Within Her Eyes

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Kiera Lilly, is a young and famous artist who has remained anonymous through her growing fame in the art world. She has moved to New York to continue with her career and has decided to finally reveal who she is at none other than the top charity auction in New York. Little does she know that her whole life will change when she meets King Cassian, a wealthy billionaire King of a small Middle Eastern Country called Pirscillastan. When they meet for the first time before the auction, sparks fly and they can't seem to get each other out of their heads. Fate brings them together at this charity ball and neither can deny their chemistry. However, both are resistant to love and so they don't get much further than there attraction, but...... soon after the ball, Kiera is kidnapped by traffickers and is sent to the Middle East to be auction off herself. Fate seals there bond when King Cassian is among the bidders. Will King Cassian be Kiera's savior or her new nightmare? Will she never make it back home and continue her career and passion? Or does she stay with the King and become his Queen? Read to find out!

Romance / Fantasy
Natalie Jean
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Hey Beautiful People!

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