TONY LOPEZ=bestfriend + boyfriend

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you were my best friend still are, then crush, but now I want you to be my girlfriend and in the future, my wife, so will give me one more birthday present that is being my girlfriend," I couldn't even say anything but kiss him, I felt like everything around stopped, it was just both of us, floating in the air, it felt like heaven

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your name is Alia Bell Knight, you are a tomboy but when you feel like you want to be a girly girl you are one I guess if that makes sense

everyone else are themself


Alias pov

I get a call from Addison and it has been a long time since I got a call from her.

Their convo

Addison: hey lai lai

Alia: hey addi its been a long time since we talked

Addison: ikr but anyways I called to ask if u wanted to visit, we haven’t talked since I got clout and was part of the hype house

Alia: yea true but I don’t have the money buy a ticket

Addison: but-

Alia: I don’t even have enough money to buy my own house (she lives with her parents)

Addison: I’ll buy the ticket then

Alia: No don’t plz I’ll find a way to come visit ( also she lives in Canada)

Addison: can we ft

their ft convo

Alia: it’s been such a long time since I have seen ur face ( that sounds creepy and weird but wut ever right?)

Addison: lol same

(some of the boys from the hype house were yelling and being idiots)

Alia: is there someone there?

Addison: oh it’s just the boys being boys, do u want to meet them

Alia: umm-

Addison: ur meeting them ( this my mom when she asks me if I want to talk to one of my relatives even do I don’t want to who can relate)

ondreaz: hey I’m ondreaz u can call me dre ( did I spell his name right? plz don’t come at me if I didn’t cuz I’m a dumbass)

nick: hey I’m nick

ryland: hey I’m ryland

chase: I’m chase hi ( i forgot to write hi before I’m chase but I’m too lazy to fix it so just deal with it)

tony: hi I’m tony

ryland: u can call him helicopter man

nick: also tony he’s my man don’t try doing anything with him okay

Alia: hi guys, three questions, first y should I call him helicopter man second I didn’t even say anything about doing something with him nick and last r u and tony dating?

everyone that was there started to laugh their dancing asses off

Alia: did I say something funny?

Addison: No!

dre: helicopter man is just his name cuz he got leaked u can call him that if want to

tony: I’m not dating nick it’s just a joke I’m single and if u want u know-

Alia: I don’t need no man chill ( i was about to write daddy chill instead but I didn’t)

Nick: so ur playing hard to get right

Alia: WTF is wrong with u guys!!!

ryland: shawty chill, also we know u won’t doing anything with tony u only try do it with me


Alia: wow just wow that was the weirdest convo I ever had

Addison: lol anyways wut I wanted to tell u was...

Cliffhanger yay I’m pretty sure u guys know wut she if going to say but yea wut ever my name is ravleen y am I telling u guys my name I actually don’t give a shit about it so yea anyways BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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