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Crave you

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She knew agreeing to continuously sleeping with him would only hurt her in the long run, but he was her drug and she was addicted. There were a million reasons why Nyla was in love with him, however there was only one reason why they couldn’t be together.

Romance / Drama
S. Fern
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Chapter 1

Life often throws curveballs, and the choices were given were to avoid it or catch it. When things happen consequences ensue, but it doesn’t matter what happens, what matters is how you react and deal with the matter at hand.

Nyla was raised by her foster parents Debbie and Andrew Carter, when she turned 15 they surprised her by adopting her. Debbie and Andrew have a son- Adam, who was just a few years older than her. They always wanted another child and decided on fostering as an option, Debbie suffered from ovarian cancer a few years after Adam was born thus removing her ovaries altogether. Nyla was their first foster child, and they quickly fell in love with the little girl.

Nyla was given away by her mother when she was just a few months old and was quickly taken up for foster care by a lovely couple, and she spent the first few years of her life with them. Mr. and Mrs. Hills treated her like their own, and she loved them but things took a dark turn when she turned 5, Mr. Hills was arrested for fraudulent and Mrs. Hills was under investigation so she was put back on foster care. She was taken away from the only family she knew and loved, at that moment she was too young to understand however she knew that she would never see them again and that upset her.

After Mr. and Mrs. Hills, she was taken in by a couple Madison and Trevor, they were a young couple who may be in their early thirties and were having trouble getting pregnant. Nyla was reserved but Madison was nice, she took her out for girls day out and did girlie things with her. As a child, she quickly learned to adjust to the given situation, and for the first year, everything was going great. Nyla went to school, was a good daughter because she didn’t want to get sent back to the foster system. At a young age, she was mature, and she knew she was alone in this world.

Lately, Trevor was always away on a business trip and his brother Brett was coming over more often, so Brett always picked her up from class. Uncle Brett was what she called him, she liked him. He always brought candy for her and allowed her to watch TV longer than she should, she would always cuddle with him and she noticed that her foster mother Madison would do the same with Brett. At that age, she didn’t know that Madison was cheating on Trevor, but as she reflected back she realized that it was.

Uncle Brett came over and stayed over more and more often, Trevor was needed in China for two months to secure a deal for his company. Nyla noticed that Uncle Brett would make her lie to daddy Trevor, she wasn’t comfortable with it but she didn’t want to get in trouble. The lies started small, with hiding the fact Uncle Brett stayed with mummy Madison to lie about Uncle Brett drinking in front of her. The lies piled up, Nyla became quiet because she didn’t know what’s the truth and what was a lie anymore.

Things in school weren’t great either, she was often bullied. She had beautiful curly hair, and dark skin but she wasn’t black nor was she white, she was a mixture of Asian and African descent, which was apparent. She had no friends, and things at home were getting uncomfortable and she didn’t know how to deal with most of it, she was only 7 years old after all.

One day after school, Uncle Brett was in a good mood. He brought her out for ice cream and spent the day at the park. When she got home he told her to get in the bathtub, that he would run a shower for her. It was odd, she was old enough to shower by herself and did not need any help but she obliged not wanting to ruin the fun day they just had.

Nyla got into the tub, filled with bubbles just like how she liked it. She played with the bubbles a little, gathering as many bubbles as she could before blowing them away and repeating the process.

The events that happened next, Nyla remembered it as if it was seconds ago. Uncle Brett came into the bathroom, reeking of alcohol, Nyla gathered as many bubbles to cover her body with. She stared at him as he crouched down in slow motion, his hand reached in the water grabbing her thigh with one hand, as his other hand shoved down his pants. She remembered clearly his hand went further up her leg, reaching her privates, she wiggled trying to get away from him but he yelled at her. She was terrified, she listened to him and allowed him to touch her inappropriately while he touched himself and eventually got her to touch him.

After that day, it happened a few more times and Nyla was afraid. The person she trusted and loved betrayed her, he never went beyond sexual molestation but it was enough to break her. Two weeks after the first incident, daddy Trevor came home earlier than expected and found Uncle Brett in the bathroom with little Nyla. Things turned ugly, Trevor and Brett got into a physical altercation which alerted the police and a police report was filed. Social services took her away from them and she never saw them ever again.

Debbie and Andrew took her in for fostering a year after that incident, when they took her in she was a scared little girl. Timid and afraid of men. Debbie would wait for her to fall asleep before going back to her own bed, it went on for two years before Debbie and Andrew made a conscious decision by bringing her in for therapy. It took her a few years before she trusted Andrew and started to call him dad. She found comfort in her foster brother Adam, who was a sweet boy and he always gave her a sense of comfort she needed.

High school was tough for her, people found out she was a foster child and many excluded her, everyone formed their own clique and she was by herself. One girl found her fascinating and they became best friends. Elizabeth or Beth was Nyla’s only friend and Nyla finally felt normal. After the Carter’s adopted her, she was more than ecstatic she finally felt like she belonged to a family that wanted her and not hurt her. She often wondered why her biological parents abandoned her, but always convinced herself that they did it because they wanted her to have a better life.

Turning 18 was tough for her, she knew that she couldn’t rely on her parents much longer, she didn’t want to burden them unnecessarily. She assured them that she would try to make her own life on her own, so she worked at a local cafe in the morning and a waitress at a bar at night, with the money she earned she wanted to study law. She enrolled and got into Penn State, thanking God that it was nearby and that she could continue living with her parents for a few months before trying to make it on her own.

Two years of law school was kicking her butt, she was working two jobs and studying to be a lawyer. She managed to save up enough to move out and rent an apartment 20 minutes from Penn State and she managed to get herself a new job. Her new job allowed her to spend most of her days studying instead of waitressing and she was earning more than she ever did.

One night returning back to her apartment, she walked past a club deciding to enter she found that it was a strip club. She scrambled to get out, feeling like she didn’t belong in there but she noticed the women in there were all confident with their body and owning every curve they had. The next day, she went back to the club. She wanted to know how it was that they were all so comfortable in their body, standing half-naked in front of so many men judging them.

The manager of the club noticed that she seemed interested, pulled her aside, and had a talk with her. They spent the entire night talking and discussing what empowers women and why these girls chose this as a profession. The manager was a perfect gentleman, not the ones that you see on TV, in fact, he looked like a nerd from Silicon Valley. After that night, the manager offered her a job position, giving her the option of contacting him if she was interested in becoming one of the strippers. She took days to think about it, finally, she decided to give it a try, just for one night.

She googled many videos of how strippers would act sexy, and she learned from the videos and practiced at home. On her first day on the job, she earned more tips than she ever did as a waitress in the bar and the cafe combined. Soon after she quit both jobs and took on the job as a stripper at Nue Club.

“Nyla, how was your test?” Amber asked as she dusted glitter on her own chest. Amber was one of the other strippers that worked at the club, Amber has worked there for five years and the job has allowed her to enroll her son into a private school.

“It was okay, I mean I’m exhausted from all the studying but thank God it’s over. That professor was giving everyone a hard time” she expressed sighing. Amber nodded her head, listening to Nyla intently as she focussed on her own makeup.

“Have you told Beth or your family?” Amber asked, Nyla, shrugged and kept quiet. Amber sighed shaking her head, “Girl you better tell them, it’s better coming from you than someone else”

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