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Sierra: The immortal witch

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Sierra has been alive for 200 years and currently resides in England. The year is 1840 and things cannot be any better until her friend Rose, who knows her as Emily, begs her to attend a ball that is being held for the grand duke, who is currently looking for a wife. Sierra has no plans to settle down, she has more important things to focus on. Like running away from the dark lord whom she sold her soul to and did she mention he wants control over her. Plus what is better than living day by day with many one night stands? Her sex life is great, until one day while dancing out in the nude she has a connection with a tall handsome stranger which leaves her aching for more. A man who leaves her wanting more for the first time. Now she must leave but this stranger finds her and then she finds out he is not only an important leader but he also has connections to the demon she is running away from! How could her life get so turned upside down? Follow along with Sierra to find out how her ending will be. Will there be a happy ending or will it end in dispair?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

It was the fall of 1840 in England and winter was around the corner. All hallows was here and Sierra couldn't hold in her glee any longer. A grin stretched across her pale flawless face and her blue eyes sparkled with mischief. This was her time, a time she could dance naked out in the woods and praise the dark lord. Of course she did this all year around, especially on days with the full moon, but All hallows had a special meaning in her heart. It was a special day for all witches. Did she mention she was a witch? Also not just any witch. Sierra had already been alive for 200 years, this year she would be 201 years old, but she never counted from the day she was born as a human. No, she was counting from the time she was reborn, the time she signed the black book with her blood. Her heart, body and soul all belonged to him. Also did she mention she was on the run from said demon? She had been on the run for 150 years now and to be honest she liked this little game of cat and mouse.

"Emily!" A small petite woman approached her, her hand waving in the air to get Sierras attention.

Right now Sierra was known as Emily Smith. An ordinary name for a goddess like herself. Sierra smoothed her hands down over her corset and raised her other hand in the air to wave back shyly.

"Emily! Have you heard?!" The woman asked with a small excited shriek.

"Heard what Rose?" Sierra looked at her with a slight tilt of her head.

"The grand duke is searching for a wife!" Rose giggled wildly.

Sierra raised an eyebrow with no interest in the grand duke's affairs. "Oh."

She then proceeded to smile brightly and said, "Then I wish you luck!"

Rose looked at Sierra with disbelief, "Emily....let me repeat myself." She cleared her throat and placed her hands upon Sierra's shoulders firmly. "The grand duke is looking for a wife!"

Sierra nearly went deaf from Roses shouting. She forced a smile although she wanted to grimace. "Then let me repeat myself my dear friend. Good luck."

Sierra peeled Roses hands off her shoulders and took a step back. She lifted up her parasol and opened it carefully above her head. The sunlight was strong today and it was giving her a headache. Rose put her fists upon her hips and gave a 'humph'.

"Emily, how can you be that way? I already have a man that I have my eyes set on. I have no intentions of going after the grand duke. Even though he is quite handsome, but from what I have heard he is also quite a scary man. I don't think my heart can take such fear, I am a fragile lady so since I know you are an independent and strong woman. What I am trying to say is you are at marriageable age and you and the grand duke are perfect for one another." Rose said the last words with stars twinkling in her eyes, which caused Sierra to wince.

"At least attend the ball this week that will be held in the grand duke's honor. Please!" Rose got up in Sierras face, the look on her face reminding Sierra of a puppy dog.

Sierra looked away and scratched the back of her head, the words stuck in her throat. How could she say no to such a desperate look?

"Fine..." She sighed heavily.

Rose jumped around happily with her triumph, which disturbed the people who were nearby them.

"Rose!" A man in the distance hollered for her.

Rose directed her attention to the man and her eyes twinkled and melted with love in them.

"John is calling me! I will see you later Emily." Rose said before skipping over to the man she was determined to make her husband.

Sierra watched this gleeful being happily approach the man that was actually her soulmate. Sierra could see the faint red thread that tied the two of them. Rose really didn't need to try too much since in the end they would be together, it was fate. Fate. Sierra sighed and lowered her head, strands of black curls fell over her small shoulders and she hastily pushed them back. She lifted her head and took a deep breath. She had much to plan for. She needed a dress for this so called ball. Maybe she could wear the same dress she wore to the last ball. She really had no interest in trying to catch this man's attention. The grand duke, Nigel Arlington. A man known for being ruthless. She had only seen him once, when he was a child. At that time, she had been known as Martha Herring. At the time she had been close to the late queen, who was Nigel's Aunt on his mother's side. The queen had passed away a few years ago, which feels as if it was just yesterday. Time always flies by so fast. It feels as if it wasn't too long ago when she laid with the demon and obtained her immortality, a demon whose name she didn't even know, but honestly a couple of hundred years had already passed. Sierra frowned and shook the thoughts from her mind, now was not the time to be so focused on the past. There was nothing she could do to change the past nor did she wish to change anything. She was proud of who she was and who she became. She came to a stop right in front of the door to a tailor and turned around to face the shop. Maybe she should buy a new dress? It wouldn't hurt anything, plus maybe she would find a decent mate or two to satisfy her own needs. She smiled and licked her lips with anticipation. It was decided, she was getting a new dress for sure!

After buying a gorgeous red satin ball gown that would definitely draw attention to her breasts and waistline, she headed back home with the plans to dance wildly that night. And hell, why'll she was at it, she planned to cast a little spell of lust upon her body. Not like she really needed it, but such a spell would draw more potential mates to her for the upcoming ball. She didn't have the grand duke in mind at all, no, her plan was to go to this ball as if it were a hunting ground and she was the hunter.

Night came and Sierra dressed in a flimsy white gown, a heavy dark brown robe hung upon her shoulders. She took a bag of black candles, some crystals and matches. She left her cottage, which was on the outskirts of town and closer to the forest. She preferred such a location because less people meant less suspicion. She walked up the hill behind her home barefooted and entered the woods. After about ten minutes she came up to a more opened space where she could see the full moon glowing brightly in the night sky. Sierra started a fire and lit her candles around the fire. She placed her crystals around the fire as well after kissing each one and muttering an incantation. Finally, she stripped off her clothes and let them fall to the cold ground. The air was chilly, but it didn't bother her one bit, not when she was so focused on this dance. She let her hair hang freely, which reached down past her waist, it was a wild mane of curly thick hair that always seemed to have a mind of its own when she danced. She caressed her body and squeezed her breasts lightly as she began to sway lightly. Then she threw out her arms and began to spin around in circles. She sang in a different language. A language that was unknown to England. Sierra danced around the fire and her body seemed to take on a glow. A warm golden glow seemed to emanate from her flesh. She lifted her face to the night sky, eyes closed and continued to dance naked. She let her other senses lead her around the fire. Every time she did this dance her body would heat up with desire. Her nipples perked up and her core clenched with need. Sweat began to form droplets all over her perfect pale skin. Suddenly she realized she was no longer alone and stopped her dance instantly. Her eyes snapped open and she studied the darkness that surrounded her. Someone was watching her.

"Who is there? Show yourself." She said with no fear, her naked body covered in a light perspiration.

"My lady, what are you doing?" A deep dark voice replied with a question.

A man. Who was this man who hid himself?

"Reveal yourself sir." She said without answering his question.

A tall man with broad shoulders and a big build approached her, yet she still couldn't see all his details. She squinted and tried to focus on his features.

"My lady, please answer my question. What are you doing?" He asked once again.

"Can't you see? I am dancing." She responded quickly.

"Naked?" He cocked his head to the side.

He came closer, his features clearer now. He looked so familiar. He had the looks of a heavenly being, his golden hair seemed to glow in the moonlight, except for the expression his red eyes. Sierra suddenly realized she was nude in front of this intimidating man. A blush crept up her face and her eyes widened. She quickly lifted up her robe and wrapped it around her body.

"Y-Yes..." She averted her gaze.

Now he was right in front of her, a few inches separating them. Sierra flinched with realization, how the hell he moved so fast?!

She swallowed hard, a ball of sudden fear and embarrassment forming in her throat. He was so tall that she felt like a child compared to this man.

"Look at me, don't look away." He demanded.

Who the hell did he think he was? In all these years this was the first time someone discovered her dancing in the nude like this? How come she was so unlucky all of a sudden? She looked up at this very handsome man who stood in front of her. A man that had eyes that told her he was very dangerous. He suddenly reached out and grasped her arm with his big rough hand. She looked down at that hand and tried to jerk free, but it was hopeless. He was too strong.

"Sir, what do you think you are doing?" She nearly whispered.

"A lady dancing so lustfully in the nude, is she not asking for something?" He breathed out with his own desire.

She looked back up, this time into his eyes and gasped. He lusted her. Why didn't she think that such a thing could happen? He loosened the ties on the white cotton shirt he was wearing and instantly this shirt was on the ground. All he wore now were his black trousers and boots. She took in all the defined muscles on his man. His body was gorgeous although it did have a lot of scars. She reached out her hand, but realized it was him guiding her hand to his chest. Her fingertips grazed his pecs and traced each muscle. A groan escaped his lip which made her core clench with need. Liquid poured between her thighs. Who was this man? Her body desired him. She had never desired a man like this before. They were always the ones who desired her. Before she knew it, she was straddling this man and could feel his excitement between her legs. He was huge! She began to move her hips slightly and he grabbed her by the waist to stop her.

"My lady.... you're driving me crazy...I am not even in you yet, but I already feel on the urge of..." He moaned softly in that deep voice of his.

He really desired her and for the first time she was hungry for a man, him. She shrugged off the cloak and was once again completely nude. With impatient fingers, she freed him from his trousers and within seconds had him within her, deep inside her core. This man filled her up to the point of pain, a good pain. They moaned in unison. That night they made love under the moonlight like wild animals hungry for one another.
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