Craving him: The secrets we keep

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Chapter 2

January 1,2020, Friday.

I walk out of the room to answer the phone, my hands are shaking as I press the answer button.

"Ms King?" The voices says. I take a deep breath in and out before answering.

"Yes, this is she" I respond. She tells me I need to come in tomorrow to talk about what she found. My heart sunk what if it's bad and that's why she wants me to come in?

I respond "yes, I'll be there tomorrow at 8" and I hang up. I feel like crying I don't deserve this, what if no I could let myself think like that.

A voice comes from one of the room I noticed it was Elijah study "lying to him isn't going to do any good".

I walk into the study I lean forward and put my two hands on the desk "it's nun of your business, I'm hiding it from him because I care about him and right now I have nothing to worry about".

"Yet when he lied to you, and you were unforgiving how do you think he'll feel when he finds out?" He's so condescending I know what's his doing he's trying to psych me out.

"You don't know anything about our relationship. You sit there and judge me because I didn't grow up with money or in high society. But you know what I'm glad I didn't grow up with privilege like you because then I wouldn't be who I am today. I would be you a sad excuse for man" and I walked away.

He screams "he'll never love you the way you want him to".

I walked into Blaine's room he was dressed he looked me I see concern and anger in his face he asks me "what was that?"

I shake my head to wanting to answer. I think I was going to have to tell him anyways If I do everything gets ripped away from me. He asks me again "what was that?"

"If I tell you you'll never look at me the same way" I pleaded with him.

He walks away towards the door hitting my shoulder on his way out. I hear the door knob move and the door slams shut. I close my eyes "shit" I scream "did I just make this worse?"

I walk into the kitchen Anna was making a sandwich in black Nike sweat pants and a baggy sweater and her hair into a messy bun.

I grab ahold of of the door knob before I could walk out of the house she said "Hey Elle" in a excited and cheery voice. When she saw the look of sadness on my face she stopped smiling.

"Are you okay Elle?" She asks me. But could I answer that question, I mean am I okay? Like really? I couldn't tell.

I faked smiled "yes, I'm okay" .

She seems not convinced she looks worried about me. "Are you sure you look like sad and you and Blaine usually have sleepovers?"

I stayed quiet for a second to see what I wanted to say to her I mean I couldn't tell her too much because you know but if I tell her too little she'll ask more questions "me and Blaine are complicated we always have been complicated".

"Yeah. but somehow you guys work, I never seen Blaine like he is with you he cares so much I think he would die for you."

I stay quiet to think about what she said would Blaine die for me probably, but right now things are complicated it's always seems like no matter what our relationship never works.

She asks me "how about tonight we party?. It would get your mind off of Blaine and we can get drunk."

I mean I would be a good distraction but I would also pissed off Blaine. Did I want Blaine any more mad at me then he is? It seemed like Blaine has a temper that I never realized he had. It made me realize that I don't know him at all or I didn't know him like I thought I did.

"Okay" I agree she smiles in approval "pick me up later I'm going to go get ready".

I finally left Blaine's house, days like this I miss when things were normal. When I was just the girl who lost her mother to cancer. Now everything difficult I never expected this to be so....


I called my brother to come pick me up in the car I looked at the window not wanting to look at him. "Listen I know this is hard Arielle Blaine isn't used to having someone to care about."

"What about me?" I scream. He looked at me surprised.

"I'm not used to having someone to care about especially someone so fucking difficult" I hit the dashboard "Blaine is so fucking difficult but this time it was my fault but it always seems like we're always fucking separated".

"I know. I know Arielle, I probably know better than you do. Don't give up on him though Arielle because even if he is difficult he needs you. I don't think he could live without you."

I start sobbing "I know I'm need him too sometimes I feel like I need him to live. But I also feel like I'm drowning".

He hugs me "everything is going to work the way you want it to I know it is. You just have to give it time, you need to let yourself fall for him too. I could tell your holding back. Have a Conversation".

"How could I when everything time he walks out?" I asks.
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