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Blue Eyes

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Have you ever had a dream that was just WOW! Knocks you right off your feet. Well, Jane does all the time. Her dreams started around when she was 19 years old. Mr. Blue eyed wonderful god of a man that rocks her world. Well, her dream world. She has never seen the blue-eyed man in real life, but he gives her some crazy hot steaming wild sex dreams. As she sets out on life, no man has matched up to the standards that Mr. Blue eyes have set. Leaves her lost for wanting what he gives her. Will she ever find her blued eyed man or will Jane be sexually frustrated for the rest of her life? Mitch has been gone overseas for the last 10 years. He has been in the Military serving his country. When his served time was up, he decided not to resign. Wanting to go home and start his life, maybe find a lady to keep him company. His time away, he has always had a dream of a blue-eyed girl. She was a naughty blue-eyed girl doing some pretty naughty things to him. Will these two blue eye beauties find each other and will their dreams come true? This is book one in my Fire to Bake series. If you like my book and want to keep up to date on chapters, don't forget to follow me. I post every time a new chapter is active.

Romance / Erotica
Melinda Ayres
4.8 16 reviews
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Chapter 1: Jane

Slowly, he traces my naked skin with the tip of his finger. While looking into my eyes, his eyes are so blue and they have lust and excitement in them. Where his finger goes, his mouth follows, leaving trails of nibbles and kisses. His finger slowly went around my nipple, pinching it, causing goosebumps to erupt over my skin. I moan out and his mouth catches it. He nibbles and tugs on my bottom lip with his teeth. Tracing my breast, his finger went down my stomach, inching down to my core...

*Knock* Knock* Knock*

His blue eyes look up at me as he descends further down my body. He is now tracing my folds, which are already leaking for him, so... so... wet...

*Knock* Knock* Knock*

A burst of excitement hits me as he touches my clit. Circling it and adding pressure. His nose brushing along my folds, taking in my sweet scent. He sucks on my clit as he slowly he pushes in a finger into the waiting hole. Again, I moan and hiss out in pleasure. Wanting more friction, I try lifting my hips to his hand. He doesn’t allow and pushes my hips back down. Pumping in and out, in and out, all while circling my clit with his tongue has me right on the end of exploding. Needing him... wanting him...

*Knock *Knock*Knock*

A sound rings in my head and pulls me out of my clouds. The bright blue eyes that I love to look at close and darkness consumes us. Feeling his body fade from mine. NO! NO! NO! Don’t go! Where is he disappearing to? My Blue-eyed god fades away.

*Knock *Knock*Knock*

Where is this knocking coming from?

*Knock *Knock*Knock*

I sit up with a gasp of air. Well, damn, I dreamt of him again.

*Knock *Knock*Knock*

Who the hell is knocking at my door this early in the morning? As I’m walking through my apartment, I’m cursing in my head how a dream could affect me so much that I thought it was real. It has happened for a while now.

I started dreaming of my blue eye guy when I was 18 years old. He came to me one night and change my life forever. Brings me pleasure most nights, but always leaving me wanting more. I usually get interrupted by alarms going off. That is usually the major problem. Why can’t a dream like this happen at the beginning of the night, so at least I could feel satisfied?

*Knock *Knock*Knock*

“I SWEAR I WILL KILL WHO WOKE ME UP!” I yell, coming up to the door. As I open the door, I see my best friend, Cindy.

“It’s about time.” Cindy says as she pushes past me into my apartment with a small bag in hand. Smells like a breakfast sandwich for me.

“Why?” I grumble. “Why are you here so early?” I ask, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

“You! Jane, you told me to come and wake you. YOU!” pointing at me.

Why did I give her the access code to my building? As much as I am frustrated because she woke me up. I told her to come this morning. I have a load to do today and I knew I was going to have to have that little extra push from my annoying friend.

“I know, I know, man. I don’t know what is worse, not having a man in my life or a dream that leaves you hanging.”

Cindy has that look like she has this problem all fixed if I give her the go to set me up. Ugh, I really need to get out of this funk.

I am Jane O’Brien; 28 years old, and own a bakery shop with my partner Tom. We have a great little business and we are always busy. In fact, we are in the middle of graduations and wedding season, and everyone needs sweet treats for that.

There are some really great people in my life. My parents, Eliot and Susan have been married for 35 years. I have two brothers, Joe and Sonny, who are older than me. Sonny has a wife and has given me the best little niece an aunt could ask for. I also have a couple of best friends who I would go crazy without.

But I can’t seem to hold down a guy. When I find someone whom I think I like, he turns into a fuck head and cheats, lies or really cannot live up to my bed standards.

This one time, I was seeing a guy for a while and the sexual tension between us was hot. He always seems to shut it down by the end of the night. Finally, one night I asked him to come up when dropping me off, not really giving him a choice in the matter. We are getting hot and heavy in the elevator ride up and he is moving his hands where I want them. I was like Yes! This is going to happen tonight. We get into the apartment and we are ripping are clothes off, leaving a trail to my bedroom. He picks me up and throws me onto the bed. He picks up one of my legs and I thought, man, this guy is going to leave trails of kisses up to me. Boy, was I wrong. He makes out with my foot. Sucking on my toes. According to him, I have some sexy toes. I tried to move him on, grabbing at him, but he just kept coming back to that same foot. Come on! Finally, I had enough and made him leave. Never calling him back.

So, you going to tell me about this dream?” I look at Cindy and smile at her. She knows if she pushes hard enough, she will get all the dirty details from me. Then she goes home, and she acts them out on her husband.

“No, it’s mine to pine over. Now that I’m up, I suppose I should get to the bakery to start on that cake.”

“Yes, because you really don’t want your new sister-in-law to go all Bridezilla on you.”

“Please, Kamie is not like that at all.” She really isn’t. Kamie is a lovable, and a kind woman. She will go out of her way just to improve your day. I am so happy that my brother kept Kamie in his life.

“I know. She is all sweat and kind. We all love her... blah blah blah, but we need to find her wild side.” Cindy looks mischievous.

“Ha! Not everyone needs to be like you. You were so crazy leading up to your wedding.”

Cindy was a major Bridezilla. She had plans and schedules. We had to stay on time for everything. Her Mom was just as bad as her. Between the maid of honor duties and making the cake, I almost said our friendship was not worth the murder that I was planning. Tom (Cindy’s husband) helped. I sat him down and told him I was going to walk. I don’t know what he said to her, but the next day she came in and said she was sorry and she would change her crazy ways.

“Kamie just wants simple cake with some of her wedding flowers on it. I should have it all done by five tonight, if not sooner.” I had stayed and worked on baking and icing that cake almost till nine last night.

So, you think any hot guys will sweep you off your feet at the wedding?” Oh gosh, sometime Cindy is just as bad as my mom is with me dating.

“I’m done looking!” I roll my eyes and walk through the house, getting my work clothes out of the dryer.

“OH, come on! Mr. Blue eyes is still out there.” She yells from the kitchen. Here we go again. I think Cindy is more invested in my dream guy than I. Or she really enjoys hearing what he does to me.

“That maybe so, but I’m so tired of dating boring guy after boring guy. I have standards, and I started having dreams about blue eyes again, and that leaves me all pent up.” It really does. All day I go thinking about what happened in my dream. Will I dream about it again? Will I get off from it? Sometimes I just need that release.

“Well, I think you should let Tom and I help you out. We have some single guy friends. Tom’s brother is coming home. Maybe give him a shot.” Cindy says as she moves around my kitchen, making me a cup of coffee. “We both can be married to brothers.”

“NO! And don’t go playing matchmaker when he comes home.” I am standing in my living room looking out my window. It gives me a magnificent view of the lake I live by. It calms me.

I went to bed late last night and today was the first day I slept in. I am usually up and running and work out before the sun comes up. Seeing the sunrise from this view is beyond amazing. And I enjoy it very much when I get the chance to see it.

“Come on, it’s better than sitting at a bar or nightclub looking for that one with a spark. Maybe Mr. Blue eyes, is not out there or maybe he wears colored contacts and he really has brown eyes. Wouldn’t that be something?”

“When is the last time we went out to the bar or nightclub?” I ask. Cindy and Tom are still in that honeymoon phase and still go at it like bunnies in heat. We all haven’t gone out in ages and frankly I feel too old to go out anymore, or just tired from working all the time.

“Right! Why go out when you have people to help find you a guy?” Cindy hands me my cup of coffee. I take it and breath in that heavenly scent. Cindy should know not to get into this kind of conversation before I even had my coffee.


“Come on, Jane.”

“Cindy, you are sounding like my mother pushing.”

“Just give me the go ahead just once.” I shake my head at her. “Just want you to be happy. I want someone to show you love and give you the world.”

“I’m happy. Got you, people at work, my family. I am happy.”


“Please stop. I just want to be the best daughter, sister, best friend, and aunt that I can be. If Mr. Blue eyes tumbles at my feet, I will let him chase me around for a bit.” I said with a smirk. Now I am done with this conversation. “Thank you for waking me. You are by far my best friend.”

“I’m your only best friend.” She mumbles.

“I don’t think that’s true.”

“Jane, just enjoy your time at the wedding. Dance with someone and make some kind of connection. Once the cake is done, your work is done. Party with your family. Promise me.” She pulls me into a hug.

“I need to get to the shop.” I say into her hair.

“Fine, fine I’ll go. Say hi to Jon from me. Call me after the wedding and tell me all the details.” I walk her to the door, arm in arm.

“Why are you not going to the wedding again?”

“We are getting Mitch’s room ready for him at the parent’s house. Even though I think he would be more comfortable with our place. Plus, Tom’s mom wants to shop with me or something.”

“Um, pretty sure your husband’s parents were invited.” I mumble into my coffee.

“Oh, they were, but we are busy next weekend and so it just made sense to do this, this weekend. Sorry you’re on your own.”

“Fine!” I pout. “Just go so I can get ready for my day.” Cindy giggles as I push her out the door.

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