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An elite society. Double identities. Scandal. Weeks of pure indulgence, conservative parties, and expensive alcohol—all for her to mix with London's elite society and repair her family’s tarnished reputation. Educated, elegant, Bethany Dalton is heading for a summertime ‘retreat’ that her parents are forcing her to attend. With his enticing green eyes and rebellious tattoos, Alexander Edwardson is exactly what Bethany needs to avoid in order to succeed. Known for his playboy ways and lothario reputation, Alex can’t keep his eyes off Bethany as soon as she steps into the ballroom. He’s completely distracted by the return of his childhood friend and desperate to make her his for the night. His persistence is the start of an intense, desire-filled relationship, and Bethany soon finds herself far more wrapped up in his world than she was ever supposed to be. Except she isn’t Bethany. With her secret hanging over her, and their time ticking away... what will happen when the truth is finally exposed? Or is it deceit that really brings two people together within this elite society? After all, it's not only the underprivileged who have secrets to hide. THIS IS A SAMPLE OF THE FIRST THREE CHAPTERS OF 'ALEX' BY JESSICA LOU.

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A U T H O R ' S N O T E

H E L L O !

This book is just a sample of the full, published version. As such, there is only 10% of the book available on here.

You can find the entire book on Kindle Unlimited, or purchase it directly on Amazon. Check out the link in my bio. 💛

I love each and every one of you gorgeous readers. Without you, I wouldn’t have gained the courage to share my stories with the world. ✨



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