Blue Eyes

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Have you ever had a dream that was just WOW! Knocks your right off your feet. Well Jane does all the time. Her dreams started around when she was 19 years old. Mr. Blue eyed wonderful god of a man that rocks her world. Well her dream world. She has never seen the blue eyed man in real life, but he gives her some crazy hot steaming wild sex dreams. As she sets out on life no man has matched up to the standards that Mr. Blue eyes has set . Leaves her lost for wanting what he gives her. Will she ever find her blued eyed man or will she just be sexually frustrated for the rest of her life. Mitch has been gone over seas for the last 10 years. He has been in the Military serving his country. When his served time is up his decision not to resign is made. Wanting to go home and start his life, maybe find a lady to keep him company. His time away he has always had a dream of a blue eyed girl. She was a naughty blue eyed girl doing some pretty naughty things to him. Will these two blue eye beauties find each other and will their dreams come true?

Romance / Erotica
Melinda Ayres
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Chapter 1

Slowly he traces my naked skin with the tip of his finger. While looking in my eyes, his eyes are so blue and the have lust and excitement in them. His finger slowly went around my nipple causing goosebumps to erupt over my skin. Tracing my breast his finger went down my stomach inching down to my core...

*Knock* Knock* Knock*

He is now tracing my folds which are already leaking for him...

*Knock* Knock* Knock*

A burst of excitement hits me as he touches my clit...

*Knock *Knock*Knock*

Where is this knocking coming from I am getting busy in here. NO! NO! NO! Don’t go! Where is he disappearing to.

*Knock *Knock*Knock*

I sit up with a gasp of air, well damn it was all a dream.

*Knock *Knock*Knock*

Who the hell is knocking at my door this early in the morning. As I’m walking through my apartment I’m cursing in my head how a dream could effect me so much that I thought it was real.

*Knock *Knock*Knock*

“I SWEAR I WILL KILL WHO WOKE ME UP!” I yell coming up to the door. As I open the door I see my best friend Cindy.

“It’s about time.” Cindy says as she pushes past me into my apartment.

“Why?” I grumble. “Why are you here so early?”

“You! You told me to come and wake you. YOU!” Pointing at me.

As much as I am frustrated because she woke me up. I did tell her to come this morning.

“I know, I know man I don’t know what is worse not having a man in my life or a dream that leaves you hanging.”

Cindy has that look like she has this problem all fixed if I give her the go ahead to set me up. I really need to get out of this funk. I’m 28 years old. I own a bakery shop, I have some really great people in my life. But for some reason I can’t seem to hold down a guy. When I do find someone whom I think I like he turns into a fuck head and cheats, lies or really can not live up to my bed standards.

“So you going to tell me about this dream?”

“No it’s mine to pine over. Now that I'm up I suppose I should get to the bakery to start on that cake.”

“Yes, cause you really don’t want your new sister-in-law to go all bridezilla on you.”

“Please, Kamie is not like that at all.”

“I know, she is all sweat and kind. We all love her, but we really need to find her wild side.”

“Ha! Not everyone needs to be like you. You were so crazy leading up to your wedding.” Cindy was a major bridezilla she had plans and schedules. We had to stay on time for everything. Her Mom was just as bad as her. At some point between the maid of honor duties and making the cake I almost said our friendship was not worth the murder that I was planning. Tom (Cindy’s husband) helped, I sat him down and told him that I was going to walk. I don’t know what he said to her, but the next day she came in and said she was sorry and she would change her crazy ways. “Kamie just wants simple cake with some of her wedding flowers on it. I should have it all done by five tonight if not sooner.”

“So you think any hot guys will sweep you off your feet at the wedding?”

“I’m done looking!”

“OH, come on! Mr. Blue eyes is still out there.”

“That maybe so, but I’m so tired of dating boring guy after boring guy. I have standards, and I started having dreams about him again and that leaves me all pent up.”

“Well I think you should let Tom and I help you out. We have some single guy friends.”


“Come on it’s better than sitting at a bar or night club looking for that one with a spark. Maybe Mr. Blue eyes is really not out there or maybe he wears colored contacts and he really has brown eyes.”

“Still no, I’m just going to go along and be the best daughter, sister, best friend, and aunt that I can be. If Mr. Blue eyes happens to fall at my feet I will let him chase me around for a bit. Now I am done with this conversation. Thank you for waking me, but I need to get to the shop. Talk to you later!”

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