles before leaving
I look around the environment and then my heart stops at the sight of Quincy
"What is he doing here?" I ask myself in a low voice
This actually can't be happening, he's supposed to be far away or dead.I thought I'd never see him again but here he is,a little bit different from who he used to be back in high school
He looks the same way he appears in TV.Brown wavy hair,dark brown eyes,a cute smile and his slender,tall body
His back is turned,he's talking to someone on the phone
I take my eyes to the mall's entrance and see Abel jogging towards us
"I got it " he says as he gets into the driver's seat
"Oh,okay" I say flatly
"Are you okay,babe?" He asks me
"I'm fine" I say and smile weakly
He touches my arm gently before starting the car.

Abel and I are standing beside each other,leaning our backs on the kitchen sink.
I drink what is left of my coffee while Abel stands,staring at nothing in particular.
" do remember that I'm going back tomorrow?" I ask him as I wash my coffee mug
He sighs and I can feel him slowly round my waist with his hands,his body on my back and his head on my shoulder
I turn and face him,still locked in his embrace.
He stares at me with his dashing bright eyes,i blush as I stare back.
"I don't want you to go yet" he says and grins
"I have work,okay?" I counter him and place my hands on his shoulders
He doesn't say a word,instead,he keeps his eyes locked in makes me uncomfortable and I say"what's with those hungry eyes? "
"I want to look at you till I get tired" he says
I laugh and say "don't stare too much or else,you'll get to see how ugly I am"
"Oh,shut up" he says
"Make me" I say while looking at his lips
"Here we go again, you dared me" he says
"Shut up and kiss me Mr Abel Day" I say
He leans his head down and presses his lips on mine.I stand on my toe and kiss him back'ughhh...tall men'i think to myself.
We break apart and he picks me up like a bride.He walks upstairs
"I'll miss this" I say and laugh loudly
"Stop laughing loudly, it's night and you do not want to wake Travis"he says and kicks the door open with his feet.He lays me on the bed gently
" When is she coming to take him?"I ask
"Tomorrow, she has to sort out a few things" he says
"I wish he didn't have to go through all these things,he deserves a stable family" I say
"He does...go to had a long day" he says and kisses my forehead
"What about you?" I ask him
"The study,I have a few paper works to go through" he says then begins to walk towards the door
I sigh and finally say"okay but don't stay up too late"
"I won't,good night " he says and locks the door behind him
I look at the empty space beside me on the bed,he'll definitely miss me,I'm sure he will.

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