In the Company of Killers

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Chapter: 005


I make my way up to my bedroom still in my running clothes. I drag my hand along the right wall so I wouldn’t get lost as I count the doors. My room is the third door on my right... or is it the fourth?

I get to the third door and grip the doorknob uncertainly. I turn and yank the door open. What I saw had my cheeks turning bright red and my eyes bugging out of my head.

They were both butt-ass naked.

Emilia had her legs wrapped around his bare hips. Her hair disheveled and the scent of sex hitting me hard at the door.


I slammed the door shut, spinning around and speed-walking to my room. “Thou father who art in heaven, clean my eyeballs from that horrid sight, and if I am to dream what I saw this morning, guide me to heaven as I will drink bleach before I let that image haunt me for the rest of my life. Amen.”

I recognized the guy she was bumping uglies with. He’s Enzo’s head of security. I’ve seen him around the Mansion, barking orders and speaking through his spy device on his ear. He was also one of the men in my apartment that day. The Hulk, I’d called him and the nickname was fitting.

He had sandy blonde hair, brown captivating eyes, and the body structure that could rival ‘The Rock’. He was a big-ass dude but he sure was pretty.

I wonder if the guys knew about their precious princess’s rendezvous with their Head of Security. I don’t think they do. Why else would Emilia be getting it on in a broom closet instead of in her bedroom? They must not know.

I finally found my room, the fourth door apparently, and I sauntered in. I’ve been borrowing Emilia’s clothes since my stay here because when you’re taken forcibly from your home they don’t do you a solid and pack your clothes for you. Inconsiderate pricks!

I put on a red expensive-looking blouse and wiggle into a pair of skinny jeans after my shower. I’d wash my hair so they just hung down my back in damp clumps. I looked around my bland room and that’s when my eyes fell on the bed and the two boxes sitting on it.

I peered at it curiously. It was a boring brown box, with no markings or brands. One was long and flat, while the other was small and thick. Folding my legs on the bed I bring the two boxes to me as I open them.

A note flutters out the first.

Don’t try anything stupid.

Short and to the point, so fucking Enzo.

I rip the note to shreds throwing it on the floor in my burst of anger. But then I thought about the maids and I felt bad so I picked it up and chucked it at the dustbin beside my vanity.

In the boxes was a brand new laptop and a cellphone, still in their packaging.

The first thing I did was dismantle the laptop, checking the hard drive. And just what I thought, he’d bugged it.

And he thought I wouldn’t notice? I scoff aloud. What do they take me for?

I pull out the minuscule device. Using the bedside lamp I crushed it to tiny pieces. I did the same with the phone’s bug which was a little harder to find and a lot smaller.

I wasn’t working with amateurs so I knew there are backup apps on both the devices, apps they’ll use to spy on me. I’ll need to find them before I even think of using his ‘gifts’. But that was a problem for another day.

I already made up my mind that I wasn’t going to give Enzo Cypher. I am many things and loyal is one of them. If he wanted it, he’d have to torture it out of me. I wouldn’t tell him that, obviously. For now, I was going to play his game. Wait him out. Find a way to escape here without them noticing and then disappear.

I had enough money saved to go somewhere far away. Though disappearing would mean I’d never see Marianna again, or mi abuelita... but that’s a price I’ll have to pay to keep them safe. To keep us all safe.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Vince and I clashed in blood and sweat. Calculative punches left blue bruises all over my body. Vince hardly looked different. He was a beast as he swung at me. I dodged easily enough crouching down to swipe his legs from out under him. He was on his feet in the same breath coming at me with easy ruthlessness and deliberate jabs to my gut.

Vince was a great fighter one of our best but the only person who’s ever come close to beating me was Nino... and he was the Enforcer for a reason.

There was one rule when we were in the ring. Never go for the face. That rule wasn’t instated on vanity. We are businessmen and we had an image to uphold, one a black eye and a bust lip wouldn’t help maintain. That would only fuel the speculations of our dirtier side of business.

Though, the fact that the Corretti’s is a major crime family isn’t a secret... we still like to keep face because aside from the Mafia, we owned many hotel chains, casinos, ports, banks, hospitals, and we liked to keep that side as respectable as possible.

“Tie--” Vince breathed out.

My breathing too was coming out fast and now that we’ve stopped I could feel the brunt of his punches again. Fuck. “Are you tapping out?”

He shook his head but then winced. “Hell no. But if we continue we’ll kill each other.”

I nodded, unwrapping the tape from around my bloody knuckles. “So about that girl...” he said, hoping off the mat. “What are you planning to do with her?”

“What do you mean?”

Vince scoffed. “What I mean is the old Enzo would’ve tortured her and get some answers that first day but you gave her an ultimatum instead. You’ve never done that to anyone. You like her, don’t you?”

Instantly an image of Dylan in the sexy dress last night comes to mind. The dress was a size-too-small, so it hugged her curves perfectly, making her perky breasts spill over the top teasingly. My mouth watered.

“I don’t like her. I want to fuck her. There’s a difference,” I informed him wrapping a new bout of tape around my busted knuckles.

"Ti dico questo perché sei mio fratello. That girl is trouble and not the good kind.”

I refrained from rolling my eyes. “I know what I’m doing?”

“Do you?”

I tilted my chin up giving him a frosty look. “Careful there, fratello, you almost sound like you’re doubting my capability as Capo?”

Vince took the smart option and backpedaled. “You know that’s not what I meant.”

I didn’t respond, hopping off of the mat and casually striding towards the sandbag hanging in the corner of the room. To my disappointment, Vince didn’t drop it.

“You can fuck her all you like but you must remember she is the enemy. It’s bad enough she’s under the same roof as Emilia. We barely know anything about her and I don’t like that we’re putting Emilia in the crosshairs of another psychopath we don’t trust...” There was a tense pause. “I watched her at dinner the other night.”

My jaw ticked at that last part, something in me didn’t like the fact that he’d been watching her. And I’ve decided that part of me needs to get checked because this attraction is getting fucking ridiculous. I need to take her now before I start sprouting off ballads about her eyes or some shit.

“Did you know she didn’t even flinch when Nino took out Scuderi right in front of her?”

I shrugged. I did noticed but I’m not going to tell him that. I didn’t want to give him more incentive to chew me out over my attraction to her.

I pound into the punching bag mercilessly ignoring the sting on my knuckles and the blood already soaking the new tape. “She grew up in the cusp of gang activity in Mexico,” I breathed out through each punch. “A fucked up childhood is a given. Just look at us.”

“Even so, I still don’t trust her.”

“You don’t trust anybody,” I reminded him unnecessarily.

“I’m your consigliere, it’s my job to worry about your stupid-ass decisions.”

Vince takes his leave soon after, leaving me to pound out my frustrations into this sandbag in peace. He has nothing to worry about. Dylan is gorgeous... just like all the others. And like all the others, once I get a taste I will get bored, it’s inevitable. No woman can hold my attention for long and I don’t intend to test my limits with this girl.

She is only here for one reason and one reason only. And that’s to get me my hacker.

So, Vince’s lecture was unwarranted. Dylan is no different to anyone else... even if she makes my blood hot with one look and that spitfire mouth of hers conjures all kinds of images of her sweet lips wrapped around my cock.

Fuck, I need to get laid.

As I get about done with pummeling the shit out of the sandbag I feel eyes on my back and the way the hairs stand on the nape of my neck I know who it is without turning around.

Some time goes by and her gaze isn’t taken up with me anymore to my disappointment. I throw one hard punch to the sandbag and watch it tremble on the steel chains it’s suspended from. I hug the bag in place and look over at Dylan. She’s wearing a red blouse, skinny jeans, and as my eyes wonder I see white Vans on her feet. She probably had to search deep for those in Emilia’s closet because I know for a fact Emilia is a heels person and won’t be caught dead in those.

I’ve found what has taken up her attention. On a wall is an array of guns hanging neatly from pins.

To her immediate right is a shooting range sectioned off by glass partitions, behind it a row of strategically placed mannequins stands ready with bullet holes embedded in it. I wanted the body sheets for practice because it seemed more convenient but Nino insisted he wanted the mannequins so it can feel like the real deal. The sick fuck.

I see Dylan’s fingers play over a disassembled semi-auto pistol similar to the one she shot me with at her apartment.

Slinging my towel over my shoulder I stride towards her. Her back was to me and I could feel the heat from her body against my front as I stepped closer. “Didn’t your father ever tell you not to play with things you don’t understand, mia cara?”

I felt a sick satisfaction as she shivered when my lips accidentally-- on purpose-- brushed up against her earlobe.

“Who says I’m playing?” I knew she tried to hide it but that came out breathier than she intended. A sound that shot all the way down to my dick.

She only reached up to my chest and I got a good whiff of her shampoo. Strawberries. Fucking addicting strawberries.

“Show me then,” I challenged.

Her eyes met mines over her shoulder and I saw the fire of defiance in them. Without a word, she picks up the pieces of the gun and reassembles it with an ease only well-practiced shooters possessed. My shock is short-lived when in one fluid motion, she has the pistol cocked and aimed at my head.

“Is this enough show and tell for you or do you need a next demonstration?” she asks mockingly, as her finger twitched on the trigger.

My expression is stoic as I watch her. It’s almost depressing how much I expected that, just like the first time we met, she was impulsive then too.

“Did you get my gifts this morning?” I asked casually, my tone hinting at the fact that I felt no way threatened by her.

She didn’t like that at all.

She tilts her head to the side. “You mean the bugged laptop and phone? It wasn’t hard to miss. I hope you know it’s not as easy as you think. I can’t just pick up the phone and ask the guy about the weather. There are procedures to be met.”

“Well meet them and get me what I want.”

Her chin tilted up defiantly. “And what if I don’t... what if I just shoot you right here and now.”

I took a step towards her, putting my head to the barrel of the gun. We were so close now, I could feel her hot breath on my bare chest. “Then do it,” I baited knowing full well she wouldn’t do it.

My men would swarm in here the moment she did. She seems to consider that but didn’t lower her gun. After a breath, I raise my hand wrapping it around her hand and the weapon, ignoring the electricity that shot up my arm at the contact.

I pried the gun out of her hand, without dropping my eyes from hers.

I flicked the hammer and shot the gun.




She hadn’t even flinched once.

She turned around to look at the mannequin who was now sporting three bullet holes in his chest. I lean around her and her breath hitches. I smirk as I rest the gun on the table behind her, careful not to touch her.

Before I pull away, I whisper, “And Dylan, if you ever threaten me again... I’ll make sure it’s the last thing that leaves that pretty mouth of yours.”

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