The Enemy’s Ex-Wife

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COMPLETED A Mafia Story ••••••• Leila Romano is Giovanni Russo's wife, until she runs away from home after secretly getting divorced from him. She had been abused for some years and had enough. She decided to go to the González's in New York for help, and there, she meets Demetrio González. * * * What happens when Leila intentionally runs to the González's to seek refuge and safety? Knowing that the González's & the Russo's are in war. [50,000 words] ©️Copyrights, Senoradenna. All rights reserved.

Romance / Action
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A/N + Summary

Hello Everyone! Thanks for choosing my story to read! I hope you like this story.

Also, if you would like to read the story of Lorenzo and Valeria Gonzalez, please check book I of this series. (Still under editing and will upload soon)

This book is a totally different book and a stand alone book.

Some times you might hate or dislike certain character but that doesn't mean that they are bad. Just wanted to say that.

Also, just want to mention that this story contains mentions of rape and other stuff, so please please be advised and if you don't feel comfortable reading these kind of things, even though they are not in details, do not read it.


A little summary of the story...

The Russo's & the Gonzalez hate each other. They have never and will never like or even tolerate each other. Why? because the Russo's wanted to be the strongest mafia in Europe since the Martinez retired, making the Gonzalez's the strongest.

Not accepting being the second strongest, the Russo's started attacking the Gonzalez's in numerous ways, like stealing their shipments, killing their men when they see them, making false accusations, and that made the Gonzalez's furious.

So basically, because of power, these two mafia families hate each other, or should I say, the Italian mafia hate the Spanish mafia because of power.

Now, let's talk about Leila Russo, previously Leila Romano. She married Giovanni 5 years ago, when she was 20. A young stupid girl married a guy in his early 30's because she thought she loved him. She didn't know his true colors until after marriage. The first 2 years he didn't lay a hand on her, but after that, everything turned bad. After the retirement of the Martinez Mafia, The Gonzalez's became the strongest mafia in Europe. Giovanni didn't accept that and every night he comes home hitting Leila because he is simply angry and everything he does, does not work.

Leila tried to escape but every time Giovanni catches her and give her a punishment that would make her forget to ever escape. She tried to escape twice but failed, but what do they say? The third time's a charm.

She decides to escape the Devil's layer with the help of man that she will forever be grateful for. This man works for the Russo's and they trust him deeply. He couldn't accept what was happening to Leila and decides to help her escape. He even took the divorce papers from Leila and gave them to Giovanni telling him that they are related to work and needs to be signed. Leila knew that Giovanni trusts Alberto a lot and she knew that her husband doesn't read documents from people he trusts.

She knows that Alberto is somewhat scarifying his life for hers, but she promised him safety when she gets it.

She always knew that the Gonzalez's were her husband's enemies and she wanted revenge. She hates her husband with passion and all the love she had for him turned to hate.

She always thought that the Gonzalez's lived in Spain, but when she did research, she discovered that they live in New York.

She books a ticket and travels to New York to seek refuge from the Gonzalez's hoping they would let her in.

Few Facts about the main characters:-

Leila Romano/Russo: 25 years old, very very kind, independent, knows how to fight, knows how to fire a gun, intelligent, a genius, and finally, clumsy.

Demetrio Gonzalez: 29 years old, hot headed like his father, arrogant at times, kind, independent, he likes....cats.

Also, Demetrio was offered to be the don by his father, but he kindly turned down the offer because he doesn't want to be the leader yet despite him being 29 years old. He promised his father that when he gets married, he'll take over.

* * *
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