Rock Daddy

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Opposite worlds intersect. Dani Larsen, a divorced mom of two teenaged sons recreated herself when her husband left her for a woman half her age and started another family, effectively abandoning her and her sons. She is a now best-selling author and is enjoying the monetary boost her new career is bringing her. She is in Detroit, signing books when one of her favorite musicians asks her to dinner. Rock Daddy, a self-described lowlife, is at the top of the hard rock charts, with several crossover country and pop hits as well. He lives hard: band parties with sex and drugs. But when he meets Dani, he realizes there might be more to life than the next high and the next indiscriminate sexual encounter. He is smitten with her and asks for the chance to date her. She is hesitant. The last time she gave her heart to a man, he just about destroyed her completely. She knows they live polar opposite lifestyles. For her, love must be present before sex. They each battle their own demons as they try to meld two very different sets of lifestyle choices. Three other young men are affected: her fourteen- and twelve-year-old sons, and his fifteen-year-old son that he rarely sees. Will the age-old platitude of opposites attract be enough for them to create a lasting relationship? One where everyone involved can be happy? Can Rock Daddy be tamed and accept a new job, as simply daddy?

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