Steamy Office Tryst

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Diana Jade & Aiden Derek both work for the same high-profile news company. Now if only they could learn to keep their hands to themselves...

Romance / Erotica
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Steamy Office Tryst

Everyone has their little guilty pleasures. From drugs and alcohol to ice cream and junk food, they all provide some form of comfort and relief.

The same could be said for 28-year-old Diana Jade, a corporate executive for the high-profile news company Channel 8. Except her guilty pleasure was something that could only be done in secret with her 30-something year-old boyfriend Aidan Derek: good old-fashioned fucking.

Every chance they got to be alone, Diana Jade and Aidan would find a secluded spot somewhere in the studio - the ladies’ bathroom, one of the many broom closets - and hump each other like bunny rabbits. They had even almost been caught by their boss when he came looking for them after one of their disappearances... and it only served to heighten their sexual appetite for each other.

Which is why the two hot-blooded lovers were at it all over again in an empty conference room that stood abandoned for at least a year. It was isolated enough so that no average employee could find it without knowing where to go, but it also didn’t have a sturdy lock on the door to keep it shut all the way.

Diana Jade and Aidan simply added it to their fun. They were currently on the carpeted floor of the room heatedly making out like there was nothing else to live for and struggling to rip their clothes off in between kisses. Aidan’s long jet black hair seemed to blend right in with Diana’s dark locks as they covered her honey complexion. He was tall, just under six feet, with long eyelashes, a boyishly handsome face, and olive muscles from working out a lot. But Diana had beauty to brag about, too- delicate features like a porcelain doll with a pear-shaped figure that every man gawked at until she started wearing loose-fitting skirts and sweaters. Then they lost interest... except for Aidan, who was trying to push up said sweater to get to Diana Jade’s C-cup breasts underneath it. He bit his lip when he noticed that she had no bra on.

“Mmm... my dear sweet Diana Jade... did you plan this just for me?”

The pretty brunette smirked as she held her arms up for Aidan to pull off the sweater completely.

“Yes... so take off your pants for me, my love...”

Aidan quickly slipped out of the expensive designer slacks and dress shirt and carelessly tossed them to the floor while Diana Jade finished taking off her red A-line skirt. But her black knee-high socks and mary jane shoes remained on her feet, the only clothing that she had left. Aidan gave her one last deep kiss before speaking again.

“Which position should we try out this time?” he murmured.

“Reverse cowgirl” was her answer.

Diana Jade let out a squeal of delight as she was suddenly brought down to floor with Aidan and turned around so that her back was facing him. She lined herself up with his fully erect member and slid all the way down until her pussy was filled to the brim, letting out several moans as she did. Her lover grabbed onto the soft honey globes of her ass cheeks and helped her to gently bounce on his cock so that neither of them would get hurt. Behind her, she could hear him grunting with every thrust they made together and it made her even hornier. So when she got tired of that position, Aidan could somehow sense it, too.

With one swift move, Diana Jade pulled herself from between her boyfriend’s genitals and laid down on her back, spreading her legs apart. This way, Aidan was able to wrap the pretty brunette in his arms, thrust himself into her wet pussy, and kiss the life out of her. Diana Jade moaned against his mouth as her hot pink nails scratched his shoulder blades and even returned his every thrust. The itch of an orgasm was fast approaching and Aidan could feel her walls tightening around his length.

So he made himself go deeper until he poked against her g-spot repeatedly until he was forced to let go of her lips in order to breathe again.

“Aidan...! I’m... gonna...”

“I’m right here... just let it go...”

Diana Jade quickly buried her face into the crook of Aidan neck to stifle her moans as her orgasm smacked into her like freight train. Seconds later, Aidan was filling up her walls with his baby batter for a good long minute. It took twice as long for the afterglow to set in and stay with them. He eventually pulled out and stood to redress himself, freshing up with baby wipes in the process. Diana Jade reluctantly did the same but made sure to steal one last kiss from him.

“Same time next week?”

“Just try and stop me!”
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