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Craving him: The secrets we keep

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Arielle and Blaine had bad their hardships but when your family don't want you guys together, what do you do? Fight ! Blaine doesn't want to bring Arielle into his family drama but can't seem to let her go.

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Chapter 1

January 1, Friday,
"You want to know the truth?" Elijah's says with a smirk on his face. "Everything that was told to you was truth Madeline's baby is yours," before he could finish Blaine tackles him down to the floor.

Blaine lifts his fist to the air before he could hit him I hold his wrist. I beg him "please don't do this". He looks at me for a second before returning his glares to his dad. His anger towards his dad took over he starts punching him hard in the face blood gushes out of his nose.

Anthony pulls Blaine off of him and brings him out of the room. Everyone staring un shocked like this was normal, was this normal for Blaine? I have no idea what to say.

Elijah says "you know you don't belong with him he will always be everything you despise about a man." I sticked up the middle finger, he's trying to get my head and I would let him do it.

Paula Blaine's mom comes into the room she's shocked "what happened in here?" she looks around like she didn't know.

Elijah responds "Blaine and I had a disagreement".

"when do you guys ever not fight Elijah?" she said sounding annoyed. She looked towards me like she didn't notice I was in here and wrapped her arms around me "hey Elle, how are you?" I was little distracted thinking about Blaine. I never thought he would get so mad but maybe I didn't know him at all.

"I'm fine Paula, it's really nice to see you" I put on a fake smile to cover the worry in my eyes. I think she can see it.

"I know what probably happened today scared you but I want you to know Blaine would never hurt you, he loves you." She leans into whisper to me.

I shutter "Um... I guess. We haven't really talked in a little while I wondered if he still even...cared".

She sat me down at a bench "oh sweetie, Blaine cares about you more than you could ever think. I think more than you could ever think, he just doesn't express his feelings so well".

Blaine's dad yells from his seat, I didn't even notice when he got up from the floor "stop encouraging her to court our son. She's not right for our family and she never will be".

She took my hands into hers and she smiled her smile always seem to make me feel better "don't listen to him, you be with him if you want to. If you think you want to be with him then do."

"What about the baby thing? How would I, I mean how could I ever be okay with Blaine having a baby from Madeline."

"Do you care about him enough to look over this? She questioned.

"Yes" I replied quickly.

She smiled and gave me a nod like you know what you have to do. I ran into Blaine's room he was sitting on the bed with his hands holding up his face. He looks so pissed right now.

I sit next to him avoiding his eyes "you know" I start "when we were about like 11 and you were 12, I used to wish that this could happen that you would be my Romeo to my Juliet. Everything was so simple back then, I had no idea what a real relationship was. Now we're here" I paused "I don't care about you any less then I did when we were just little kids Blaine.I want you to know that"

He stands up quickly when I tried to reach for his hand. I moved back in a swift motion surprised "maybe you shouldn't love me or care about me. I'm too fuck up for you, my family is too fuck up and you don't deserve that Arielle. You don't deserve to be broken by me."

"I love you Blaine that's never going to change I don't care about any of it, if I don't have you I don't think I could breathe without you."

I get up and walk to him slowly and sexy never letting bout of eye contact. I move as close to him as I could and wrapped my hands around his neck. I went on my heels to kiss him on the lips to my surprise he kissed back. I pulled back before I could blink he used one arm hand around my waist pulling me into his lips.

This time he pulled backs and puts his forehead to mine he whispers "I don't fucking deserve you". It looked like it pained him to be so close but so far away from me.

Blaine's POV

I don't deserve her.
I could say it a million times and still be her arms. She looks so pretty in her black jeans and an off the shoulder belly shirt. Right now I would love to kiss her and make love to her right here.

But I can't.
She's too good for me and I would just leave her broken in pieces. She whispers "yes, but you have me so let me in. Take me as yours because I am yours".

I kissed her again. Damnit I always give in to her. I wrapped both of my arms around her body she gasps. I take her to my bed and lay her down. I pull on the hems of her pants so she could lifts herself up. She's smiling such a bright smile, it makes me happy she's happy.

I open her legs and started to lick in between her legs. She starts moaning loudly and she covers her mouth with her hands. I whisper to her "I want to hear you". She uncovers her mouth and moans fall from her lips.

She moans "more please" and puts her hands on my head to move me closer and moves her hips. She closes her legs and it warns me she's about to come.

I start licking faster I lifts my head up to look at her. She grabs my head and puts it back in between her legs "No, please" she begs. Damn she's so beautiful even as she is coming for me. I never thought in a million years I would care for someone so much as her.

She comes undone, her legs shaking in pleasure. I lift her up and slam her onto the wall. I pin up her arms above her head she waits for me to do something. I whisper into her ear "You don't know how much I care about you. I don't ever want to lose you, I don't think I could take it".

She tries to lean but I held on tighter so she could she says "you won't lose me Blaine, I'm always right here".

I drop my pants she looks down at my length. I let her go and she drops to the floor. She takes my length into her mouth stroking it fast, it takes me by surprise and I lean into the wall. I grab her head and I put it deeper into her mouth. She starts choking on it and I pull it out of her mouth. She smiled like she liked it "that's a good girl" I commented.

I grabbed her to stand up against the wall and stood in front of her. I put my length into her and stroke inside of her, she moans loudly and I cover her mouth. "Sh, everyone can hear you".

She laughs and I uncover her mouth she comments "I didn't think you cared about that".

I grab her throat "don't back talk me!". I stroke faster and harder into her, I have to hold her up now she's coming over and over. I feel myself about to come and I put out of her. She goes down on her knees and I come on her face.

I can't tell what she's thinking she's putting her clothes on with no expression on her face did I not please her? I can't get it out of my mind that I did something wrong.

Arielle's POV
*Fast back to the doctor's office*

I walked into Ms McKinnon office, I sat there with Pregnant women and women with babies wondering if I'll ever get that. I mean does Blaine want kids ? We never had the conversation but I'm pretty sure he'll say no right? I can't think about that right now I'm not even sure if I could have kids.

A doctor calls my name "Arielle King" I get up instantly and walk over to her. She smiles and holds out her hand I shake it and we make our way to her office. "Do you have anything abnormal like a missed period ?"

"No" I replied quickly. I think she smelled the fear on me.

"Did you call anyone to be here with you today ?" I think she was judging me just a little bit like why would I come here with out any emotional support.

"No, I don't want anyone worried about me . Please just continue" I say. She starts by examining me down in my uterus, yeah my mom had uterus cancer and I could have it too. Scares the hell of me.

After she tells me "I'll call you in a few days to let you know your result. I suggest you tell someone this could be a hard thing to do alone. I walk out of the office about to start sobbing.

Back to the present...

I feel guilty for not telling him, but I couldn't. I mean I didn't know how he would react the waiting is killing me, all I want is to be in his arms.

Then I get a call....
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