In the Company of Killers

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Chapter: 010


My eyes flutter open.

I look around the room and sigh. My sub-conscience wouldn’t let me rest in this unfamiliar place. I miss my bed. I miss snacking on Doritos in said bed, then Natalie yelling at me for the mess.

I sit up in my bed, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, only to almost jump out of my skin when I find someone leaning against my doorframe. I squinted through the dark and make out the outline of a man.

He steps further into the room, where the moonlight filters through the balcony but my heart didn’t stop racing even after I realised who it was.

“Enzo? What are you doing in here?” I pull the sheet up in an attempt to cover myself. I was in nothing but a tank top and my underwear. Thanks to Emilia and her endless supply of Slut couture it wasn’t anything modest.

He steps closer to me, so close he’s hovering over me and I get an eyeful of his bare immaculate chest. Strong and hard, coupled with the way he’s looking at me like he’s hungry and I was on the menu, lust pooled at my center and I clench my thighs together.

“I was thinking about you...” he murmurs.

My eyebrows furrow. I was thinking about you.


“That sounds like a you problem.” I say firmly. If he didn’t get out of here I was going to do something I was going to regret. “You didn’t answer my question, Enzo. What are you doing here?”

His head tilts to the side inspecting me as he got closer. Fuck, if he was gorgeous with clothes on he was a fucking god with them off. Maybe my brain hadn’t woken up yet but my mouth watered at the sight of him.

“I couldn’t sleep, mia cara, and it’s your fault.” The sheet slips from my chest and I see his eyes devour me. He takes a final step to me, trailing a finger over my skin. A shudder ripples through me before I can stop it.

I hold my breath as his calloused finger sweep over the curve of my breast.

“How is that my fault?” I choke out. He’s fucking with my head and it’s only three in the morning.

His intense, lust-filled eyes never leave my face as he leans forward. I try to get farther from him but everytime I scoot back he’s in front of me again. My back hits the headboard and I mentally curse my stupidity. He has me trapped and my body doesn’t mind it one bit. It thrums with the anticipation of his touch.

“All I could think about since yesterday is touching you. How you’d feel beneath me as I fuck you senseless...” The sheet is gone and in it’s place I feel his hand slide up the inside of my thigh, hovering over the hem of my underwear. “How you’d taste with my face buried in that pretty pussy of yours.” His rough hands cup my sex all of a sudden and my thighs clench around his hand, begging him to go further. “Enzo...” I whine as he circles my clit with his thumb over my panties.

I should push him away... but I-I can’t.

“Fuck... You’re so fucking wet—” He whispers and I hadn’t realise how close he got until I could feel his hot breath on my heated neck. He nipped and kissed my neck, along my jaw, to the curve of my breast. With his fingers working on my clit and him sucking on my neck, I was slowly losing it.

“Enzo...” I whimpered out.

He groaned into me and without any warning, his hands slipping past the thin material. His lips brushed against my skin until all at once, a finger slips into me and I’m a goner. I clamp a hand on my mouth to stop a loud moan from coming out as he pumps in and out, circling my clit with his thumb and sending me over the edge.

He thrusts another finger inside, thrusting harder and faster as if he’s fucking me with his cock. My back arches off the bed as I rock my hips to the rhythm of his thrusts. “Mmmm... you feel better than any fantasy, mia cara...”

He’s doing things to me that no one has ever managed to do in years... and shit, he’s doing it well. He’s fucking me hard and merciless with his fingers. Imagine what he could do with his cock. My eyes roll back in my head as the feel of it all takes me.

“Fuck!” I screamed, sweat pouring out from my body as the orgasm I so desperately craved seized my muscles and convulsed around me. I ride the wave till the end, my pussy pulsing around his fingers still inside me.

Our eyes connect and I feel as though I’m drowning in the darkness in his eyes. Slowly he brings his glistening fingers to his mouth, sucking my juices clean off.

Even if I want to look away, I can’t. My thighs tighten around my throbbing core and I feel like I’m about to combust...

I am jarred awake drenched in sweat. The T-shirt I’d worn to bed was bunched around my waist, showing off my panties that were soaked.


The sun glares down into my room, spraying all over me like a spotlight as if saying, ‘I know what you did, you nasty.’

It was a dream. It was a motherfucking wet dream... and it involved Enzo!

I was ashamed of myself. How could I think about him like that? He kidnapped me, threatened me and my family! He’s a monster!

I guess my vagina doesn’t give a shit about that either.

I brush a hand through my damp hair, willing my pulse to stop racing. It was working until I looked up and noticed I wasn’t alone.

I clamped a hand over my mouth to stop the scream.

Enzo stands at the foot of my bed but unlike my dream he’s wearing his usual dark suit and his hair was styled delicately as if he put some effort in his appearance this morning. His eyes travel over my body much like it did the first time we met but this time, a heat flayed behind his eyes.

Oh, God.

I pull my shirt down over my underwear but he’s already seen me... he’d seen everything.

I glare at him swallowing my shame. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

It’s like he’s coming out of a trance. He shakes his head slightly, peeling his eyes off my legs to look me in my eyes. He clears his throat. “I came to tell you that Emilia and Nino have some business they’re taking care of for me, so you’d be riding with me.”

I would love to ride you— No!

Just no!

“Why can’t I just stay here?” I say instead.

“When I trust you, you could stay here alone. Until then get ready, we leave in fifteen minutes.” He turns on his heel and heads for the door. I thought we were done but before he leaves he turns to me. “Dylan.”


He smirks. “You look very beautiful when you come.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I couldn’t look at him. Shame kept my eyes on the back of the driver’s head the entire ride. I was embarrassed he caught me in such a volatile state but worse, I was angry with myself for even thinking of him like that. What is wrong with me? I’ve developed a strong case of Stockholm’s syndrome and I don’t know what I should do with it.

Do I hate him? Yes.

Do I want to fuck him? Also yes.

Should I listen to the voices in my head and not fuck him? That’ll be a good idea, yes.

But I can’t stop thinking about him doing all those nasty things he did in that dream to me. The image of him sucking my juices off his fingers flashes in my head in high definition, coupled with the rumble of the engine vibrating through the seats, my thigh squeeze together at the heat building in my core. Good God, I need psychological help.

I chanced a glance his way and didn’t miss the arrogant smirk on his stupid yet beautiful face. He was all too aware of the effect he had on me and I made a mental note to remedy that. I can’t have the enemy thinking I wanted him (even if I did) I would never win.

I subtly slide closer to the door, away from where our thighs were previously pressed against each other. I cough, “So, uh— Where exactly are we going?”

Enzo didn’t even take a minute to look up from his phone, “You’ll see.”

I roll my eyes, throwing my head back into the seat. Soon, we were parked in front of what can only be described as a strip club. The driver escorted me out of the car and I looked up at one of the most exclusive and notorious clubs in New York. “Now this is what I’m talking about...”

Enzo stepped out fastening the button on his suit and donning his shades. “Keep your panties on. They’re closed and we’ll only be here for a minute.”

I pouted, “But can’t we stay a little longer, daddy?”

His tongue trailed across his lower lip, before he snorted, then started for the club. “Don’t call me that.”

I snickered as I following him and his men into the club. As he’d said, the nightclub was empty but still, low, thumping music sounded through invisible speakers. A dancer twirled and grounded up on the stage in nothing but underwear shorts, her chest was completely bare and my eyes widened.

Enzo’s men fell into the dark corners of the room vigilant and out of the way.

“Enzo Corretti,” A woman in a sparkly, dress, one that wrapped around her body like a second skin, strutted up to us. “I was wondering when you’d come to see me.” She took a glass of champagne from a passing waiter who scrambled to serve Enzo but he waved him on.

My eyes flickered between the two. She was gorgeous. Blonde, pretty smile, legs for days. Exactly the type of girls I could see Enzo with. But why did my stomach twist at that?

If I didn’t know any better I’d think that little mouth movement was him smiling? What the hell? Enzo doesn’t smile. He sneers and gives you disgusted looks... or is that just with me?

“You know I’ve been busy, Kathy,” Enzo said, tone lacking the usual impassiveness that I’ve come to know.

“I can see that,” Kathy’s eyes drifted to me and surprisingly her smile reached her eyes. “I’m Kathy, a dancer here.”

“Dylan, nice to meet you.”

“She’s pretty,” Kathy shared.

“I didn’t ask,” Enzo said rudely. Kathy didn’t look the least bit put off. “Where’s Rico?”

“In his office.”

And without a word he sauntered off, a few of his men following him. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to follow him or not but I didn’t. Kathy gives me a mischievous look once he’s disappeared. “You wanna try on some of the costumes?”

“Hell yeah!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“So how long have you known Enzo?” I asked her pulling up the tight mini-skirt. I’d got my hands on a Catholic girl costume and I’d have to say I’m considering becoming a stripper just for the outfits. These were fucking sexy. The costume consisted of a pink plaid mini skirt, a pink crop top with frills, and knee-high socks that had ribbons hanging from them.

Kathy did my hair into big tails which she tied with some more ribbons. Paired with my bangs and my big eyes, I was rocking this outfit.

“Not long,” she said. “And just so you know I never slept with him. I know that’s what you really wanted to know.”

My cheeks heated up and I didn’t bother lying because I knew she saw my blush. “Enzo found me on the streets a couple years ago. I was in a dark place. My foster dad assaulted me regularly, I’d been doing drugs to forget, running away the first chance I got. Enzo saw me one night, under a highway bridge and gave me an opportunity to do something with my life.”

“Why stripping?”

Her lips turned down. It came out way more judgemental than I intended it to. She shook her head. “It’s not what you think. I go up on that stage, show a little skin and I get a hell of a lot of cash. We don’t need to sleep with anyone unless we want to and we’re not forced into anything. We decide what we want to do with ourselves, he just gives us a place to do it. Compared to the other places in New York this is Valhalla for strippers.”

I nod, understanding. “I wasn’t judging you, you know. I did worse things for money, I know how it is.” My heart tightened at the reminder of those dark times.

She smiled at me through the vanity I sat in front of and I knew we were one and the same. Lost souls.

“Okay, get up so I can get a look at you.” I stood and twirled around in the pink open-toed heels. She whistled appreciatively. “Damn girl, Enzo is gonna drop his balls when he sees you?”

“I will?”

I spun around and standing a few paces from me was the Devil himself.

“Oh, Enzo! How do I look?”

His eyes rake over me, lingering on all the exposed parts before they darkened and snapped to mines. “Take it off,” he ordered.


“Don’t make me repeat myself.”


He glared holes into me.

“Fine,” I gritted out and without further ado, I yanked off the top and pulled down my skirt in front of all his men. I stood there in just my panty and bra.

Enzo’s jaw ticked with the veins popping out of his head. “Any man who does not wishes to lose their job and their life, I will advise you to turn the fuck around,” He snarled.

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