My best friend: the story of Brayden Mcdurmett

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TW: this contains suicide My best friend was always there for me, if only I had done the same

Romance / Horror
Demi Gilsenan
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Chapter 1: the suffering I didn’t see

It was a Monday morning and I had just woken up, I was 12 years old. I got up and got dressed as a 12 year old would, that’s when I heard my phone ring. It was my best friend Brayden, I had missed 10 calls from him, I felt terrible. I picked up the phone and answered it. “Hi Brayden, sorry I didn’t answer, I was sleeping” he said it was ok, but, his voice was shaky, had he been crying? I though nothing of it. “He’s probably just tired” how wrong I was, I didn’t even ask if he was okay.
Brayden asked me if he could come over for a bit, I told him that he couldn’t as I was going out with my boyfriend Lewis, I should have put him first, he was my best friend after all.

Me and Lewis went out to Northfield to get a greggs sausage roll, my phone went off again and again, my boyfriend told me to put it on silent as we were in a line full of straight people who were staring at us, I did as he told, what a mistake that was.
We got our sausage roll when Brayden called, we were having such a great time and I didn’t want to spoil the moment, I declined not knowing what he was trying to call for. Lewis told me I should’ve answered it. “ tch he’s probably fine babe, don’t worry about it”, he told me it could’ve been something serious, “ nah he’s probably just wondering when I’ll be back, he’s probably a bit lonely” he told me that was even more a reason to answer. I felt awful.

I got home after being out till nine.
I flopped down on the bed, I was knackered.
I tried to get hold of Brayden, no answer.
“Why won’t you answer me?”
I tried again, still no answer.
“Oh well, I’ll try again tomorrow.”
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